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Official Car Design Competition (UE4 Open Beta)


Out of all the cars in all the competitions so far, only one really stunned me. There have been some terrible cars, and some amazing ones…

… but Weasel’s “Hot Hatch” made me literally just bust out laughing when I saw the front end.

That thing was ridiculous - but very clever. grin


The little Angry Bird? Haha yes, that was quite funny + WTF :stuck_out_tongue:
Ohh, just wait till the last categories, that stuff has some really cool stuff in it :smiley:


I am really fumbling through each hoop here, aren’t I. :joy:


Don’t worry, instant Aztek vibes from the moment I saw it on screen xD I wonder if the judges noticed, since they didn’t point it ou


I kind of realized that my design was meh. The ‘nostrils’ were only an afterthought to fill the empty space below the bonnet; I thought making the main grill any larger would look freakish and angry. I did not see the door handles until after I submitted it, when I was taking glam shots to put up.

On the other hand, my stats. High driveability, comfort, and prestige, were all taken from real life inspiration. In fact, the engine is quite similar to the ones found in the vehicles I work with (displacement is smaller, but the hp is correct, and I could not duplicate the torque for the life of me). The transverse mounted V6 and All Wheel Drive are the majority of the 105.1 Engineering time; which makes sense, because the car I work on remained relatively unchanged (except for fascia, girding, and lights) between 2009 and 2017. This is what I’ve become familiar with, as a 2000s SUV. It’s not quite the CJ of old. I saw 3 other entries with similar stat breakdowns to mine. More than likely, they drive or work with a similar vehicle.
I tore down my design, to see what I did wrong. In order to score in Utility segment (decently), you cannot have a transverse mounted design. The Utility segment favors 4X4 over All Wheel Drive greatly. I did not realize this was the aim of this segment.


I definitely pointed that out in my own comment, because man did the mental image of an Aztek pop up in my mind… And that didn’t even traumatize me! :rofl: It’s one of those designs that is so wonky it becomes good, like a cheesy B-movie. Plus the badging is hilarious, so there. :+1:


Slight delay for today’s video, have to re-upload because of some bad video rendering artifact issues. Should be up in about 2h.


Keep it up guys, these videos are great. I have a couple of my Steam friends hooked on watching them and they don’t even play Automation :laughing:. Awesome stuff, I wish it was on Twitch.tv too.


Well, only one thing to say…

Screw you, Ford GT and your giant hood scoop XD


Well yeah, that hood scoop doesn’t look good xD


The 10s Hypercar Category is now up! Have a look and enjoy all those wacky designs :slight_smile:

Now we’re in crazy territory, at least for engineering times xD


Well, look on the bright side; if we ever got to the Jetsons era, they would get some sick hypercars. Hopefully jet engines wouldn’t be too common on cars by then! :laughing:

But man, my failure is being tough to endure. And even tougher to understand where I went wrong. Maybe I should start designing my cars from the rear and work my way up to the front, because going the other way has produced some disastrous results thus far… Seems I’m a terrible nose surgeon.


Mjdecker stricked again haha, you did very good car in every category !


Thank you! Only one has made it to the finals so far…

My concept car has the same blown tire issue as the hypercar and even after dropping down the wheel size it doesn’t score well in any markets nor does my Y entry. I’ll find out in a few days how those do.


So, yeah, I did. Oh well, still gave it a 5. Good luck ya’ll!


I would’ve given @mjdecker and @MrChips a 10 for their designs. I was completely blown away. Awesome job!


I really wish we could put things on the back windows of cars. We could do slats, or over-the-roof hood scoops for midengine cars, for example.


I thought you guys might like those head and tail lights, though I’ll admit I was kinda inspired by the old Renault Fiftie concept:

Obviously it was just inspiration, but just kinda fancied the idea of mimicing that swich back and forth look.

As for the stats, eh, was going for a “We are never gonna build this so just make it as insanely over the top as we can” kinda feel. Probably should have opted for a more realistic aproach.


In the video you’re saying if it could be LED lights, and it is ^^

Well, I regret not to have participate to others categories, it was very cool to participate and see what people did, I discovered some interesting technics to craft interesting cars (I already copied the opened roof on my brand’s topic haha), and if you do another competition like this, even with only 1 category, because I can see it takes lot of time to do! (if there is no price to win, I don’t care :grin:) Anyway, it will be a pleasure to participate again. You animate your community very well, and I think i’m not the only one who’s enjoying it!


How though? All the mods except rims have a pretty clear “mod” tag in their thumbnails and rim mod thumbnails look different from vanilla rims anyway because thumbnail making doesn’t currently work in the mod tools and they have to be made from screenshots.