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Ohm's Mods (on Hiatus)


I had the same problem with my Range Rover model, and I still don’t know why. The scale was properly set, but it came out at about half scale. What I did was set the wheelbase to what it should be in the .lua and scaled up the Range Rover until the model properly fit the frame.


I had the same issue, and changing the units system in 3DS from mm to cm solved it.


When I changed from millimeters to centimeters in 3ds Max, I still had the same problem, the tiny car, even I had matched the real-life/proper dimensions in the plane.


(continued from previous post)
Even I changed the units from millimeters to centimeters, they aren’t solved yet (now with images).
Real-Life Measurements: 1.81 x 1.44 x 4.63 m (not 4.83 as I said previously) and 1.76 x 1.45 x 4.67 m respectively.


I hadn’t found a solution either, just scale up your models until the body fits the frame with the proper wheelbase in the .lua file. It will be as close as you can get.


Is that a single body? If so, the morphability is shmexy.


So are we able to scale cars via the LUA file. as in change the wheelbase and overall length and width of the model and have the frame change with it?


No, all the you can adjust in the .lua is the length/width of the frame and the placement of the body over it. My “solution” is to the set the wheelbase of the frame in the .lua to the correct value and to scale up the model in 3DS Max until it properly fits the frame.


Finally, I had two cars resized properly into the game (almost matched with real-life counterparts), but I had another problem: some fixture stampings (such as headlights, taillights and exhausts).*
*Taillights and Exhausts are not shown, but headlights are visible, and also occurred in the 80s Boxy Executive.


Did you do the UV mapping?


The scaling problem has been fixed - that should give us some hope. But how much more has to be done before the bodies are actually finished?


Also have you checked your LUA file.
Body and seam material assignments need to be assigned in the projection sections - see below

	ProjectionMaterials = {
		Front = 1,
		Middle = 2,
		Rear = 5
	ProjectionSeamMaterials = {
		Front = 9,
		Middle = 8,
		Rear = 10

The number after the entry is the position of the material assignment in the materials section


Several days, as I didn’t do the skinning yet (I think it’s quite hard to do).


Yes, I did the UV mapping as I followed the part 2 tutorial.


Small Update: Finally, I fixed the fixture stamping problems on both cars, so the skinning was a next thing to do.
For the thumbnails, since I have no Photoshopping skills, I’ll let the other modders do the thumbnails for me.
Note: 1. I calculated the drag coefficient of both bodies, 0.31 for 80s Boxy Executive and 0.23 for 80s Aerodynamic.
2. The 80s Boxy Executive will be available from 1975, and the 80s Aerodynamic will be available from 1977.


I could do the thumbnails for you if you’d like. You can send me the car folders by PM and I’ll get them done for you after work today.


Okay, but I may send the unskinned car folders for thumbnails before I move to skinning, since I never experienced before.


An extremely slippery body - in the late 70s? That should get the car up to a fairly high speed if its engine is powerful enough…


It’s been a long ride, but it’s nice to see your work almost finished. The cd figures seems alright (the aerodynamic maybe too low, but it’s supposedto be aaerodynamic :stuck_out_tongue:)
One thing, you might want to consider the possible engineering time for a car when setting the unlock year.

Also, good luck skinning :fearful:


Skinning Question: When I selected the planned morphing area, then the verticles I selected, plus the Abs. effects I tried, why it doesn’t move or moving downwards? Note: I watched and followed those steps on the Part 3 tutorial.