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Olympus Motor Group


I’ve been having some issues with Automation lately. In particular, all my cars are gone, and my files keep getting moved around. Anyway, COVID19 has given me some free time to do some things; unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), I was unable to get this done in time for CSR 121. It presented some interesting challenges, such as the 3.0 liter I-6 not actually fitting in this body. Eventually I figured it out, by basically spamming the quality sliders. The end result doesn’t reach peak horsepower in the power band (The real life inspiration does so at 7,000 RPM according to wikipedia, with a redline at 7,200), and even with +15 quality, the only way I can keep the pistons and conrods from blowing up, is by making them forged. My entry, had I finished in time, would’ve been a bit longer, with a 2.8 liter I-6, and a more pedestrian 205 HP.
Giusseppe_-_G3.car (35.4 KB)