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Average Person Driveability Test (APDT -- BeamNG testing)
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looking forward to it



S76 is a practical midsize… looking forward to seeing it!

The naming is going to have a learning curve before people understand all of it, but surely a complete model lineup will help. I like it :wink:




Average Person Driveability Test (APDT -- BeamNG testing)

simple, yet striking


Rear lights you see are prototype lights and will not be found on final production version.



That car looks familiar to me … :grin:



because SPEED


Answers. To critisisms above.
1st. Because I like it that way.
2nd. Idk how to build engines. Smoothness is not a massive problem with modern DCTs I believe. Maybe I am wrong. Also all engines ar NA and have quite smooth powerband. But as I said, ikd.
3rd. 1st digit is class. 2nd digit is size/importance. S is S.


If there is a similarity it’s up to body type and slim line-like taillights. I personally like S76 more, mainly the location of the number plate. Then there are small things like the lower placed door handles, different rims and rear bumper bits. It’s almost like a European vs American type of argument. Mine being the European. Somewhat Audiesque feel to it (ironic as I don’t like Audis that much). Front ends are completely different. Feel free to fight me :joy::joy:



So. What are your thoughts on Ökul’s booth at Detroit?
Liked the cars? Disliked? I’d like some feedback how I could up my design game.