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OMC Automotive- 1970-Present [UE4]


OMC Automotive came to life in the early 1970s when the owner (Donnie) realised there were no cars on the market to suit his need that were British. The OMC brand started making cars that were fun, yet affordable. The company has grown into what it is today, a multi-million pound business. Sadly, in 1995, OMC’s founder, Donnie Ortani, sadly passed away. He left the company in the capable hands of his niece, Dave Ortani.

OMC Vendetta mk1

The first model of Vendetta was bought out in 1958 after the need for a panel van became greater and greater. It features a 2.0l n/a caruretta I4 engine. Top speed: 148km/h


OMC Tango-

The OMC Tango, featuring a 2.0l n/a I4 engine, is the perfect small sports car for the masses. It has a 4 speed manual gearbox on all the models (BX model shown here). This car was the first car built by OMC motors. In fact, OMC were a supplier of aluminium during the Second World War. The Tango has been in production since then and the latest model was released in 2016.

Dave Ortani, CEO & Company Executive of OMC Automotive


New Vendetta out now!


1987 OMC T-P.
More info to come shortly.