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Old Cars in Full Drag - Conke-PMI Drag Meet [COMPLETED]


Ok if that the case it looks like i have to scrap my current build and start over again due to how i built the cars in reverse order


2015 “Night Terror”

1969 Bogliq Coyote 540 Super Street

Matte Grey enhances the Coyote’s latent aggression.

This daily driven Bogliq Coyote is a regular sight on the Outlaw Racing circuit. Runs a ASCAR 5.9L V8 with twin 4 barrel racing carbs and full Leeroy Racing ASCAR exhaust system. The owner still runs it on regular 91RON unleaded and, yes, the car runs a Cat and road legal muffler…

This Coyote has been re-badged as 590 Night Terror (540 Super Street is stock).

The driver won’t give me his name but he’s here to win so he can save his high school from being shut down by the penny pinchers running his State’s Education Board…

Good luck with that!

Reference pic of a '69 Bogliq Coyote 540 Super Street…


Our High School hero has received help from the legendary local tuner, Fast Freddie, who has extensively re-tuned Night Terror for E85 Ethanol fuel and has installed one of his legendary, restriction free, “Libertarian” brand exhaust systems!!!

Seems the old High School is rather important to the old man…

Here’s hoping Night Terror takes home the silverware!!!


Sneak peek of the WIP mad max inspired Centauri Marauder drag car.


Bogliq Coyote vs. Ardent Marathon. A match made in hell? :wink:


I missed a golden opportunity to make some awesome lore. I should have asked you for an Ardent engine to make the lore you wrote about in Cult of Personality come true!

Oh well, maybe next time… :thinking:


Awww, it’s happy to see me!

(Note: not one of the timed runs.)


Well at least I know it can lift the front wheels lol! maybe I should have test run the suspension a few more times in beam…


Who’s got two thumbs and an unconventional drag car that has been spotted down at the competition strip?

This guy! :+1::+1:


So, considering I’m currently a bit tangled up in late-night Brussels meetings - yeah, I’m one of those people - and due to the fact that I’d need at least one submission more to make this some kind of competition, the deadline has been postponed to:

Saturday 13th October, 12pm (CEST).


After some seach, I came across a great survivor Bridgell Horizon Coupe in Baby Blue


It were modified… a little. Will probably lose the competition since I suck at performance tuning, but it’s probably one of the best looking competitors.


That variant looks like it deserves to be in a line-up of Hot Wheels scale models regardless of how fast it actually is… Then again, so does the standard version on which the tuned car is based. It’s how a 50s large American coupe ought to look like, pure and simple.


Thank you! The modified version was actually based on a Hot Wheels, this one:


1.6 Million. I laugh at you. I had mine at 4.3M

EDIT: i know there less than 24 hours left, but what’s the ruling on manual vs sequential, and octane?


If you do edits, you really should give me a shout. I saw your original post, and the edit of course I never saw.

No rules on that front anyway.

The submissions are closed. I’ve only got 8 or 9 (stm’s still needs to be homologated) entries. So competition will be short. If 9, the slowest car will be dropped immediately. Then we progress to quarter finals with random draw.


Aaaand, literally, 10 minutes after I send my entry, I build a car that’s… quicker


As the official results are on beam, can we share automation times as bragging and comparison before results? or do we want to go in blind?


Yes, yes, you can.


Preliminaries and Quarter Final Draw

It’s a sunny afternoon on the Conke quarter-mile drag strip, a piece of defunct highway next to a test track leased by PMI close to the HQ in Albany, NY.

The first runs are taking place, and though officially only a preliminary test session, there is nervousness in the air. There are only 8 places in the competition proper, for 9 cars. So the slowest car this afternoon will have to watch from the sidelines.

The smell of high octane gasoline and burning rubber creates the atmosphere, and the fantastic classic cars give the whole event a certain added charm. The slowest car today might be out of competition, but the car will still be displayed in the visitors and spectators area.

Elimination and quarter final draw:


Despite a good start, the Bridgell Horizon Drag simply has too little power combined with too much weight to rival the other cars. It is the heaviest of the cars here - although the Centauri Marauder Mad Drag comes very close - yet the second least powerful.

Still, heavy and large car gets up to speed and crosses the finish with conviction. The 0:13,070 time of its second and best run of the three is sadly not enough to compete. @Marcus_gt500 is sadly out.

Quarter Finals are:

1. Centauri Marauder Mad Drag vs Epoch M40 Atlas 2300 DRAG
2. Ardent Marathon Drag Spec vs Lagerfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) Emerald Draggin
3. Meijer Tokyo 57 SportC vs G&W Seax 1969 - 2015
4. BL Teuton Gremlen 2 vs Bogliq Coyote 590 Night Terror

Good luck!


Well the Mad Drag might be pretty hefty on the scales, but it’ll outrun a hellcat or a redeye in the quarter. @machalel I’ll be seeing you at the lights.


yay, not dead slowest! Lol