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Official Car Design Competition (UE4 Open Beta)


Alright, for those few not having insta-watched the new video yet, here it is!

The preliminary round is pretty comedic, apart from determining the finalists nothing matters.
Bonus round of hilarity: the comments section of butthurt that inevitably will shape up nicely! Enjoy!


Actually, the butthurt seems more present here than in the Youtube video. Which is commendable, given how toxic videos with famous Youtubers’ collaboration can be comments-wise…

And to be fair, this was never going to be a super-scientific review video in the first place. Killrob said most of the things that explain this, Including:

, but I’ll add one more; subtlety always a third-row seat to punchline delivery in Mr. Regular videos. After watching the AE86 video, that notion has been engraved in stone within my mind.

For all effects, he is a very “straight-to-the-point” kind of guy, which is bound to elicit angered surprise from people expecting an elaborate write-up… I will say the way he reacted to the Falcon hommage was a bit stiff, yes, since that had a light-hearted intention behind it. Problem is, since it wasn’t presented like an ad (which was the objective at hand here) that didn’t help.
In the end, with such a straight-forward judge, this category was always bound to be (Ir)regular… :sweat_smile:


What is interesting though, when we recorded both preliminaries and finals right after each other, I was quite surprised at the depth of thoughtful commentary in the finals :slight_smile: a massive change to the preliminaries. I think it comes out when he sees a really good ad in the preliminaries, too, being a little less reckless. Anyway, the finals IMO show he fucking knows what he’s talking about xD it will be great!

Thanks to you guys for taking this pretty well, it is all in good fun… even if you can’t laugh along with your own entry, you probably could with the others’.



With the preliminary round finished, I’d like to show you some stats that @pyrlix has been tracking. These are the scores for all the cars in the 10 main competition categories (all except Mr. Regular’s Top Ad) judged by pyrlix, NormanVauxhall, and myself.

This should also serve as a big middle finger to people complaining about us being inconsistent in judging - it is really difficult, as you forum competition organizers know. We applied as closely as possible the same standards across the board and didn’t play favorites.

The average score was 4.599, right between “Meh” and “Solid”, quite what you’d expect for a well-tuned scale!

One could argue that we were a little too careful with giving out the higher scores, but that is due to two things:

  1. It would have increased the number of finalists, making this even more work than it already is.
  2. If you set a standard early on (Category A) and aim to keep it throughout the competition, you need to set it such that you don’t blow off the scale with really cool shit that might not have been in the starting category. That means: you gotta aim a little low to make the potential nuance up high possible. In the finals that is a different story!

Anyway, I hope a vast majority of you has enjoyed the preliminary round. The finals will be quite different. :slight_smile:


Wow I really didn’t expected to be in the top 40 out of 450 participants !


Since people were redoing some of their entries, here’s a fixed version of my most frustrating almost-made-it-to-the-finals moment.



So much better! :slight_smile: Nice work!


Oh wow, the Mr. Regular video was excellent. Got a good laugh from that one.


Well, about R category… I think that ultra-direct approach to content that some finds rude is more a Very short time available to judge preliminaries. He just probably tried to use as low time as possible in that stage so it looks like unprofesional and inconsistent.

Thats nice that most is 5, that means even people who first time send something to competition did good.
The real question is, when we gonna see 2nd edition of this competition. It is actually fun to make cars, it fills hole that is left by no campaign or serious goal in game.
If someone thinks that it is sandbox and lack of campaign in UE4 isn’t bad, well, I played enough of Kee version to be actually bored off, without some kind goal and limits in eras.


“For days like these, just surrender to the mediocricy”.
OH GOD, Znopersk… You will never be the same for me :smiley:


I’d like the opportunity to thank you guys for hosting this competion… It has forced me to be more critical of my designs while also still having fun playing a very well engineered game… I look forward to more in the future


The first video of the finals is edited and uploaded, scheduled for release at 18:00 CET on Tuesday. A very different format, I hope you’ll enjoy that :slight_smile:


“The finals for the 1940’s Luxury barge are presented today via the medium of interpretative dance.”

Dancing ensues

“Join us tomorrow for the presentation of the 1950’s Euro Family car finals, which will be presented in Mime.”


I was rather surprised I got a 5 on my concept, it puts the average for my submissions at 5, overall I am happy with that.

Most of the concept with it was that it had a decently powerful V8, and got decent fuel mileage while being able to still go anywhere.


"Join us tomorrow for the presentation of the 1960’s Muscle car finals, which will be presented in groovy Beach Boys music.”

"Join us tomorrow for the presentation of the 1970’s Sports car finals, which will be presented in cheesy low budget action movie.”

"Join us tomorrow for the presentation of the 1980’s Premium car finals, which will be presented in recording of Commodore 64 port of the game circulating via Betamax through post.”


"Join us tomorrow for the presentation of the 1990’s Hot Hatch/Fun car finals, which will be presented on the most advanced computer operating syst…

This program has performed and illegal operation and will be shutdown
If the problem persists, contact the program vendor.


“So we open up this car. The computer will go ‘Hey, I see you have a new car ready for judging’. You’ll notice that this Automation UE4 build…” [Bugsplat window appears] “ehh, Woooooooooah!”

“Moving right along now.”

“That must be why we’re not shipping Automation yet.”

“Absolutely. Absolutely”


Ladies and Gentlepeople, here comes the finals of Category A! Hope you enjoy the format :slight_smile:
Who takes the win in the 40s Luxury Barge category? Here you find out:



Grats Panchu! Well deserved.

I’m still in awe of the chromework on all three cars, really. I don’t know how you managed to get those smooth, flowing trim strips down the sides!


Yeah, speaking of that I’m kinda wondering, is there a way to move the fixtures with the keyboard arrows rather than the mouse? Cuz some fixtures just go “AAAHFSIUDFNDKSQF” when I try to move then one millimeter…