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Ohm's Mods (Returned)


The last body of the four you have just shown us looks very familiar… It’s a Honda Beat. One or two scaled-up versions of it wouldn’t hurt either.


The devs don’t just take 3D models, you need to do all the skinning, uv wrapping, and UE4 editor stuff with bodies. Make enough solid ones and they might reach out to you for including your content in the game.

What you have now is a good start, so keep going to make them get ready. Modelling standards have changed drastically since kee and you’ll need to get them in-game to have an idea on how reflections look.


Note that my home Desktop PC is still running on Windows XP, so it will not be able to run on 3ds Max 2014 or newer (all of my car body files are designed for 2016 and later) and UE4 editor at home, therefore, I have to run it on a laptop. Fortunately, my new laptop is powerful enough for UE4 editor.

@thecarlover OK, I will try to do those things as I saw on Car Body Modding page, however, it is a bit outdated as it stated as version 4.17, rather than 4.21 (I guess possibly 4.23 or 4.24 once the LCV4 update is released).
I may ask you again if I encountered a problem.


I started to skin some of my car bodies, however, since I’m new to skinning process, could somebody help me to duplicate skinning weight to save time?, as one of my car body has 6 variants.

I tried to save an envelopes file (sedan), then I transferred to other variant (coupe), however, I got something wrong in the image that the front windshield (highlighted) doesn’t move as I expected.


I’d recommend checking out the official discord server for help with this sort of thing. Lots of useful tips that the modders on there can give you, as well as some more help from the Devs if necessary.


On top of what Sky-High suggests, check out Hard Rooster’s tutorial videos, they’re extremely handy for anyone new to, or coming back to automation modding!



@Aruna Thank you for providing videos, although I’m not familiar with Blender from the videos as I have used 3ds Max since the Kee era for many years before modding in Blender became possible, so I’m stuck with the 3DS Max today.
I will allow you skin some of my cars (I prepared morphing zones by myself), and also test my car bodies when I’m home (because my desktop is unable to run UE4 Editor as it still runs on Windows XP)


It’s usually best to do the skinning before making variants, as it can’t be transferred from one to another so easily. There’s a checkbox for applying a skin by vertex ID that needs to be unchecked when applying it to a different variant. Might still have some issues but it won’t require as much work to fix.