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Ohm's Mods (Returned)


Small issue with the stretch limousine.


Oh, I forgot to fix its wheelbase at first, but I’m going to fix it, then I’ll update it again.


Fixed the extended wheelbase bug, but the point made me unhappy was the game had to restart before it takes effects, even fixing bones.lua as well.


There’s a way round this.
Press F12
change the year
Re-select your body

The changes you made should now take effect.

I’m aware that f12 is also the steam screenshot hotkey, but you can reassign that in the steam client .


The passenger space in the stretch limo seems smaller than I would expect. At ~4200L there are several regular-length bodies that surpass it.


3/12/2016 Big Status Update: I finally finished all of those final exams by the evening of the 2nd December, and now I’m at my hometown, so I can come back to the modeling again. (I posted by 12 AM, so it’s 3rd December)
I also have good news: my modeling skills have been improved again in the meantime right after the mid-term exams, so now I can make my next cars looks more realistic.
Future Project Update: My planned third car is a 1st generation Honda NSX, to fill the gap above the Corvette6317’s Ferrari 348/355, while my fourth car is likely to be an early 50s sports car with tailfins, intended as a successor to the vanilla Austin-Healey, and the fifth car is probably a popular 25-year old grey import car in the US.
Note that I also tried to do the same or similar car available as vanilla. Those cars are not intended to release as a mod, but rather to update the existing cars or make more variants available (I had to do from the ground-up), and it will be low-priority projects.


I agree, the issue being that someone has the lift in a dangerously imbalanced location. SAFETY FIRST.


I have a question to the Americans: Have you see some of the 25-year old grey import cars? (all methods to see are accepted), and which model is popular? to give some ideas for the fifth car I planned.


Personally, all I’ve seen are R32 skylines, three on the local Craigslist and one irl


I recommend looking at the New Zealand import laws…they get some pretty cool shit down there


Yep, our import laws are quite lax.


R32 GTR and Eunos Cosmos are probably the most popular ones in America


Canada’s got a 15 year import law, so the R34’s been around a few years already. The value of R32s jumped since they became legal in the US, since it’s easier to import a car from Canada than Japan.


Tanks to the UK’s 0 year import law ive seen Nissan Cubes and the like.


Those were sold on the US domestic market, so not Japan only.


Could anyone explain me those import laws? I doubt that we have any limitation in Poland, so I don’t really get what they are about and for…


For the US:

tbh, I still don’t understand why it’s a thing


A TL:DR is that RHD cars would never pass inspection in any place in the US (or Canada), which is often required when buying a vehicle from out of state/province.

There is however an exception for vehicles over a certain age.


Ah, yes, I forgot about Japan using the other side of the road :stuck_out_tongue: So not so long ago in Poland it would be the same, BUT as Polish used car dealers do “magic”, there were (and are) lots of RHD cars imported from the UK converted to LHD (that’s why it’s not so unusual to spot a Vauxhall in Poland :smiley:). Right now I think that they are still converted, but it’s not required by law - an RHD car can be driven, normally registered and pass inspections.

EDIT: But do I get it correctly that cars over 25 years old do not have to meet various US legal norms?? That would be super-weird. In Poland if you import a car from the US you have to change it’s headlights and indicators to ones that are up to European standards, no matter how old the car is (maaaaybe there’s an exception for cars registered as antiques, but I doubt it).


You sure about that? IMHO its just them buying broken/crashed EU-Cars and put on Parts from Vauxhalls - and in that process they change all to Vauxhall. For the feel of “exclusivity”.
RHD to LHD conversion is not that easy… you have to change a lot in the car, its not as simple as changing the dashboard…
I can remember my uncle selling his Opel Zafira to some dealer, which later sold a Vauxhall Zafira on OLX and Allegro - weirdly the same model :stuck_out_tongue: (it had a big dent in the boot-lid and some other stuff was wonky)