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Ohm's Mods (on Hiatus)


Have you moved the bone after adding it to the skin?
The vertices will move in relation to the abs effect and bone movement. If you don’t move the bone you will not see the effect
Also ensure you have the correct bone selected when assigning the effect.
Max has a habit of defaulting to the first bone in the list.


I don’t know if this will help, but before adding the abs effect to the vertices, make sure there is nothing selected in edit poly/mesh


No, I haven’t moved my bones after I added to the skin.


Cargo Box Question: I forgot to put the cargo box initially, so I added it later and set it into material no.14, it shows blue instead of transparent green in a tutorial, which has material no.14. How can I fix it, as sample cars has only 13 materials?


You can safely ignore that, actually. The box will appear correctly in the game. I usually just make the entire model transparent, in right click -> object properties -> visibility


So how can I use the tool to show the boxes in the game, and is it affect the cargo and passenger volumes when I don’t have a cargo box?, and do I had to create a cargo box or not?


(continued from previous post after 17 hours of previous post)
Although I can safely ignore that cargo box actually as he said above, as the box will appear correctly in the game while making the entire model transparent by visibility options. So I got a question: are cargo, top and bottom boxes important for in-game calculation?, and do I really need a cargo box?


The boxes are used to calculate the weight distribution and stuff like that, so setting them properly is very important. If you don’t put a cargo box, you will have a practicality score of 0.


Is it possible to release without morphing zones for now?, as I want to release it to celebrate my birthday for tomorrow (6th August), when I’m turned 20 years old.


I guess there won’t be any problem, just ‘setup’ the Bone Root and that’s it.


Happy Birthday for tomorrow :birthday:


Two cars are now available, both on Steam Workshop and as a standalone download. Fully useable as I tested before I uploaded, it also had the passenger and cargo volumes, but they aren’t finalized.
For Steam users, read “Known Issues” before you subscribe, as my cars lacked morphing zones as described, although I may add it/update later.


The cars aren’t showing up in game, it looks like the file structure is incorrect.

Also, both of the drag coefficients seem too low to me, at least compared to the other bodies in the game. The best available midsize sedan bodies in the 1970s and 1980s have Cds of 0.33 and 0.28, which your bodies surpass by quite a significant margin.

Edit: I wonder if you could make the aerodynamic body a little wider? It’s hurting interior space quite a lot.


One can always perform a LUA edit to optimize the body’s performance.


I’ll fix the directory for Steam Workshop that aren’t showing up soon, for Steam users.


For the 80s Aerodynamic Mid-Size interior space, it was roomier than Early 80s Mid-Size Luxury (Boxy Executive), as I tested before release.


I fixed the directory folder for Steam Workshop version, so it works now. Enjoy.


I love the new car bodies you have given us - and that’s just the start. In the future, these bodies should become morphable in places, and additional body styles (coupe, wagon) may be added.


Happy Birthday @ohm1996!!!

I tried out your mod bodies and I made a couple of random cars out of them to thank you for your perseverance :triumph:

1986 Bogliq Bastion 2500 ATV

First up, a car built for the modern Soviet bloc party leader. It has good fuel economy, good room and has AWD and a manuallly locked front diff for the hard stuff. Also it does a 10:35 at Green Hell!

1986 Bogliq Belfast 2500 GT

This one’s for the Secret Police; quicker than the Bastion so it can ensure the safety of the USSR! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
The Belfast laps the Green Hell at 9:43 sec, for the record.

I hope your birthday was a lot of fun and that you keep up the good work. :sunglasses:


Happy (late) birthday! :cake: :birthday: :fireworks: