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Official Car Design Competition (UE4 Open Beta)


I was just very confused on what they were talking about when they judged that car. The Cougar is probably my favorite muscle car looks wise and I immediately saw the influence. I’m glad Grimbrand’s car won in the end.


Grimbrand’s car is a GTO in front and a Cougar in back.


Mercury Cougar, F yes! My favorite Muscle from Gran Turismo 2! Blue with white roof is best. :grinning:


Pretty disappointed with this round, especially considering that when I open up that particular design in Automation, the Muscle car market demographic seems to fluctuate randomly, from as high as 96 to as low as 83. No changes have been made either…just opening and closing the design is enough to do this.


I get that in the game sometimes too, MrChips. Not sure what the reason for it is, but I suspect that some of the math has to ‘round’ to decimals or something, and that the complexity of the formulas causes it to round ‘up’ or ‘down’ almost at random, on values that are at the cusp for something important to the build.

Meh, I dunno. That sounds too complicated. Just call it a glitch. It’s not just musclecars though.

What I HAVE learned is that I save my cars, and then check all the stats, check all the trim, and then doublecheck by reloading before I save it and export it.

Rotating your text to something besides 90 degree angles on the body can sometimes lose its save value I’ve noticed, too.

I’m sure these issues will get sorted as the guys work out the bugs. =) Just adds some additional challenge for us now!


I think it has something to do with how the cars are actually scored against other cars. It used to be that there was a baked-in set of “competitor cars” that were built by human players and your car would rank against these. Now that we have a car building AI though, the cars are generated dynamically as needed so the basis for comparison changes slightly every time you run the game.

EDIT: Redacted. I made a bad assumption based on the dev update videos.


Currently the cars are not dynamic, everyone has the same set of competitors. That means something else is wrong and we have not figured out what yet :thinking:


I’m not sure if it is just rounding numbers. I get different market competitiveness value every time I load the same car. Before anyone accusing me of trolling, video is not edited, Nvidia shadowplay somehow cuts the audio when the car is loading. You can see that I loaded the same car 3 times and I get 3 different numbers on competitiveness.


Shit! I knew I’d seen a closer resemblance to something else but I couldn’t quite come up with the name. I’m doubly embarrassed as I should know about the Mercury Cougar, including the fact that it wasn’t successful, since the history of the American Muscle Car was literally a book I read a lot (albeit about 23 years ago).

Well, that’s why I don’t go blagging about my credentials on car markets prior to when I was actually around. Sorry about that.

Also yes, the car market thing does fluctuate a bit. I ended up opening each car multiple times and flicking back and forth between all the tabs, which is something I’ve been doing for years across multiple builds. You’ll find the judgements also take into account things like “were choices and tuning in line with what would be expected from this market”, to a certain degree.

And, to reference what I said earlier, I get a lot more specific about car things from the 80s onwards. Expect strong and possibly divergent opinions.


Hey don’t beat yourself up too much :wink:. Like I said, its a relatively obscure car even in the US and it was never sold outside North American, at least not the first gen. The analogy isn’t perfect but it would be a bit like if you were to ask an American what a Pontiac G8 looks like. The answer is of course a Holden Commodore VE because, well, it IS a Holden Commodore VE with a facelift, but that’s not the point. Many States-side car enthusiasts probably don’t know what a Holden is much less some specific model of a strictly Australian brand.


ask an American what a Pontiac G8 looks like.

And now I’m sad the G8 UTE never came over before Pontiac got the axe :cry:.
GM should have at least made it a Chevy (Which would have had more sense in the first place!).


People have been gossiping about a return of the El Camino, but sadly it will never be. Even Holden is not what it once was. I’m worried for GM tbh.


You guys will probably just sneer and say I’m a typical American for what I’m about to say (especially about engines) but, out of the “big three” here in the States, I’d say GM is in the best shape.

Chrysler is - well, they’re owned by Fiat, and they are a bit confused about what direction they should go. They have some great ideas, and some neat cars, but they also have consistent issues with “Well, we fixed THIS, but THAT is really unreliable now. Hey, let’s release some other new thing that no one really cares about!”

Ford’s riddled with idiots right now, and they’re convinced that small highly-stressed disposable engines are the way to go. That’ll come back to haunt them, I think. Even with fancy stuff to help make them feel smoother, turbo fours and 60 degree sixes end up with vibration problems over time.

(Not that I have anything against fours, or even inline 6s’ - but 300 HP from a little inline four banger? That’s a lot of vibration to damp!)

GM on the other hand stuck with older designs, and still uses pushrod V8s, concentrating on ways to make them more fuel efficient. IMHO, once Freevalve technology is in wider use, I think (or at least I hope!) we will see a return to small V8 engines again. The layout of the V design lends itself well to the front end of cars, and the lifter valley is a natural place to put all the equipment to run a Freevalve setup without raising engine height or taking room elsewhere.

I’m not going to say that V8 engines are the pinnacle of motor design, mind you; but they are smooth, torquey, and I will always love their sound. They also leave room for suspension parts while allowing for a respectably low hoodline.

I think that GM’s leadership is rock solid right now, and making good decisions - even if I don’t really historically like them too much. I’m sad they gave Pontiac the axe. I think that was a mistake overall.

Anyway, sorry for the long ramble. I wish your auto industry down in Australia hadn’t gone belly-up. Stupid bureaucratic nonsense and greed for you.


I think that GM’s leadership is rock solid right now, and making good decisions

Except turning on the reverse lights when locking, unlocking, and turning off the vehicle.


Except for selling Vauxhalls to PSA.


Well you guys would know more about that than I do. What I can say emphatically though is that 20 years ago, if you wanted a nice car here in the US, you bought Japanese, because they were much better quality than anything domestic.

Now, it’s kind of the opposite; the US-made cars seem to be better in overall quality than the foreign makes (including ones partially made here in the US).



May I ask where this info comes from?

some sources maybe?


Uhhh I think this may be getting awfully off topic for this thread


Just giving my own perceptions, and those of the people I’m around; family and friends. I’m not into marketing or trying to influence stock, here! =)

And yeah, definitely off topic! Sorry. =)