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Ohm's Mods (Returned)


Do you know how extreme things Polish mechanics and dealers do to sell a crap car? :smile: Such conversion is a fact and there is no doubt about that. And I’m pretty sure that NOBODY would care to transform an Opel into a Vauxhall for the exclusivity :joy:

Welding one car out of 2 or 3 crashed ones, selling old beaten junk as a nearly new car after fixing the looks, reverting odometers by 300kkm… All these things are unfortunately a standard practice :confused:


i might be a bit late, but…

been here 5 years before he decided to sell, clean Florida title, and seems to be perfectly fine, but obviously not 25 years old


If I got that for a “fair market price”, I could drive it around my area with no worries.

Why? Rural America. No major city (unless I moved to the Twin Cities: Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota), cares enough to test emissions, or run cars through any sort of check system.

The only trouble my family’s had, was when we bought my mom her 2008 Hyundai Sonata. The couple selling the car sold it for a song (read: less than current fair market price, because they were moving to Hawaii), and the government wanted more proof that it was a legal sale.

Other than that, no problems. We routinely punch out the cats on cars when they become plugged, making them just hollow expansion cans.

Back to the thread though: I would like more front engine, rear wheel drive bodies in game, so I’m all for a gray import body.


Since the topic is on, what about non-R32 Skyline body?
Or maybe S13 200SX/Silvia mashup? :stuck_out_tongue: (sileighty intensifies)


Since I started to work on 3 cars, I decided to do those cars: Original Honda NSX (3rd), Early Corvette C1 (4th) and Nissan Skyline R32 (5th) respectively. However, I may release 3 cars simultaneously because I’m not hurry to do, but I think I can finish by shortly before the Christmas.

@Oskiinus According to my plan and topic, yes, I decided to do the Nissan Skyline R32, and I’ll make it available as coupe, convertible and sports sedan (B-Pillar hardtop, but the pillar is invisible at outside), while the Onevia (aka Twovia outside Japan) or Sileighty (aka Sil-Hundred in general export markets, such as Thailand, Europe or Oceania, or Sil-Forty in North America) is considered, but not at high priority.


Those are each really, really cool picks. The first two are so unique looking too.


16/12/2016 Update: I’m now working on those 3 cars, the progress of Honda NSX and Corvette C1 are going well. However, as I faced the Skyline R32 dilemma (there are 4-door vector, Tamiya GT-R plastic model and Nismo blueprints, I have tried all of those), I had to rework from the ground-up again, now using the R32 GT-R Nismo blueprint, due to more viewing accuracy. Due to the planned simultaneous release of those 3 cars, I may not able to give you as a Christmas gift, but rather New Year’s gift, because I will travel to Chiang Rai by next week. (note that now I can set up the zones and boxes by myself, but the morphing values are still set by the other modders.)


Very excited for the C1, will there be a convertible option?


Yes, I’ll make it available both hardtop and soft-top roofs, because I just simply change the material ID on the roof.


Will the weight change too?

I noticed that some soft tops don’t change weight.


And don’t count as convertibles for the game, so it is a problem to have a continuous lineup of them in the campaign.


I’m not sure about the weight change, as I had to test in the game to compare between hardtop and soft-top.


Just roleplay that you’re a really shady car manufacturer who doesn’t bother adding support to your convertible models. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They need to have the proper tag in the lua file to be considered as a soft top or hard top. If you want, you can change that in the lua files of the body.

You can find info here:


Like just cutting off the roof on a regular coupe?



Yes! But then maybe stuffing all the roof material in the trunk or something, to keep weight the same. :yum:


You might be shady but atleast you’re clever :smirk:


Exactly that. ConvertableSoftTop = true (that typo is in the code) and it’ll increase the weight and lower aerodynamics, as well as also give a market preference I believe.


But the Mercedes W113 aka Pagoda was more aerodynamic with the soft top.


Possible to compensate with a lower Cd in the .lua, but that’s an exception. I believe the convertible Cd is based on the top being down, which is terrible for aerodynamics. Like an open pickup/ute bed.