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Ohm's Mods (Returned)


5/5/2017 Update: I have finished all of those final exams by yesterday (4th May), so I can back to 3D modeling again, however, I’m still focused on the experimental modeling, rather than for the game.
Note that my relative brother said that I don’t need to enroll the summer course, because I have fully enrolled 7 subjects per semester, so I have 3 full months to model.
Anyway, I have also created my account on the-blueprints.com to request the vector drawings, so anybody who have the-blueprints account, please vote my requests!
https://www.the-blueprints.com/vectordrawings/request/ (see also at ohm1996 in the User section or site:the-blueprints.com ohm1996 on Google Search)


Guys, I also added the 1949 Studebaker Land Cruiser Sedan to the request, but not just this car, I also requested other cars as well.
Here are the list of cars I requested on the-blueprints
1948 Packard 120 Vignale Convertible
1949 Hansa 1500 4-Door
1949 Alfa Romeo 6C Sport Berlina by Pininfarina
1950 Fiat 1900 Berlina
1962 Rambler American 4-Door Sedan
1975 Simca 1307
1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo
If you have the-blueprints account, don’t hesitate to “Vote for this Request”, as I requested mainly on classic cars (there are many gaps in the early years, so this is the reason why I requested many classic cars).


It’s good to hear that, despite the work commitments you have been facing all this time, the NSX and R32 bodies will not be shelved. As for the classic car body requests… It’s good to see someone showing them more love than they usually get!

And with the UE4 release becoming increasingly polished with each passing day, I have not even the slightest doubt that your current projects will look better than ever - much better, in fact, than if they’d been made available for the current Kee engine version!





Good to see you back, vmo. Does that mean you’ll be back into this community somewhat?

On other hand, blueprints are good thing, we need them anyway.


I’m waiting for the modding release for the UE4. I have a model to release.


I was going to do the same, but that could still be months away for all we know so I released my latest one in Kee when it was done but didn’t include morphs yet (as they are so tedious). That way I could get some feedback on the models.


Now that the NSX body (in both sizes) has made it into the UE4 release, and having made a test car each with both the small and large variants, I am sure that it is one of my favorite recent additions to the game - so when will the R32 body be converted to UE4?

Edit: Thanks @maffc for clearing things up. I confused the internally developed version with the third-party one because I couldn’t find enough differences between the two.


I’m afraid that NSX body in UE is not the same one that Ohm created. That one is one that was already under development internally.
A number of differences can be seen between the 2
The most significant is the camshaft version has C pillars which allows for the “MR2” style recessed rear window morph


8/10/2017 Status: Long time no see, guys, I have finished mid-term tests 3 days ago at this moment.
About Modeling: I’m still model the cars in the 3ds Max, and also set preliminary boxes, bones and morphing zones, but not skinning/deformation. (Some of my cars will feature secondary paint zone, although they are different)
Although my computer runs UE4 Editor, it takes around 20 minutes to load Editor and another hour to load Mod Tools project, so I have to send my files to another modders to adjust boxes and skin my models, then import to Editor and set the data, once my modeling projects had finished. (My laptop is far from adequate to run the UE4 Editor, that’s why I have to send my files to another modders)


I hope you’ll finish your R32 body! :smiley:


Skinning and boxes can all be done in 3ds Max, the UE4 editor is just to assign values and put in the game. Everything you’d do in kee before working on the .lua file is still done that way, though with the new parameters for UE4 compatibility.

Here’s the new Wiki for modding in case you haven’t seen it:


Help! I have bad news: My laptop is currently unable to run 3ds Max 2013 after I encountered Blue Screen yesterday, then I encountered “Software License Check Out Failed, Error 20”.
Blue Screen code: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (probably) shortly after I opened 3ds max 2013 yesterday.
Note that I have tried to restart FLEXnet in service.sys, rename FLEXnet files, remove Autodesk traces in regedit and reinstalled 3ds max several times, it didn’t help either.


If you’re going to mod for Unreal just throw out 3DS 2013 and get 2017 or 2018 with a student license, it’s not worth wrestling with anymore


Thanks for suggestion, however, my home desktop PC still running Windows XP, where 2013 is the last supported version on Windows XP (and also the last version to have 32-bit edition), so the 2016 still worth?. Note that I’ve tried 2017, the 2014 format is the oldest format I can save (2014 is 64-bit only and no longer supported on Windows XP) (I still have to save those files to do on my home desktop PC if possible, which still uses 2013 and there is no plan to buy a new desktop PC yet).


Haven’t been updated my status for a while, so here.
I finally moved to the 3DS Max 2016, although I solved the error two weeks ago before I moved to 2016.
Anyway, I have modeled some of those cars to finish, although I will show it after I finished all exams.


Hell Yes!! glad to have you back! good luck on those exams,


Best of luck!


Yay! I’m finally returned home three days after I have finished all of those exams.
Car Modeling: I have modeled some more cars, although I will show it later.