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Official Car Design Competition (UE4 Open Beta)


My bad, didn’t realise you’d split the video into two parts :sweat_smile:


what categories do I have still time to join?


None. The competition has been finished since the 4th. all Prelims have been recorded.


damn I had a solid hot hatch. a vtec 140 hp 4wd little beast


I was wondering what constituted a roadster, since I normally associate roadsters with being 2 seat convertibles. As such, my attempts all centered around the (not) Porsche body. I’ve made several posts about how anal retentive I get with the warning lights: I just could not do it justice, and never submitted it. But now that I know it’s just a car that scores high in the light sport category, I realize I could’ve used any of those. Coincidentally, I used my (not) Porsche engine in a (not) El Camino. The results are kind of cool, but disturbing when you think about it.


The latest video from the preliminaries is out: The 80s Premium (Sedan… ish) Category

Judging of the finals is now on the way, everything is going according to schedule so far.
The next few days will be:

Preliminaries Schedule

  1. February Category E Premium
  2. February Category F Hot Hatch / Fun
  3. February Category G Utility / SUV
  4. February Category H Hypercars
  5. February Category X Premium Concept
  6. February Category Y Creative Crazy
  7. February Category R Best Car Ad


So after watching most of the videos so far, I am definitely not expecting much on what I have submitted, but I have learned so its not a total loss for me.


Yeah, this has definitely been a learning experience! Not only seeing the ‘good ideas’ presented on so many cars, but also because I’ve been playing the game a lot more, I am just becoming more proficient.


Yo I can’t wait for the Utility/SUV category! It’ll be the first time I’ve done a design for a contest. I hope I do well. >:D


Learning experience indeed. E category was my only submission and I quickly realized from the preliminaries of the prior categories that I focused too much on being period correct. I heard “1980s Premium sedan” and took that to mean 80s definitely, agreeable, and unassuming. Unfortunately that meant the design didn’t really have staying power. In hindsight, I should have been a bit more creative in the front. I was worried that the rear would outshine it and it appears the judges though so too. :frowning_face: Well deserved 6 for me.

Oh well. Still damn proud of my submission because it stayed clear of a WTF or even Meh rank and because strangely its one of the first really solid premium designs I’ve ever built. Still learning my way around the Premium and Luxury categories. They are tricky fish to catch.

Anyways, thanks to the Automation team for hosting this competition. I am sure its a boatload of effort! Looking forward to rest of preliminaries and of course the finals.


I’ve learned a few things. Mostly though, I’m kind of embarrassed. I was so focused on making driveable cars with no obvious alarms, period correct, that I completely overlooked details. I’m afraid I’m doomed to a life of meh, except round Y. I guarantee they’re not going to like it, but I think it’s awesome.
For the most part, I bought this game because I like cars, and I am good at business sims. I never had any interest in engineering, as many fans here are engineers or students, or drafting, where some of the best designs I’m sure are coming from. I’m still having fun though.


Kinda disappointed the judges didn’t see my Tree Fiddy badge :frowning:

Well, F and R last chances, with the same car.


Hoping my hot hatch gets more than 4! :frowning:

I know my advert will be ridiculed.


Welp, just seen todays, I knew it wasn’t going to be my best one.


kisses picture of my hypercar entry

“don’t fail me.”


To be fair, I did feel like my c submission was slightly glossed-over, but then again the front end is more of a “you get it, or you don’t” design. Too bad they seemed to miss the GT badging in the chrome strip. Hopefully the ad fairs as well as the car though. But I’m no photo shop master (…er, gimp master(?), because I used gimp.)


*See that my car gets 6/10 *
Welp, i put not enough Demio into it…
*Drives away in Mazda Demio '99 MAZDASPEED A-Spec kit *

Small bonus, i see that they didn’t call V6 crazy into FWD car that totally doesn’t tries steal Renault clio V6 engine :stuck_out_tongue:


welp my car must be deleted because naming problem, im sure all of my entries pretty much deleted at this point


Pretty fair judging, I agree with the critiques. Also glad you guys enjoyed the “Fart Can” badge.


Yay! A 5 for my luke-wam-verging-on-the-cold Hatch.

Gotta say I didn’t realise I was so shit at designing cars…then again I have failed in all but one of the CSR rounds… :cry: