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Old FG Thread


This is the old thread for FG. It is now outdated

Mondial Paris Motor Show 2018 (Mondial de l'Automobile Paris)
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TreadKillers Tuning House

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So what on earth is under the hood of the TFR? I’m guessing a V8 of some sort - probably twin-turbo. As for that stretch limo, I suspect you made that screenshot of it through clever photo editing.


1996 Lore Post

Taken from Bloomberg

FG GmbH buys Gresham Limited

FG GmbH recently purchased Gresham Limited for an estimated 604 Million USD. Gresham is a high end luxury brand, targeted for the richest of the rich, and it was previously self owned, but since sales are decreasing, they were sold to FG GmbH. FG currentley owns FaerGruber, FG Seydel, SFG, and Faehrmann Motorwerk.

1999 Lore Post

Taken from CNBC

FG GmbH announces Gresham Plan

3 years after FG bought Gresham not much has changed, but FG just announced that they will begin major changes in 2002. In 2002, all Gresham models will use engine provided by FG, and, taken from a spokesperson for FG; “Gresham Limited will produce even more special vehicles than they already do,”. We suspect this means that Gresham will have more limited production vehicles than they already do, and we have received information that the prices will not change by a considerable margin. We also hope that this means that the “We make the cars for you, we know what you want” gimmick will change to a more personalized experience than it is currently, even if only slightly.


@asami is that a lawnmower?


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The names still seem slightly too long, but it’s definitely better than before


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Well if you have “FX” as the model and “343d” being the trim name, I don’t think that’s too long. This is essentially what BMW does - for example with the F30 being the current model, and 320i being the trim name.

Unfortunately, unlike BMW, you wont be able to call the cars by their trim name, as it won’t be clear which one you are referring to.


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Why do u have those rims on it. Looks little outdated on the cars


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OLED? Prepare to burn the screen (and your bank account)


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TreadKillers Tuning House

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Better watch out for them glass gearboxes (I work at an IVECO garage).