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Old Cars in Full Drag - Conke-PMI Drag Meet [COMPLETED]


There’s a lot of power and efficiency difference there for not a lot of price difference though, or am I wrong?

In essence I’m looking for an engine block change in any car -1970 you want.


That’d limit our engine possibilities. Specially when people want to swap in Japanese or European engines or want to keep their original blocks.


Feel free to convince me via pm or in this thread of the lack of unfair advantage.

That said, the idea is a bit the US LS-engine swap scene. Japanese design, US OHV-engine.


The PU/ET limit should be an equalizer. It is cheaper to add quality to OHV than it is to DAOHC, OHC or DOHC. Not only that, accurate American v8s will probably have like +5 to +7 quality at that point or more if you want to simulate racing cams.


So, I did a quick test.

DOHC 5V vs OHV, same PU, still within ET and Money limits, over 100HP more.

Sorry, in the interest of competition, I’ll stick to OHV only for this run.


One more question: Beam allows you to change tyre pressure. After some testing this allows short ratios while taking wheelspin out of the equation for maximum acceleration. Could we ask you to set the tyre pressure for our entries to certain levels before the 1/4 mile pass?


I like the idea and I wanted this initially, but I’m struggling with how to make this fair to people who don’t have Beam and cannot fine tune their tire pressure…


We could share tunes. As a rule of thumb running 14psi (0,96 bar) at the driven wheels and max pressure at the non driven wheels is a huge boost to grip already.


That is acceptable.

I plan to open this up for submission probably the weekend of the 22nd, when I plan to be (almost) finished with Stage 2 of the Corso (I will need some driving variation at that point anyway).


I’m finding 16-18psi to work best for me in a 2700 lb car. currently, anyway.


Ruleset updated, competition explained, and open for submissions.

(Not all at the same time now…)


OK IM GETTING IN ON THIS brace for entrys in 5 minutes




Cobra R1 - Drag version - 0-100 km/h @ 4.3s

Cobra S1 - Production version


Do I sound stupid saying this?
I can’t find OHV. Which one is it?


Thanks, I should clarify that. It’s the Push Rod.


Is this Engine and Trim Each, Just Engine, Just Trim, or combined?


For the drag trim, car total (the PU/ET you see on the summary tab at the end).


Do you mean modern ohv?


Either I’ve missunderstood what you mean/want, or you’re wanting a bunch of Sofa drag cars.

The only way I was able to reach the PU/ET limits was by putting every quality slider to -15, picking the most basic of everything, AND gimping the performance of the engine. Even at that point, I’m just barely under at the ET limit.

So, I’m not sure what’s going on here, but it’s something fucky.