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Ohm's Mods (on Hiatus)


Keep working on the mesh is all. Add your windows, mirrors, etc, and the materials for everything. Once your mesh is done you’ll move on to UV mapping and then skinning.


Here’s my progress, the window group was slightly visible (bottom image was a 5-door liftback).
How can I get into the mesh like windows and the materials before I move to UV mapping?.


It looks real good :slight_smile: To get the materials go to steam --> library --> tools and download Automation workshop tool. Once it finishes downloading, right click and go to show local content.
There you will have the exporter, a PSD file for the thumbnail and a sample 3ds file where you can get the materials.

EDIT (step by step)
To get the materials, in 3ds, bring the material editor, in mode change to Slate material editor, then in MATERIAL/MAP BROWSER click the black arrow and select open material library, search for the 3ds file you just downloaded and open it. It should bring quite a lot of materials. Look 13 default sub… and drag it to the view1 window. Now click apply material to selection. Go back to the regular material editor and click get material with your mesh selected and there you go, you will have the materials ready for use. Now, in poly mode you can change the material ID to get the different materials.

Here’s a spreadsheet made by daffyflyer to help you calculate Cd and lift values https://www.dropbox.com/s/0fpm41n4if112d3/Aero.xlsx?dl=0 (it’s a more advanced version that the one in the automation workshop tool). You just put the height, the width, ground clearance, aspiration type, year, power in Kw and Cd. of the original model, and it will substact the cooling giving you a Cd value for the body, If you can’t find a Cd for that car, just use this http://hpwizard.com/aerodynamics.html to get a cd value and then use it in the calculator, it works really nicely.


Nice work - I see the makings of a great 80s executive car.


Progress Update: note some sections were fixed after I took a photo.


Reminds me of the AMC Hurst/SC Rambler. Like it!


Wow, but these cars I made are 80s, not 60s.


Sure, but I was just referring to the shape of it.


I see there Talbot Tagora and Ford Scorpio :slight_smile:


Snap about the Scorpio (although we got it as the Granada)


I got these problems after I tried to export the files for the first time, so I need help.
80s Boxy Executive: Mesh Error (no materials 11 and 12, it has 11 materials), incorrect measurements (2.60 x 4.02 x 2.13 m, instead of 1.96 x 1.18 x 4.83 m) and body was invisible.
80s Aerodynamic: Game stopped working while I choose this body.

I used 3ds Max 2013, so the exporter works.


Did you assign the correct material order in the .lua? The order is (seemingly randomly) different for every model and may change when you make changes to the body. Here’s a guide to get it right: [GUIDE] Getting the material order right

The number of materials in the .lua file has to match the number of (sub)materials you use on the max file.

Usually when I had this come up, the reason was a typo in the .lua file.


Finally I get the 80s Aerodynamic into the game, but it was a halved scale model.

Note that the 80s Boxy Executive was error on launch (Fatal Error while loading init.lua (string"–shared/functional/LuaHelperFunctions.lua…"):47:./GameData/Mods/cars/Front/Large/80sBoxyExecutive/body.lua:5: unexpected symbol near ‘{’
Both cars I did had the corrected material order.


it would seem you are exporting your bones too (the purple boxes in game)

These do not need to be exported, only the model and it’s skin. Ensure you use the “export selected” option.


Do you even watched the youtube tutorials? Literally, your latest post wouldn’t happen if you watch those carefully.


Your car needs to be wider, and the .lua error for the other one seems like you forgot a comma at the end of a line. Go through the .lua file and find it; it would be in one of the areas that you edited. It could also be a random character you accidentally typed in.


I watched the tutorials, also downloaded for offline viewing, but I never do the UV mapping and material order before.


Okay, but when I tried to export just model and skin, just “Mesh and Animations”, the game crashed.


What I do is select the model, right-click and “hide unselected” to hide the body boxes. Then I do the full export and can unhide the boxes after.


Both two cars were exported to the game, initially, it had a sizing problem: it was too small like a model car, even I matched the real-life dimensions on the 3ds Max: 4828/1810/1444 and 4669/1766/1450 and also a mirror problems (images coming soon) (length/width/height in millimeters), so do I had to re-scale it larger?
Note: I had watched the tutorials and also downloaded for offline viewing like I said previously.