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Once More (Unto the Breach) [FINAL RESULTS]


Team Harcourt-Entwhistle

Stage 4

Gran - So nobody saw you?

Spanners - No Mrs E.

Gran - Are you sure?

Spanners - Yes Mrs E.

Gran - Absolutel…

Spanners - YES MRS E! Nobody was around and I dumped it.

Gran - Jolly good. I’d hate to get into trouble for littering.

Mopey - Stop worrying Gran…it’s all good.

Gran - OK then we’ll carry on until 10pm and stop for the night. Have a bite to eat and get to bed.

Spanners - We’ll get up about 6. I’ll see if I can sort out the rear end abit while I eat breakfast and we can be on the road for 7.

Mopey - I can see lightning ahead of us.

Spanners - Yup, but we should stop before we hit it.


Team Rolling Star Update:

Zach: Just my luck, I’ve never driven anything like this and it starts pouring. It feels all skittish.

Marshall: Just take it easy and you’ll be fine.

Zach: I know, I’m just feeling uneasy from being up this high.

Marshall: Yeah, you are used to driving that little Toyota. But maybe we should take a short break to ease the old nerves.

Zach: I could really use that.

Marshall: Let’s grab a bite to eat. I’m feeling a bit starved anyway. I’m sure you are too.


The team finally gets to the steakhouse, and in celebration James whips the car around in a clean 90 degree drift into the side street before parking the limo in the lot.

James: Sorry we’re late. The storm slowed us down.
Nathan: He means to say he was having too much fun sliding across the road in the rain.
James and Charles chuckle.

They introduce themselves properly with names and hand shakes as the waitress took their drink orders.

Nathan: So, the big question… What do ya think is in the packages we got? I think it’s a pie.

(@VicVictory, back to you)


Important missing dialogue…

Team Harcourt-Entwhistle

Stage 4b

Car - Squeak, squeak, whine, squeak…


Team “Buy Skyrim”

Nothing major has happened, but since it’s pretty late and the guys are feeling tired they decided that they should stay in a home rented from Airbnb. Meanwhile Nathan is trying to fix the car’s wobbling suspension and SES light problem, but it was (temporarily fixed) after a while. Naomi and Vincent is having a romantic night together nearby. Todd Howard is not on scene.


Meanwhile at Team Gizzle

At some point in the afternoon, Team Gizzle manages to get the cylinder head off of their engine to get an overview on whatever they might discover below. Zack has calmed down and is fully focused on the work being done, whereas Jayson, as always, tries to be pack-leader.
Closing time is near for the repair shop they’re at and thus John, a muscular afroamerican mechanic is getting increasingly impatient and shows it.

John: Yo Mr. Handsome! Tell that Eminem-knockoff to shut the fuck up! I’ve got better things to do than watching you being unable to distinguish bolt types. I have a central-american girlfiend waiting at home.
Zack: Listen ub, big boy. I did not choose to tow this rat along and and the car being a shitbox isn’t my fault either. [points at Jayson] Do you really think i’d rather have oily fingers rather than having fun with the gas-station girl?
John: Wait… What? You mean Chloë? That little bitch is open for everyone… [smashes fist onto hood of unrelated car, then takes Zack by the collar] DON’T. TOUCH. HER.
Zack: [grinning; calm] No worries… i know it.
Jayson: Yo yo my favourite N-Word. Music’s connecing us, right? Le’ts battle for a bit yo yo.
John and Zack: [simoutaneously] SHUT UP!
Jayson: …
John: I see you have enough issues and worries already… [discreeting motioning to Jayson] But we should call it quits for now… I can show you a decent Motel. And maybe we can have a drink together. [patting Zack on the shoulder]

to be continued


RK Series Racing; Chapter V; close calls

With the team making good progress, and Redwood working well on his new job as a gearbox operator, the weather began to worsen. What started as a drizzle of rain soon changed into a full-on thunderstorm, quickly overwhelming the nearly-bald 175mm tyres of the Anhultz Dione. Limits were breached when evasive action had to be taken to avoid a slow-moving vehicle, sending the car into a spin.

Connor: “Weather conditions are worsening. And it will not get better in at least the next two hours.”
Tonsom: [already annoyed] “No shit sherlock…”

not even 20 seconds later

Tonsom + Redwood: “HOLY SHIIIIIII…”

The car swerves to the right to avoid a SLOW semi, sending the car sideways. The counter-steer was more potent than Connor anticipated, leading to the car spinning the other way yet still heading off the road onto the densely packed dirt supporting the road surface of the highway. Aftr a more or less graceful 360° spin, the car is slowed down significantly, but visually undamaged since they luckily did not collide with anyone or anything.

car rolls onto the hard sloulder, ever so slowly accelerating again to pre-accident speeds

Tonsom: “What. The. Fuck. HAPPENED?!?”
Connor: “I had to avoid a slow-moving vehicle. And Redwood: Third.”
Tonsom: [definitly angry] “Couldn’t y-”
Redwood: “Third.”
Tonsom: [trying to remain calm] “Couldn’t you have done so without spinning around like one of those fucking Beyblade things?”
Connor: “I’m sorry, but the rotation was unavoidable. Otherwise we would have rear-ended the aforementioned vehicle.”
Tonsom: “Ugh… At least we didn’t hit anything. Any damage to you or the car?”
Connor: “I have not recieved any additional damage. The car however has experience severe stress to suspension components and wheels during the off-road period of the rotation. Damage is possible, but comparatiely unlikely. I will watch the car’s handling and behavior to determine changes in suspension characteristics.”
Tonsom: “Whatever… At least nobody’s dead…”

Redwood sends a text message to @Mythrin’s team.

Tim Redwood's message

Hello there. Hope your car is holding up through the thunderstorm. We had minor issues due to bald tyres…
Wish Ya luck.
-Tim; RK Series Racing

@VicVictory If i want to temporarily change AF (in this case for the duration of the storm), does it count as two or one of our four available AF changes?

Also: Connor (current driver) is watching for unusual behavior in the car to have an idea on what (if anything) may be damaged or broken. -> info into DM pls


Team Wang Lao Ji - Fri 6-8P

The team stops at a ghost town in Idaho. They are all intrigued. Anderson takes a deep breath of the fresh air around them.

A: It’s an eerie town huh…
H (looking over a fence barricade): Shame we can’t explore it…
J: Good.

After a bit of wandering around and a few photos sent to WeChat, the team leave.

H: Where do you guys want to stop for dinner?
A: We have instant noodles in the back.
H: Right…

As Harry grabs the pack of instant noodles, he notices the box of condoms Jackie bought. While the two were in the front, he takes some tape and sticks it on the back of the spare tire, takes a single condom out and hangs it on the roof.


Maroon Marauders - Part 5

Mid-evening, Montana

As darkness fell, the Maroon Marauders continued to make steady progress eastwards, with no sign of any major issues, mechanical or otherwise, even as a thunderstorm raged above them. However, they remained as wary as they were before, knowing that any mistakes could well be punished severely. It was then that Denny asked Gary another question:

“I’ve picked up another rumor - this time two teams have just been eliminated, one for crashing out and another for a mechanical failure.”

Gary’s response was reassuring as it was blunt: “We haven’t had anything like that… yet. A few other teams, however, have had minor crashes; at this rate, they’ll eventually drop like flies, which means less opposition for us.”

Then Wanda piped in with a suggestion: “Why not take a rest stop in Bozeman, and refuel there as well? If we keep driving for too long, we might not be able to carry out our duties as effectively as we normally would.”

Gary accepted his wife’s offer. “Denny, we’ll make a rest stop tonight in Bozeman, as my wife suggested, but make sure to refuel before then.” Denny acknowledged the request in silence.



Part 2 : Texts and Thunder

Previous Part

the thundering and heavy raindrops had thinned now to a light pitter pattering on the glass, Mandy and Connor had heard news of multiple incidents and were thankful it wasn’t them


Connors phone buzzed in centre console flashing a text from ‘Tim: Team RK (Anhultz)’

Hello there. Hope your car is holding up through the thunderstorm. We had minor issues due to bald tyres…
Wish Ya luck.
-Tim; RK Series Racing

Mandy : “who’s that then?”

Connor : “the other team from the restaurant, the one with the Anhultz … remember” Connor picked up his phone wiping the screen on his trousers and then read the message "sounds like they had a bit of a moment in the storm, bald tyres or somethin’ "

Mandy : “oh right the Redwood guys, as long as they’re alright, seemed nice enough guys to me though leaving that one guy in the car was a bit odd, even I’m not that bloody paranoid”

Connor raised his eyebrows at Mandy and sent a quick reply to Team RK

Heya Tim
Car doing alright so far touch wood, gonna refuel a bit early I think Mandy said so, hope nothing major went wrong with the car on your end
Good luck from Connor and Mandy :+1:

Connor : “sent!”

Mandy : “I know you sent it you said every sodding word as you typed them”

“yeah yeah I know I don’t do that”

Mandy raised her eyebrows and snapped back into driving mode


Ooc: reserving a spot here so I don’t forget to write something when I visit the forum before sleep



Fatigue was starting to settle inside the Radster, with attention being harder and harder to pay to the road every passing second. Clutch Kick was once again behind the wheel.

CK: Right, we can’t keep this up. We need to go find somewhere to stay soon.

Coyote Jim nodded in agreement.

Coyote Jim: I reckon there’s gotta be something in a few miles. Let me just look up Google Maps…

Slowly getting more and more fatigued, the situation would get dangerous soon…will our heroes make it to somewhere safe to stay or will they succumb to tiredness?


Team Less Than Three

After their stop at the pizza place, the couple had a relatively smooth travel. Well, past the bit of debris that fell onto their hood and chipped their windshield… Which prompted a scream from Eileen and a quick pull over from Jeff.

“Fucking hell! What was that even?” Jeff exclaimed.

“Something just fell off that truck that was ahead of us…” Eileen answered.

“I’ll check if anything broke.” Jeff got out of the Kuma, muttering some swears before he got to the front. There was a dent on the fake carbon hood, revealing the distinctly not carbon metal underneath. And a chip on the windshield, but not even a crack.

“How is it?” Eileen asked, poking her head out of the window.

“Its fine, we can keep moving.”

“Alright, want me to take the wheel for a bit babe?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

Switching seats, the next stretch was a quiet time, though the K-pop that Eileen insisted on listening to was not exactly to Jeff’s tastes. He eventually tuned it out, though noticed the increasing amount of clouds. Knowing the Kuma’s power to weight that didn’t exactly make it easy to drive in the wet. However, just as the rain started to come down, the wet was the least of their worries as steam poured out of the Kuma’s hood, obscuring any vision for a bit. Eileen managed to stop the car on the side safely.

“Well fuck, there’s the cooling.” Jeff said. “How was the temperature?”

“Hot? I don’t know it was okay then this fucking happened.” Eileen answered. “Your job to fix it Mr. mechanic.”

“Yeah, yeah, pop the hood.”

After the steam cleared out, the issue was quick to spot. A burst cooling hose, needing replacement. The stop took a bit of time, but it was an easy replacement at least. The rain however turned into a full thunderstorm by the time he was done.

“Okay, let’s keep it moving.”

“We should probably stop at the next time though.” Eileen noted.

Being completely out of range of any other team, the CB was once again quiet. Their progress was slow as the thunderstorm made the Kuma a very rough drive. Eileen managed to keep it under control for now still.


Team Treadkillers

The traffic was getting on everybodies nerves, and you can only get so much footage from passing by minivans. This requires a plan… a plan to make up a lot of road in a short time. But they couldnt do it know in the daylight. This would require the use of their perk. The perk of: Jetlag



Couldn't think much to add here, so have a small snippet.

The van passing through the storm.

HARUKI: “This storm… is something definitely. I hope the tyres are good enough!”

YURI: “I’m scared…”

EMILY: “We’ll be alright.”


Team Greasy Lightning feat. Pit Stop US

Rick shrugged. “Too small for a pie. It’s got some decent weight to it, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something like a piston and conrod.”

“That doesn’t make sense,” Fuzz scoffed. “Why would they want us to mule dead car parts for them?”

“Oh, and I suppose you think it’s drugs?” Jen rolled her eyes. “I mean, you’re a cop for Christ’s sake. That wouldn’t end well for them.”

James interjected. “Actually, that would be the perfect ruse, if you think about it. Unwitting cop carrying a little coke?”

Rick sighed. “Not heavy enough.” The other two from Greasy Lightning turned and stared at him in unison. “What?”

“And how would you know?” Fuzz asked.

Rick suddenly realized the implication of his words. “No, wait… That’s not what I meant!”

Jen laughed. “My husband. Network engineer by day, notorious drug smuggler by night.”

Rick turned beet red. His chin lowered, and he went back to eating his filet in silence.

James grinned. “Well, now. That was something. Shut down by his wife like a light switch.”

Jen scowled. Charles cut in, “Take it easy, lad. I think this one’s got a bit more bite than you think.”

(@findRED19 back to you again)


Pit Stop US

Nathan: Well I suppose it does us no favors worrying about it then.
Charles: Yeah, ye best to leave it be, riding in te trunk
James: Yeah. The more pressing question is what to eat. He said that to take the tension off the mysterious package. The package still bothered him… and reminded him of the past…

They looked at the menus with bits of small talk between Team Greasy Lightning’s bites.
The waitress came back to take Pit Stop crew’s orders.

(@VicVictory feel free to fill in the ending, as your team leaves before mine)


Team Greasy Lightning

Jen finally tossed her white napkin on top of the remnants of her prime rib. It was a struggle, but she tamed the massive entree, sides and all. “Oh yeah. Food coma time. I’ve got the back seat again.”

Rick took a long look at the bar inside the restaurant. “What I wouldn’t give for a drink right now. Maybe later,” he said with a sigh. Standing up, he offered a handshake to the Pit Stop US team members. “Have a safe drive, guys.”

“You too,” James replied.

“You have plans for the night?” Charles added.

Rick nodded in affirmation. “It’s our goal to make it out of Montana tonight, come hell or high water. Fairfield Inn in Sheridan, Wyoming.”

The Greasy Lightning trio left the other team to finish their dinner.

“Drug runner my ass,” Rick muttered to his wife as she climbed in the back seat of the Keystone.

“I know you’re not a drug runner, honey,” she grinned. “That would require taking risks.”

“Hey now!”

Fuzz chuckled as he got behind the wheel once more.


Team Beer Blokes & BBQs

M: I think that’s the repair shop over there.
S: Hang on, all the lights are off, I think we got here too late.
M: Well shit, what do we do now.
S: I say we make a bit more progress and head to Billings, there’s a repair shop there. We can stop for the night and get up early to fix the car.
M: I’m a little worried about the fuel leak but if you’re trusting it, then I’m trusting it.
T: We have still got that fire extinguisher in the back if shit goes south.
M: Right, lets keep moving then.

They continue on their journey, encountering a thunderstorm, but having no incidents during the time block.


Team Rockport

Zack: Leo, I’d say let’s stop at Missoula.
Leo: Missoula? We’re just going past it!
Zack: Just turn around then. You look tired, I’m kinda tired. Let’s have some nice food before we plow ahead. There’s no nice restaurant up front.
Leo: I guess. Fast food just doesn’t cut it now, does it?
Zack: It never does, in the long run. Let’s take a short 1 hour break to eat, have a quick inspection of the car, then yeet off again to the Fairgrounds.
Leo: Alright, gotcha.

I just woke up pardon the barebones conversation