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Ohm's Mods (Returned)


27/12/2016 Update: As I had done both the NSX and Skyline R32, I’m now fully working on my first classic car, the Smith Thunderbolt or Moray, as the Shubert Frigate’s styling is a little bit too futuristic for the early 50s. However, the car is time-intense to do, as it has tailfins and separated bumpers, I won’t be able to estimate the release date, but I will release before 8th January 2017.


Great! I could remake my not-so-best-looking boxy compact car (with it’s sport iteration of course) on R32 body instead of this generic body with Sultan-looking rear


When can we expect the GTR to be released?

Will it be morphable now?

Excellent work regardless!


I will release all of three cars before 8th January 2017, and it will also be morphable (morphing zones are now created by myself, but the values had to be set by the other modders).


Here is a Smith Thunderbolt progress. As this is my first proper vintage car, so the details is not so high, such as latent tailfins. However, I had to modify at the rear section, make it less prominent at headlight inserts and more simple bumpers, to make it look more simple and European. Note: Any resemblance to the original Ford Thunderbird, some Facel Vega models, or the Continental Mark II, are purely coincidental.


If it’s not too hard to do, could we get a morph to allow us to fit side-by-side headlights in the headlight bumps?


Yes, I had set the morphing zones in the Smith Thunderbolt already, I also allowed it to fit dual headlights. But what is the side-by-side headlights?


Approximately how long will it be?


Is that the release date, or the car dimensions?


Dimensions (I’m a sucker for big cars)


He means morphing the fender/headlight area toward the middle of the car for quad headlights that aren’t stacked like the GTA Peyote. More like the GTA V Tornado.


Okay, I got it, I created that area already.


Looks neat for 50-60s GT! (maybe I should do my unreleased monocoque GT from 1955 on this bad boy once it is in revamp :stuck_out_tongue: )


I finally exported the Thunderbolt to the game, but I still have the fixture problems (images below).
Can anybody help me?, before I move to export the NSX and Skyline R32.


Here is the Smith Thunderbolt dimensions, as tested in the game.
Wheelbase: 2845 mm (112 in) - suitable for four-seater Grand Tourer, due to the stretched door and the rear.
Length: 4480 mm (176.4 in)
Width: 1865 mm (72.3 in)
Height: 1080 mm (42.5 in)
All Measurements in Millimeters (with Inches in Parentheses).


You’ll need to re-visit your UVW mapping.
What’s probably happened is you have some areas of the surface “hidden” by other areas. The inside of the wings is the most likely culprit.

Try to position the UVW map so that you can see all the surface when applying unwrap. This may mean your UVW map might be virtually head on as opposed to the usual45-ish degrees.
In some extreme cases the body has had to be deformed to make it easier, UV unwrapped, then put back


I still had some broken area like previous images when I placed the headlights (at headlight fender area) and taillights at the tailfins, even I had UVW mapped correctly. What is inside of the wings that you said that it has problems and about hidden surfaces?


Are your UV maps properly assigned in the .lua? That might also be the cause of the problem.


IIRC didn’t you say something about fixtures not working on perfectly flat surfaces, TCL?


A perfectly flat rear end is going to cause taillights and mufflers to end up inside out, the issues he has seem to be related to some polygons being over each other in the UVW map.