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Once More (Unto the Breach) [FINAL RESULTS]


Fuck. I forgot that.
Thanks, m8.
Also to @Ryan93: You can try uploading it later if you want.


Team Maroon Marauders

Crew members

Gary Bowman - 42-year-old mechanic from Los Angeles who knows a lot about anything with wheels and an engine, and how to fix them. Is especially skilled in restoring Youngtimer cars - his favorite era of motoring by far.

Denny Travers - 25-year-old semi-pro racer originally from Greenville, South Carolina on the verge of being signed to a long-term contract in the Pirelli World Challenge. He will serve as the team’s lead driver.

Hayley Mason - 28-year-old journalist from the Midwest, now based on the West Coast to follow Mr. Travers’ career as a sports car racer. An avid enthusiast, she will act as navigator for this rally.

Wanda Sanders - Gary’s wife, now 37, and very supportive of his hobby. Her daughter is not old enough to drive yet, but will be following this rally with interest.

The car

The Maroon Marauders will be taking a 1992 GEC GC4 3.0 along with them. It was used first as a company car, and then as a motorway hack, covering hundreds of thousands of miles in the process. Known for its soothing blend of economy, comfort and reliability when new, it nevertheless has some issues; some of the in-dash electronics have stopped working (to the point that an aftermarket stereo has been fitted), and the steering seems a tad vague. At least the ABS and traction control are still working, albeit inconsistently. Nevertheless, the team considers this to be great value for just under $500.



Somewhere in the American midwest, early night. A small barn-looking building only communicated with the world by a small dirt trail is lit softly by the otherwise harsh, but subdued moonlight. Inside, two people, barely recognizable due to the harsh contrast the lack of illumination other than some small lamps pointed towards the bonnet of a Radster 1.6 provided, worked on it.

The car…shall we say, was a bit special.


Not really, there’s no way in hell you’d be getting the car that ran in touring cars in the late 80s and early 90s for $50000, let alone $500. But hey, you can always slap a Group A-like bodykit on your $500 shitspec Radster 1.6, stroke and bore the engine a lil’ bit for that low end power and remove the rear seats and call it a day. Almost the same thing! Sure, it needed some repairs and it was dusty and had rat poop inside, but you can only be so picky when it comes to buying a second hand car for $500. And having been banged by some hormone loaded teenager who just got their license didn’t help the clutch for sure.

The two people closed the bonnet once they were done working on it. As they got on the car, and exited the barn, the moonlight revealed their…helmet designs, covering their faces to prevent anyone from knowing who they are.


Coyote Jim: a controversial driver, known worldwide for starting their career as an ASCAR driver before disappearing for a couple of years before popping back out as, presumably, another person in rally events worldwide. People theorize that Coyote Jim is in fact faking their identity, and car forums worldwide have their share of conspiracy types claiming they know who they really are. Oh, but do they actually know?

(@Elizipeazie you know what to do)

Clutch Kick: because “Sidekick” doesn’t sound car related enough. Unlike previous instances, Coyote Jim seems to be in good company this time. Who Clutch Kick is and why they are racing alongside Coyote Jim also remains a mistery. All we know, is they have an interest in taking part in this race and, particularly, a good result in it.

So they have a cassette player, some cassettes, and a long trip ahead of them…

Team Coyote Jim wishes everyone good luck and good racing!


I am pretty sure Zack will die for this plastic monster. Well done :thinking:



Part 0 : Never Buy a Car in the Dark

three knackered old cars came into view as the thrum of the hire car died down as two people stood in the headlight beams.

Connor : ‘‘so which one of these is the car you have been talking about. It better not be that old Nohda …’’

Mandy : ‘‘it’s that one, you see it, the red one’’

Mandy pointed at the open box trailer

Connor squinted in the direction and began to walk across the dirt

''900 dollars he wants for it I’ll see if I can wrangle him down abit…"

as the words left her mouth the house door opened and a round, short and bearded man waddled out to greet the two


Egura Aviso RS1600

After such a rough life ( see below ) the Aviso was showing some strain; it had not been a running project, the term “non-starter” springs to mind, the smashed window had not been fixed, rust bubbles were sprouting from everywhere, the stickers were horrendously vulgar, as was the disgustingly dirty p*rn magazine found taped under the driver’s seat and that bit of bird poop on the drivers side was irremovable.The side exit exhaust was also incredibly loud and got incredibly hot. Thankfully it was reasonably easy to get running considering it cost $495, the spares as it turned out to be almost entirely not for the car they were needed for.

A Longish History

Originally Radish Red, this MK2 Aviso 1600RS was previously owned and rallied by Ray Sharpley in the 1980’s and 1990’s to minor success with a highly tuned 1.6 litre 16 valve boxer engine, damage to body work and blown engine in 1996 left it sitting in the drivers garage for 7 years after he fell ill. it was then bought by Dave Caldwell and his son Paul in Aug 2003 as a project with only a roll cage, rally prepped suspension and brakes, it had no interior and no engine and was bought for $1500.

October 2003: Minor rust repairs were undertaken, the damaged Minilite wheels were removed and the car was left on axle stands over winter until March 2004.

Jan 2004: Dents repaired with bodyfiller, right hand door and boot lid removed, front seats fitted from a 1995 Aviso.

March 2004: Temporary steel wheels fitted.

August 2004: Moved out of container and placed under tarpaulin on wet dirt driveway to make space for part storage, the door pillars and window frames began showing signs of rust appearing and chassis holes started to become more severe.

December 2004: Existing and appearing holes in the metalwork repaired with plate metal and fibreglass.

February 2005: Rattle canned flat red on right side where paint had started to perish, bumpers spray painted matte black, bonnet was left in its original matte black, the righthand fender was sticker bombed. The boot lid, righthand door, dashboard and fuel tank replaced using scrap parts from a white 1975 1200GR model. Reappearing rust holes patched over.

July 2005: Brake shoes and pads refurbished. BBS wheels fitted from a 1985 Schrafen and sprayed matte black. 5 speed gearbox and turbocharged 2.0 litre boxer four swapped straight from a scrap 1990 Egura Salvo Turbo. 3-inch straight pipe dual side exit exhaust with ‘off-road Y pipe’ fitted inside a gaping rust hole underneath the driver’s door. Bonnet scoop attached after rust was cut out.

August 2005: Car now road legal and used regularly for high school commutes, serviced frequently.
September 2005: Car lowered, and new old stock dampers fitted, brand new aftermarket stereo installed, louvres fitted, and old seats replaced with those from a 2004 Aviso.

February 2007: Was road tuned by Pauls friend to supposedly develop ‘220 hp’ at 12psi of boost.

July 2007: Car vandalised at night (window smashed and drivers’ side keyed).

August 2007: Car put back in container after Paul moved away to college. Started and driven very infrequently, container used by Paul’s younger brother Jason and his friends as a hotbox: floor mats partially burnt and seats collapsing.

August 2019: Advertised as ‘runing project, needing a tune up, 2.0 TURBO C20 Aviso RS1600!’ on craigslist for $900 plus spares.

The Team Members

Mandy Carter - 24 years old : now home after what felt like a never ending Meatball Run she and Connor are now embarking on another high paced road trip. She now helps with the business side of Jackdaw tuning Info 1, Info 2, Info 3 . She has advanced in the rallycross world now driving a Works Super 1600 Ceder Friala RX

Connor Johnson - 23 years old : long time childhood friends with Mandy with no romantic feelings no matter how much both parties parents insist there existing. He leads a less octane filled life than Mandy now working as a substitute English teacher with a penchant for driving playlists filled with Mandys least favourite picks from current music.

…now they’ve got a car, a few playlists, a desire to win and a boot full of spares, let’s go !..

ooc: I’m open to rp before and during the race just contact me on Discord if you’re interested

The 2020 Trafikjournalen 24h clunker run (Part 5: 10PM-2AM)

Team Letto is Returning!
Main Driver:Lord Letto, 30, Some Mechanical Knowledge (4 Automotive Service Tech Classes in High School, Passed all of them), Gamer & Otaku
Navigator/Co-Driver: Coconut Letto, 29, Lords Best Friend, Also a Gamer & Otaku

The Car: TBD/WIP (I have a few IRL cars from my local classifieds in mind, but I suck at making replicas, so if anyone good at replicating IRL cars in automation is willing to help then please let me know & I’ll let you know what I’m thinking, at the moment I’m thinking 2005 Chrysler Sebring Touring Sedan though other possibilities are a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, 2004 Oldsmobile Alero, 2003 Hyundai Accent or a 1998 BMW 528i, a couple other possible options also), once I have something I’ll edit this post with what I have.
Edit: Link to thread I made for possible options & sharing: Wanted: Replica car to use in a challenge


Team Escargots de course

Team members

Celestine Dechamps, the main driver and person with the idea to enter the once more car tour. She is a 19yr old university student studying automotive design at the universite de Bordeaux. She will be entering the race during a year off from studying

Camille Boyette, the sister of one of Celestine’s friends. She is 31yrs old and has recently ended a long term relationship, she has decided to take part to finally see some of the world as she has never travelled outside of France before because it was always too expensive.

The car

a 1983 Courageux Vingt, however not just any model. It is the extremely rare Italian only 4x4 variant which only sold 500 models. However because of the low production run and sale in only one country spare parts are very hard to source which has made values plummet in recent years. Combined with the fiddly hydro-pneumatic suspension and with this being the “executive” model with fancy electric components it is not a car that is sensible to buy without a good history and constant servicing.

this car of course has neither of these things, however for €450 this was pretty much their budget. The suspension seemed frighteningly low and for some reason the bonnet was matt black with electrical tape stripes on it. The body was rust treated from the factory so at least they didn’t have to worry about rot in the body

some brochure shots from when the car was new


RK Series Racing; Prologue II

The team has managed to fix the most critical issues with the car.
The only major problem known to them remains to be the temperamental reverse gear and some of the other minor issues.
And after about 40 minutes of real-life tetris with camping gear, luggage and spare parts, the three set off to travel to the start line.
It did not take long for them to realize that said start line will be two thirds across America…

Halfway to their destination, with Redwood behind the wheel, Tonsom recieves a text message on the Nokia 3310 he still has for whatever reason.


Message from GCPD (Generic County Police Department)
*We have recieved reports that a wanted Criminal “Coyote Jim” is participating in the Once More run.
We would like you to investigate this and try to detain “Coyote Jim”.

P.S: I know you’re technically on vacation and such, but you do have Connor there and actual vacation wasn’t your thing anyway. Still. Try and have some fun along the way."*


Tonsom: “Oh god oh FUCK!!!”
Connor: “May i ask what is bothering you?”
Tonsom: [reluctant] "Grrr… remember how i’ve been sent on vacation to grind down whatever amout i’ve collected?*
Connor: “Yes. You still have two months, one week, three days,
43 minutes and 56 seconds² of vacation left.”
Tonsom: “Stop whatever time you’ve set there. Vacation apparently is over.” [hands Connor his phone]

Redwood: “At least you’ll get paid for this adventure now.”
Tonsom: “Whatever salary i’d get for this is spent funding this trip!”
Connor: “Your mo…”
Tonsom: [semi-harsh punsh to Connor’s right arm] “Stop it already.”
Connor: “Sorry, Captain.”

A rather silent phase of thinking and planning ensues, while nobody has noticed that the car was stopped at some gas station for fuel.
While redwood is refueling for what he feels like is the first time in… ever, Tonsom has hatched a plan.

Tonsom: “I Have an idea…”

Tonsom rolls down the one working window roller and proceeds:

Tonsom: “Okay… In order to catch this Coyote Jim guy, we need
to cover as much distance as possible before setting up camp.”
Redwood: “So?”
Connor: [mildly confused face]
Tonsom: “In order to do this we’ll have to change drivers regularly.”
Redwood: “The car’s still a manual…”
Tonsom: “There’s the catch… I gotta learn it… somehow…”
Connor: “I could giv…”
Tonsom: [loudly blaring] “NO WAY ARE YOU GONNA TEACH
ME! You’ll just word it in a way that i won’t understand jackshit…”
Redwood: “To be honest… he’s right… and i cannot teach anyone
Tonsom: “Fuck…”

a moment of “silence”

Redwood: “Wait a minute… i’ll be right back!”

Redwood walks off to pay for the fuel, and then proceeds to walk over to the first semi he finds.

He lightly knocks onto the driver’s door.

Redwood: “Hello? Anybody there?”

Shuffling and groaning can be heard from inside the cab as the occupnats move about.
The curtain covering the window of the door Redwood is knocking on slides back and the window slides down.
A groggy 34 year old brunette pops her head out teh window, squinting her eyes. It was clear she had just been woken up.

Schneider (“Liz”): [annoyed] “What do you want? We’re trying to sleep here.”

The woman wipes her eyes to try and wake herself up some more.

Redwood: [be like: “oh fuck…”] “Oh sorry for waking you up…
Still… Good morning. My name’s Tim… and we have a bit of a
problem regarding a team member of ours.”
Schneider: [sighs, still annoyed at being woken up] “Make it quick.
We’re trying to get some shut-eye here.”
Redwood: “So. We are a team of three… in a manual
transmission car… and one of us wants to learn to [singing] row
row row the gears, up and down the speeds


Schneider: [rolls her eyes at the terrible joke] “Well, if he wants to
learn, I have the right person for him.”

The woman retracts her head back in through the open window, which slides back up.
The cab then starts rocking back and forth on its suspension, implying that she was violently shaking awake her partner, also implying she was a much heavier sleeper.

Tonsom: [shouting across half the gas station] “Stop bothering
people doing their jobs!”
Redwood: [shouting back] “It’s Sunday, they aren’t working!”

A few seconds later, the window slides back down, and a much younger face pops out, looking to be belonging to a 24 year old and featuring anumber of piercings, a couple of tattoos and a head of brightly coloured hair. She was also quite a lot more beautiful than her older partner.

Cooper (“Bex”): [smiling and chipper] “Sup, mate? Heard you
have a guy in need of a few manual transmission lessons.”
Redwood: [obviously startled by the appearance of the second
woman] “Err… yes?”
Cooper: [holds up and index finger] “I’ll be out in one sec.”

Her head slides back into the cab and the window rolls back up.
A minute or two of shuffling around insid ethe cab and the door opens, the young punk stepping down out of the cab.
She jumps down from the last step, her boots landing flat on the ground, then turning to face Redwood.

Cooper: “All set! Take me to your leader!”

The older woman then sticks her head out of the open door.

Schneider: “Be careful, Bex!”
Cooper: [sassy smirk] “What’s the worst that can happen?”

The older woman facepalms before sliding her head back into the cab and shutting the door behind her.
Redwood walks her over to the team in question.

Tonsom: [leaning out of the rear left window] “Who the fuck are
you if i may ask??”
Connor: [briefly focuses on Cooper, as if he’s scanning her, the
LED on his right temple is briefly flashing yellow] “Rebekah “Bex” Cooper. 24 years old. No known criminal record.”
Tonsom: “Huh…”
Cooper: [a bit taken aback by Conner’s response, but smirks]
“Maybe because I’m British and you probably don’t have access
to my criminal record. I’ll have you know I’m quite the speedster.”

She winks at Connor before turning to Redwood.

Cooper: [folding her arms] “So, who’s the disphit I’m teaching who’s too dumb enough to never have learned
to drive a manual?”

Tonsom steps out of the rear-left seat.

Tonsom: “Err… hi? Frank Tonsom. Nice to meet you, i guess…” [offers her a handshake]
Cooper: [reluctantly takes his hand and shakes it] “Nice to meet you, Frank.” [gestures to Connor] “Your
buddy already introduced myself for you, so no need to go over that again.”

She chuckled, quite curious as to how Connor was bale to instantly know her name.

Cooper: “So you never driven a manual, huh?”
Redwood: [to Cooper] “Have you ever seen a 'Murican driving a manual?”
Tonsom: [annoyed; in response to Cooper’s question] “Nope…”
Cooper: [shrugs, to Redwood] “Never stepped foot in this country before this, so can’t comment about that.”
[to Tonsom] “You’re missing out, buddy! Let’s head to an abandoned parking lot so I can teach you.”
Redwood: [chuckles] “Well manuals have like THREE percent marketshare here…”
Tonsom: “Okay. But first off… since you are a brit, you count as a tourist. And if you get in trouble with law
enforcment… [rummages in his pockes for 20 seconds, then shows Police Captain’s badge] you’re in for a
bad time…”
Connor: [from inside the car] “Do you always have to intimidate civilians with your rank in the police
Tonsom: [angry; to Connor]“FUCK YOU! I know what i’m doing!”
[vaguely calm; to Cooper] “Let’s get this over with…”

Cooper rolled her eyes. Policeman flashing his rank to try and persuade her not to do things wasn’t going to phase her. Her attitude wasn’t going to change.

Cooper: [gestures to Connor] “I’m with him on that. Stop flashing your rank about to try and get your way
with civs.”
[to Redwood] “I’ll help him, but I’m driving us there.”
Redwood: “Err… if you want…”

Redwood takes place in the passenger seat and hack get back in onto the rear bench next to Connor.
He hands the bundle of FOUR keys over to Cooper.
Cooper walks around the car first to inspect it, checking tyres were in good condition and no visisble damage to brakes, springs or dampers.
Once her inspection is done, she takes hold of the bundle of keys.

Cooper: [dumbfounded] “Erm… why does this car need four keys?”
Cooper: [shocked] “And you sure these tyres are legal? Looks like they’re almost down to their cords!”

Redwood: “As for the keys… the locks are kinda fucked and taken fron like three seperate cars as far as i
There’s the driver door, passenger door, ignition key, and trunk. [showing the individual keys in the process]
The tyres were like that when we bought it… Hope they last.”
Connor: “Ms. Cooper is right. We should replace them. Preferably with new one having run-flat capabilities.”
Tonsom: [smug] “Guess you two have got some work to do.”
Cooper: [gesture’s to Connor] “He’s right. You don’t wanna be pulled for tyres down to their cords, or have
one burst uexpectedly. Get them replaced ASAP!”

She slides into the dirver’s seat amd takes the ignition key and places it in the ignition.
Turning the key, the Dione roars to life.

Cooper: [turns in her seat to face Connor] “And I never quite caught your name, mate. You have some very
sound automotive advice, though, which I very much dig.”
Connor: [calm as ever] “My name is Connor.”
Cooper: [confused] “No last name?”
Connor: [confused; his LED changing to yellow] “No last name…”
Cooper: [still confused] “Why not?”
Tonsom: [not wanting to spill the drink to Redwood] “Reasons…”

Cooper shrugged, hoping Tonsom could tell her when it was just the two of them together.

Cooper: “Alrigth, then. Let’s head for the Blockbuster.”

Sliding the gearstick into first, Cooper finds the clutch biting point of the Dione and slowly pulls away, not hearing a faint turbo whistle that should be prevelant on this car.

Cooper: “Hey. Ins’t this Dione supposed to be a turbo?”
Redwood: “It is. But low pressure and double muffler does not make for that satisfying BRAAAAAAP
Cooper: “Well, at least you can hear and feel the whopping great big turbo strapped to my Hiway-Trekker.”

She chuckles as she pulls out of the fuel station, turning onto an American highway.
Cooper plants her right foot to the carpet, and pulls out onto the open road, sliding through the gears to catch up to the flow of the traffic.

Redwood: [trying to get some friendly chit-chat going] “Soo… since you and your… companion(?) are from
across the sea. What exactly are you doing here with a semi?”
Cooper: [enlightens Redwood] “Well we’re here for a little rally across the country. $500 was the stipulated
buying price for the car. I was able to buy that 2005 Voltan-Heavy-Industries Hiway-Trekker 445L from my
employer for a little under that price in my country’s currency. They just wanted it gone, so would take pretty
much anything for it, since it had been sitting there for 10 years.”
Redwood: [in a good mood] “What a coincidence! Same here! I bought this Dione after the Mimas i had
previously had to be left in Bolivia. And why not put the purchase to the test, right?”
Cooper: [grinning] “Of course! Heard about some guy doing a cross-America trip called the 3406 or
something. Think his name was Dan Trojan who did it in 28 hours. Figured I’d see what a fuck off lorry
would do in something similar.”
Redwood: “Erm… at least either group has a motivation for racing, right?” [smiles]
Cooper: “That’s very much true.”

The Anhultz Dione rolled off down the highway towards the sight of the manual driving instruction.

to be continued in the next RP post of @TheTechnoVampire

writer’s note:

  1. this post has partially been made by live-RP-ing this via Discord DM’s. The continuation of this will be posted by TheTechnoVampire
  2. i may or may not add additional pictures to this. i am currently limited to mobile data due to a broken router. the one pic is already existant on this thread
  3. @Radster i am aware now. Your turn.


Errmmm… might be too late to ask this but how should I dictate the price of the car? Do I just say that I bought this car for $500 or I need to send it to you first?


Just post the price of the car you bought on your entry on your post. No need to tell him directly.


Oh OK. Thanks.


Ah, ok… it;'s not required to have those… up to you if you have it as far as decorations. Adds flavor, right?

and @Jaimz … lol… mopey got a hipster beard?


Don’t all the kids have them these days? After all he is a couple of years older than the first run (and the aborted Kingcab challenge). Just wanted to spice things up a bit. :rofl:



(actual pic of the hotel)

7:30 AM, New York City, NY
Naomi is still sleeping, with only her underwear on, in a bed at Ritz-Carlton, located at Central Park. Probably because Vince have bought a room for the hotel. She was probably dreaming about she got married with Vince, but then, a random voice woke her up. Luckily, It’s just a sound similar to a toaster popping up bread.
But not long after she saw a man walking towards her. It’s Nathan. He just prepared breakfast for her.

NATHAN: Hey, you. You’re finally awake. You were trying to sleep soundly right? I walked right to you, just to make sure you, and Vincent over there, are all safe and sound.

NAOMI: Damn. I was still asleep until I heard that ping from that toaster. Making breakfast, right?

NATHAN: No. We’re not making breakfast, girl. Vince is waiting for us in the lobby for breakfast. Come on, let’s go.

NAOMI: By the way, I really hate random people seeing me with only just my bra and panties on. Keep away from me until I’m dressed properly.

NATHAN: You’re right, girl, I’m leaving. leaves the room

Naomi then promply closed the door of her room, dressed properly and went to the dining table on the restaurant, where Vincent and Nathan is talking about the race while they are eating.

8:00 AM

NEWS ON TV: Todd Howard has officially become the next CEO of Bethesda. In other news, reports about tiger aliens have arrived on Washington State has been spread to…

VINCENT: Hey, who’s coming.

NATHAN: Girl, your boyfriend’s waiting, come quickly, we’re waiting for you.

Naomi then proceeded to sat on a chair.

NATHAN: So, Vince, where’s the car right now?

VINCENT: Well, I have already parked the car on a garage located somewhere in Buffalo. Just to keep idiots out for some reasons.

NAOMI: What do you have bought for the race, I presume?

Immediately, Vincent took out his all-new iPhone, and show her a picture of the car.

(same car as the actual entry, but unrestored and unmodified)

NATHAN: A Hessenburg F-wagon? Okay, I just replaced a similar one with an Ursula this week, you can’t be joking, really, these cars are fucking bulletproof.

VINCENT: I got this example for $480. It was originally sold for $650.

NATHAN: Wow. Can’t believe you did that. I haven’t seen anything like that for that price, especially in it’s condition.

NAOMI: It’s Vince, the financial genius. You can’t deny his talent Uncle Big Nate.

NATHAN: Yeah, I know his talent. But anyway, Vince, you said that it’s got like a F2000GTi engine in it?

VINCENT: Nah. That one got a 2.0. Description says that the engine is a 1.8 turbo with more power.

NATHAN: Ah, I see. But it’s got taxi-beating 300K miles, crappy suspension and worn interior seems to tell me something else…but I may try to fix it since I know how to deal with these things. Older Hessenburgs are really rock solid. I try to part out my car right now since the car was undriveable due to a broken engine.

VINCENT: Wait. You said you can do it right now?

NATHAN: I got the car on the trailer in the back of my new car. I have the tools. I got the experience, gained from my days in the Navy Seals.

NAOMI: Since we got all things prepared, can we go now?

NATHAN: Sure. I’ll start the car, you and Vince wait here for a while.

After the car started Vincent and his girlfriend left the hotel and entered the car. Nathan the drove his Ursula wagon, while carrying the couple and a tralier loaded with a Hessenburg F2000X.

10:40 AM
On the road…

NATHAN: I was used to be an great Navy Seal…until I took an bullet on my knee. I miss the good old days. And some of my friends.

VINCENT: Don’t worry, Uncle Big Nate, you will get over it. By the way I got a Nintendo Switch as well as an Xbox One X with a projector, controllers, power, and of course some games, Skyrim included. Might as well play some at rest, shall we?

NATHAN: Sure. It’s a long time since I actually played Skyrim.

After a 6-hour long journey they have arrived at Buffalo. With that said they then immediately find directions to the destination on Google Maps.


(Part 1/2)

Sidenote: I’m open for anyone who wants to RP with me. (I know about some RP-ing since I was an ex-owner of some BeamNG RP group and server before)
PM me on Discord for more info.


The D-Team

Late at night, somewhere in Down-town LA’s warehouses, a group of three are working tirelessly on an old box truck. It’s a 1982 Menderson, the biggest on their line at the time; and definitely not something that should be submitted into any form of race.
A man busy welding aluminum to the box to cover a rust hole stops his work and raises his welding mask.

Tom Christie - The eldest at 47, and self proclaimed team leader of The D-Team, he has more plans and grey hair than anyone else on the team. He’s the navigator and planner.

Beneath the engine bay of the box truck, a woman slides out on a creeper, covered head to toe in 37 years of truck gunk.

Geneva Celeste - at 20 years of age, she’s the youngest and newest member of the team, the replacement for the mechanic who so valiantly gave his life two years ago, She’s built like a truck and thinks like one too. her favorite shop tool is the hammer, making her the Team mechanic, and secondary driver.

and finally, in the drivers seat of the Menderson, messing with the long-crooked shifter and pretending to drive the truck sat a man with a childish grin.

Malik Jones - aged 45, and acts like he’s still 18. He’s been the driver since The D-Team started racing, and is the self proclaimed Team leader. He’s the driver.

The Truck

The 1982 Menderson FullBody was the vehicle of choice for swat teams, Smugglers… ehh… UPS, FeBex and Mobile Catering services around the US. and for good reason, it had sub-par brakes, A big block motor with garbage mileage, and a virtually unlimited potential in any job that required it to be a uhh… Box truck.

The D-Team is taking the Menderson on a wild ride across the country for one last job before the team finally calls it quits and retires.

The only mods made to the truck is a new exhaust with a cat delete, and an attempt to repaint the thing. they also made the critical decision to buy and use a can of carb cleaner on the carburetor, though half of the can was used as a flamethrower by Malik before Gen was able to tackle him.

Semantics aside, The Menderson FullBody is a force to be reckoned with in a chase, as it’s sturdy frame, powerful engine, and long gears make it nearly unstoppable.


Gen wiped her grease coated hands off on her equally oil-soaked coveralls as she stood up off the creeper, and looked into the cab of the truck to see Malik gleefully cranking the wheel and stuffing the truck in gears.
“Are you going to do anything useful, or are you to pre-occupied breaking things?”

Malik rolled his eyes and stood inside the spacious cab, then went through the door between the front seats into the cargo compartment of the truck to inspect the spare parts and their payload. And their comfort items. “Hey tom! You only packed Cigars and toilet paper! Are you sure you don’t want like… food or maybe some water?”

Tom, who just finished lighting a cigar with his welder, raised an eyebrow, seeming to think the question had an obvious answer. “We’ve got plenty money for the trip. I plan on stopping at a few Waffle Homes along the way.”

Malik poked his head out the open cargo window to look down in visible disbelief. “You… y… Stop at Waffle Homes? it’s a race tom! We can’t go around stopping to eat three times a day or we’ll get there in time to win the NEXT race…”

Gen stared at the two mid-life crisis disasters with disgust. “You guys haven’t watched RoadKill have you? Why not just order in bulk at the first one and bring a microwave?”

The two Geezers both looked over at the young mechanic, then back to eachother, shrugging, they both went back to their previous tasks as if nothing had happened, leaving Gen to shake her head and get back to wrenching on the engine, seriously concerned about the radiator’s health, as it’d clearly been through some hard times in the last 37 years.

“In 1992, a crack Street-Racing team was sent to prison by court for a crime they DID commit. These men and women promptly escaped from a minimum security prison to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as drivers of fortune. If you have a race, if no one else can drive for you, and if you can find them…maybe you can hire The D-Team.”

Heyo everyone, I’ll be on the Discord later today, @Aisha#1910 HMU if you want to talk/RP


The Thompson Family!

The members
Gregory Thompson - A casual 40 year old man who is looking to have some fun cuz his life is boring.
Rick ‘Tomahawk’ Thompson - A 32 year old mechanic and a brother of Gregory. Needs some fun as well.
Kate Thompson - 35 year old mother (wife of Gregory) who likes cars. She will be the car advisor for the trip.
Daniel Thompson - A 13 year old boy (Gregory and Kate as his parent) who is currently in his school holiday. He is apparently a hipster and loves collecting cassettes. Also a nerd, loves rubix cubes.

So 3 drivers…

_Calabasa, California
Kate: Hey babe. Since our son is having a holiday, why not we join the “Once More” crap-car tour?
Gregory: What is that?
Kate: Its going to be fun! Don’t worry, you just need $500 to choose any car.
Gregory: Why can’t we use our Hokuto MPV?
Kate: Greg, the challenge requires you to use a crap car, only for $500! Its stupid cheap for a car! Besides, its my chance to buy what I want, within the budget of course…
Gregory: Well, whatever. Take my $500 cash from the ATM and surprise me with the car.
Kate: Yes sir!
After some negotiations and test drive, it’s the next day…
Kate: Greg, I need you to close your eyes now and I’m going to count down from 3.
Gregory: Hmmm… ok.
Kate: 3… 2… 1… Open your eyes!

Gregory: Woah. This is nostalgia! I remember being in my dad’s. It was fun. Good times… How in the world did you find this for $490! The cheapest is like $3500.
Kate: You’ll see… Bought for craigslist sight unseen before. I also changed the old license plate to the new one and registered to the DMV. This should work! Completely road legal now!
Gregory: Can I check around the car?
Kate: Sure!
Opens the trunk, hood, and all 4 doors to inspect the car…
Gregory: Cough Cough! Its smells like cigar. Who the hell owned this? A drug cartel?! Jeez! Hmmm… Some rust. AC doesn’t work. Hey, the cassette player still works! Window still rolls down fine. Hmmm… Engine seems okay. Exhaust madifold is a bit rusted but managable. Let’s see the trunk. Spare tire is missing, oh. Wait, is that weed? That stuff look to be over a decade year old. Jeez. That’s disgusting.
Kate: So what do you think?
Gregory: Its ok. We should better clean this up! Oh, we should also probably call Rick to come here!
After some phone calls and cleaning later…
Rick: Hey brotha. It seems that you bought a new car.
Greg: Yeah. How bout you check the engine?
Rick: Alright then.
After some inspection…
Rick: Oil seems to be low and old, air filter is dirty, AC reservoir is completely empty, there are a tiny amount of exhaust leak, battery’s dead and thats it.
Greg: Thanks. Now we should buy some spare parts!
Kate: And then, we could bring Danny along for the ride!
Greg: Wait what! Oh hell nah man!
Kate: Don’t worry, be happy. I’ll buy the parts and install them on the car.
After buying and installing parts, and also putting spare parts inside…

Gregory: What the the did you do?!
Kate: What do you mean?
Gregory: I love its original form. I mean who put a ram bar, tow hitch and a roof rack on the trunk on a luxury car?
Kate: It’ll be fine. I put a ram bar cuz who knows, we might get into an accident. We have Danny with us too. So precautions have been taken. The tow hitch for a friend in need and the rack on the trunk to put 2 spare tires. Trust me honey, this car will burn rubber. Then, I filled up the rest of the trunk with necessities. Extra fluids, a spare radiator in case we crash, spare injectors, spare air filter, extra gas cans, you name it. The trunk is quite big. Bigger than my tiny Tanaka Osaka crossover. Oh, and boxes full of cassete player in the glovebox. Registrations also in there. Oh, also brought a CD player just in case y’all get bored with those cassette players and need modern pop-music. Beer on each door storage pocket. Please don’t drink and drive. We can buy coke later on. Card games for Danny and Rick to play with and most importantly, cash in our wallets. We might be staying at a hotel, so we brought 2 small luggages. Some people use wagons. There’s a madlad who use a truck. Oh, someone used a luxury vehicle just like us. But its more modern and its American too. I hope we can finish this tour in one piece and without an accident.
Greg: You sure about this.
Kate: Yep! Oh, aslo brought a spare battery. I put your laptop in the glovebox too.
Greg: Why?!
Kate: I thought you might need to work.
Greg: Aaahh ok.

Good luck to all the competitors and have fun!


SO just finished another massive batch of entries.
There are now 22 confirmed entries and 2 pending entries (including Aaron.W, who just sent his in 5 minutes ago).

That means I have ONE spot left!

Holy fast filling, Batman!


Wow, that’s really quicker than I expected.

But I have a small recommendation, I think you can make a list of all of the approved contestants, with all of the major details (team names, names of people) shown. That can help players to easily check what guys are they RP-ing without scrolling through the whole thread and prevent some issues.


I second this motion. time to break out Excel


Aaand there’s entry number 25. SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED!

Will be doing final checks over the next 24 hours, then it will be time to begin. Any prologue RP should be done right away. Day 1 of the competition will be considered as happening in Seattle on a Friday, with launch at noon EASTERN time (yes, I realize the launch point is in Pacific time, but it’s easier to track time blocks if they are static, and the teams can adjust their RP as they pass time zones)

Edit: We need team intros from: