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Official Car Design Competition (UE4 Open Beta)


The latest video is out, now re-uploaded with background music:

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


I can’t wait for X category haha :blush:


I mentioned this in a youtube comment, but I’ll post it here just in case. I have a suspicion that none of the body morphs loaded correctly in the 90s video. It would explain the frame sticking out of my car, the door handles and trim not aligning with doors on other cars, and perhaps some other strange looking fixture placements.

I tested my car by importing it and had no issues, so I doubt the morphs didn’t save.

Might want to look over any entries that got a 6 and make sure it wasn’t due to morphs that didn’t load, though I can’t think of any off-hand besides the small issues with handles and such.


We definitely don’t have the time to go over any of the cars again, the preliminaries are set in stone at this point.
We have to investigate what is happening there though, which we’re doing today. Cheers!


No problem. I wouldn’t expect you to go back through them all. None come to mind that would have lost out for issues like that. Hope it’s not too much trouble to figure out.


Glad I went to the finals! I honestly didn’t expect my little bland hatch to do so well. I wanted to design something bland but period correct and great fun to drive. I’m guessing it’s worked well so far!

Maybe I should’ve submitted the Polaris Concept instead, looks crazier and more… “fun”. Too late now though.


Honestly, as strange as it sounds, just the tiny red turbo badge in the grill is enough to make it look like it’s a step above a bland hatchback, and might be fun to drive. You also nailed the period correctness and it’s a pleasing design overall. I can definitely see you winning the category.

Here’s the little Kei car I’m proud of.

I’m curious what it would look like if the fixture plastic could have matched the bumper. I could have made everything black plastic but I liked the brown better.


It’s pretty awesome that some of these cars look so ‘real’!


I am definitely hoping that we eventually see all fixtures having more coloring options, but frankly even with that in mind you did an amazing job with that car. It gives me the same good feelings that a first generation Twingo does, and that’s always a good thing.


I’ve started structuring the videos for the finals, I think some fancy overlays might do well! And some good photos of the cars with judge quotes. :smiley:

just with placeholder scoring and name example.

One of the Category B finalists, by MrChips.


I think we should definitely do that. And people should photoshop in their own even funnier comments, attributing them to other highly improbable sources!

In this example, you could use “Never ride in a car with more kids than windows.” - Albert Einstein



You should be proud of your little minivan. Especially for achieving such good category stats with such a small engine. The way you built it reminds of Daihatsu’s ethos for small performance cars, and that only gets major thumbs up on my part. If your car loses, it’ll still be a close second to whoever wins…


Full disclosure, I didn’t take the 2000s entry seriously (and you called me out on it). I took a lot of the inspiration from the Pontiac Aztek and tested to see if I can make something uglier. That all being said, I’m glad you guys liked it. Funny how Rob compared it to a dog as I kept saying to myself it looks like a sad puppy (hence the help badge).


We’re entering the modern era! The latest video is up:



Even if it’s ugly it’s so damn well crafted!


4 cause it had too much chrome, which had less than my 99, or my 15 truck, or any of my friends trucks. Glad you at least liked the front.

Don’t worry, I knew judging would be subjective, and it is rather plain.


In the instances where I haven’t agreed fully with the judges, I have to say, they still justified their decisions quite well. I liked some vehicles more than they did, some less.

But man, they sure have tried to be fair about it!

Good job, you guys. =)


Yeah same, globally it’s fair.
I don’t know for you but, for me this yellow 00’ 4x4 at 27 min was 9/10 instead of 7/10 ^^


The stats were way too bad for a 9, you could argue a 9 - 1 = 8 though. Doesn’t matter, it’s in the finals anyway to be judged more in depth.


In my opinion it’s a 10-1, the design is awesome, I was really amazed by the level of detail. But I can understand your point of view, that’s just I think he deserved more points than others 7 :wink: I’m probably not objective haha
But this Design competition is a nice source of inspiration, people have greats ideas to design their cars!