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Official Car Design Competition (UE4 Open Beta)


“I… I tshink dis izzz a ten :b:️illion. … doyouagree?” hiccups
Italian accent “F*CK YES!”
sound of an empty bottle of sambuca smashing on the floor


Wasn’t the Jetson’s era in the distant year of 2002?


Wtf mjdecker striked again xd


My personal winner for for catergory Y is conanmurder. mjdecker is more detailed but conan gets +1 from me because of preference.


For my Y submission I had intended something for the roof but couldn’t get it too look right. After watching the Category Y video, @conan 's design gave me some ideas with his use of the flip headlights in the rear (BTW your cabling along the vehicle is ridiculous).

Category Y (MRAP) added "details"

Category X EV Concept Interceptor


I’m glad that my work has inspired something more even after it’s finished! I must say your “car” deserve every single one of the 9 points it gets.


MRAP is totally a winner in Y, there is no way that jury gonna escape from Soldiers deploying from it :stuck_out_tongue:


Owch, just saw the R video.

Oh well, going with a Merc ad was a risk I guess.


Wow… 'nuff said.





Ouch… If it’s any consolation, I thought your ad was alright?


Thanks :slight_smile:
I will do better next time (if there will be another one)


I also just watched the video. I guess now I can understand why so many people said they can’t stand Mr Regular.
Many good ads got low pointsseemed totally random.

And without being too conceited, but the comment for our Romanov ad: “Did they have even have ads in the early 80’s in the Soviet Union” ???

I mean… wtf… yes they did have ads, however, what on earth does that have to do with this competition?!

That was… sobering, to say the least.


Well he was going for “Is this period apropreate” so that made sense to me.


The ad is period appropriate, as it was aimed at european buyers. I do not care about the points, but the comment was ignorant, even worse was what NormanVauxhall got. That was plain rude. Had no fun watching that video.


To be honest @SeriousSimon (and I really hate this combination of keys that lets you post the message that I keep hitting not on purpose), that’s kinda how all the preliminaries worked.

I did some neat badging on my 1980s premium entry that went unnoticed and the car was reviewed like they were thirty seconds away from coffee break.

Guess my ad here got overlooked not only because I know jack sh*t about photographic compositions, but also because it was too european for his taste.

But the good thing is, that means it doesn’t matter what score your car gets in this competition. If it’s good to you, if it’s good to the game, then whoop dee f*cking doo!
None of my cars made it to the finals but eh. I had a campaign where I literally had a 100% market share in certain demographics at one point so le shrug

I’ll still look into the finals, good to watch :3


The only thing that really matters is that the finalists are good picks, and IMO that goal was achieved very well. The rest is goofing around and inevitably a lot of butthurt from those who submitted an ad “he didn’t understand”. :wink: Don’t make it personal.

The finals drop the goof and the ads are dissected in a lot of detail, which I personally enjoy more, too, but the quick preliminaries were a lot of fun xD well, not for you hehe


Even if he just didn’t like the ad, he’s free to have his own opinion, but the comment he made was kinda upsetting.
It was gives the impression, that if your ad wasn’t US or UK style, it would get a worse score.
So yeah, there were good ads which scored high, no doubt.


Oh I had no doubt that would happen from the moment I saw his review of the Porsche 924S to be honest.
Which sucks, because when he knows what he’s talking about (=> K cars) he does amazing stuff.


That is a fair observation. But let’s turn it around: you are the judge, you have a deep rooted connection to US and UK ads and cars, and up comes one which is completely outside of what you yourself deem to have a good feeling for, and feel you “don’t get it”. Pretty well made, not spectacular. How do you vote? I would have voted 5 in that instance, personally. :wink: Yes, it is a category where knowing the judge and what he does is not completely unimportant!