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Official Car Design Competition (UE4 Open Beta)


In-game is net horsepower. Gross horsepower is fiction. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a fair assessment!

The numbers I was quoting were from dyno runs with real engines, but NOT a chassis dyno, so no powertrain losses there.

It’s all relative.

Still, I would not be surprised to find out that a few of the most vicious engines from the 60s could tip the needle at just over 400, even at the tires. In particular, the supercharged Shelby 427s, Ford’s SOHC 427, the L88 427 Chevy, and some of the all-out 426 Chryslers would’ve hit it easily (and still do!)


Automation is a simulation in that regard… so yeah, throw those bullshit values right out of the window. :slight_smile:
Actually, that is a recurring problem we have with the game: Americans complaining about muscle cars in game and the power figures xD not noticing that their world view is largely propaganda when it comes to that. “Uhh, you just hate muscle cars!” No… sorry, I just hate propaganda.

Edit: The numbers in the engine designer are at the flywheel. The numbers in the car designer gearing graph are power at the wheels.

Yes, some of those engines were super impressive for those days :slight_smile: It’s kinda magical how much power they were able to get out of simple OHV setups!


Oh no! Don’t think I was complaining. I am actually amazed at how accurate the game is in most every regard! It’s been super cool to see how well you nailed it.

I definitely have some rose-colored glasses on, Rob, as I live and breathe these old snotty bad-handling beasts. I love them, drive them, own them.

But I agree with you that there are an awful lot of rednecks that would tell you “bout that Hemi 440 Chevy Cobrajet with 600 horsepower their brother useda own”.



I had a 1966 Mustang for a bit, approx 275-300hp, no power robbing power steering, power brakes etc, almost all of what the engine put out went to the transmission. Purist muscle car. I took it to a track day once, while I would say I am no where near a highly skilled track driver that thing was murder trying to get it around the corners without spinning the tires.


Haha nah, you’re definitely not one of the problem murrican-muscle people xD way too nuanced for that.

What I’m doing is defending my comment about 270-300 hp NET being a very reasonable figure for muscle cars of the era :slight_smile: because that is exactly what some people seem to be taking issue with, and I think they are either ignorant, propagandized, or stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:


That I will agree to. Even the real hotrods, like the original Camaro Z-28, 440 six-pack Barracudas, and Hi-Po Mustangs would get nowhere near 400 HP.

And as many of the people I hang out with will attest to, even if you DO manage to hit 400 HP in a 60s car through tuning (which a capable mechanic can sometimes do!) you are just going to make a lot of tire smoke and eat ditches. Or trees. Or wheat fields, here in Kansas. laugh

Thanks for “keeping it real”.


Something something horsepower measured at the crank with zero accessories not even a water pump, just dumping water through the engine at loss


Just had to share a story. My friend, Luke, owned a '69 Camaro SS with an original 396 big-block. It had the TH400 automatic, if I remember right.

He had huge steamroller tires on the back, jacked it up so they’d fit, and even put on traction bars to stop it from wheelhopping, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t make that car fast. Except on a track with slicks, it would just make craploads of tiresmoke and fling burning chunks of rubber far and wide.

If you romped on it from a dead stop, the car wouldn’t even move forward. The back end would just lazily swing to the side, while the car sat still.

Luke would just laugh and laugh. Of course, he came from a rich family and could afford the tires… grin

… OH! And nowhere near 400 HP.


I don’t want to derail the thread, but while we’re on the subject of gross vs net horsepower, some manufacturers like GM and Chrysler in 1971 gave both ratings…


Back on topic: I really enjoy watching the design competition and am looking forward to seeing the rest of cars. I opted out of this because my work schedule has been pretty intense lately. And lately when I play, I just play for fun. Having entered another competition on the forum, I realize how incredibly time consuming it can be when you’re striving for perfection… so if I’m going to enter something, I want to do it right, not rush.

Best of luck to all!


Gotta disagree with you guys on the colour - based it off of the orange that Renault used on the 17.


Hey, those are my “spikes”! Japanese don’t accept you taking it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Judging Status

Completed Preliminaries & Finals: R
Completed Preliminaries: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, X, Y

Today’s video is the 70s Light Sport Category (Preliminaries)

It looks like later today we’ll start the judging of the finals! This will be awesome :slight_smile:


Hehe, you guys did notice that you featured “Sixth” twice - once at 24:sth and again at 50:sth? But hey, you rated it a 4 both times, so consistent judgment here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like 2 different entries, but the same car. lol

The first one (on the right) had some strange things going on with the engine.


Maybe you could suggest an honorable mentions thing with Mr. R with entries that didn’t quite meet criteria or something like that


You mean that 0.0hp@0rpm thing? Yeah, I noticed that on quite a few cars in the videos - happened on the 50s and 60s vids, too, mainly on the first couple of entries, iirc. Anyone any idea what might be going on there? @killrob maybe?


I reckon @Killrob is using a slightly different “developer” version of the openbeta build.


As far as I know, the engine stats only show up, if he clicks on the engine tab first. Otherwise it shows 0.0, my version doesn’t do that either.


@SeriousSimon is correct, the only thing wrong here is that the game doesn’t show that stat on first load of the car until you’ve visited any engine designer tab. It doesn’t affect the stats and doesn’t mean anything is broken.

@one85db Yes, somehow his car got in there twice, we didn’t notice that (although there was a distinct dejavu effect :P) until after the judging. As you see it was done in two segments, the first one with submissions from before the 3rd of Feb, the second part with submission between then and the deadline. There were a few days between those two judging sessions, which is why we didn’t react and thought it must be something that was also in another category or so. Indeed, 4 both times, consistency, yo!