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Once More (Unto the Breach) [FINAL RESULTS]


Maroon Marauders - Part 2

Mid-afternoon, past Vantage Bridge

After a significant delay during the first leg, the Maroon Marauders completed the next two hours of driving without incident and passed the first waypoint at Vantage Bridge. It was then that Gary decided to give a brief rundown on what had happened to some of the other teams - and some of this information was surprising, to say the least.

“It looks like some of the teams stopped for extra food at a pizza parlor in Cle Elum. We didn’t need to do that, though, especially since we have a comfortable car at our disposal. But we won’t be seeing any more of those guys in that big truck - they crashed out due to driver error, which was exacerbated by the size of their vehicle.”

Denny’s response was startling. “That was quite a huge hit - and it could yet happen to us sooner or later. Thankfully, this thing is a doddle to drive, which should make such an incident less likely for us.”

Gary continued: “You’re quite right. Speaking of crashes, I just heard rumors that a black wagon slammed into a deer not so long ago. It wasn’t destroyed, but received heavy mechanical damage and lost a huge chunk of time. As for the other teams, a few of them seem to have reported mechanical issues, but so far we don’t have any. So just drive normally for the next few hours as planned - I’ll keep you posted on status updates.”

And so the Maroon Marauders forged bravely on eastwards towards the next waypoint - Lookout Pass, right on the border between Idaho and Montana.


Nathan: Uhg. Traffic’s getting bad again.
Charles: snores …zzzz
James: Well, that’s why you’re driving.
Nathan near the accident: oh dear. It looks like that semi team was involved.
James: Oh. Hard to miss that broken down on the road.
Nathan: Hope they’re ok.
James: yeah.

Nearing Moses Lake
The car starts sputtering, then quits.
Nathan: Uh oh.
James raises an eye brow: What’s happened?
Nathan: We, uh, maybe sorta ran out of gas…
James rolles his eyes: Well, that’s why we got those two canisters in the back, in case you run it dry.
Charles: snores
N: You think we can get by with just one… I think that last exit we passed was the one before Moses Lake.
J: Yeah, we’ll see.
They get out and get one can into the tank. Charles is still sleeping.

After they filled up the jerry can and the car’s tank, they peeled out of the roadside Chevron station, smoke billowing from the rear wheels, James now driving. They passed the Washington State Patrol building without incident.


Tier 3… update [insert number here]

Somewhere in the United States of Yee Haw eating chicken of the fried variety found in the glovebox of the reduit…

Dayendranath: Bon? [good[
Seewoosagur: Bon [good]
Vincent: Mari bon [very good]

Passing through [insert name of backwards rural settlement]…

Seewoosagur: Check sa mine laaaaaa [check out that noodle]
Dayendranath: Ayyyoooo laaaaaaa [ayoooooo laaaaa] (these things have no translation as ayo is just a way of expressing surprise or being impressed at something; the noodle in this case… and la is just put at the end of words for no reason at all)
Vincent: Mwayenn [average]
The other two pull that confused look Ice Cube did on the porch in that one film
Seewoosagur: Mwayenn? [average?]
Vincent: Oui, Mwayenn la… [yes, average la]
Dayendranath: Writing pays good then?
Vincent: Mwayenn [average]
Seewoosagur and Dayendranath: bruh moment intensifies


Team Rockport

Somewhere in the I-90

Leo: Yo see that Chinese SUV?
Zack: The Guangzou?
Leo: Yeah, they’re close to us. Wanna like, talk or something in the CB, maybe stop together?
Zack: Nah I’m cool.
Leo: You sure? You usually like meeting interesting people.
Zack: No thanks.
Leo: Zack?
Zack: Dude? Dude! I’m driving!
Leo: What, did some Chinese people tickle your arse when you were a child or something?
Zack: I’m about 5 seconds away from taking the dash-lighter out and and shoving it up YOUR arse, okay?
Leo: Jeez dude fine!

It’s still unclear why Zack is reluctant about meeting the rather weird Chinese contestants, but it might clear up later.

I’m mainly doing this because Yang’s busy so I don’t wanna bother him and having a definite reason of no interaction in the story is nicer :rofl:



The van clatters on, the unrefined 2.7 CFiT I4 being noisy as always…

DAVID: “This traffic… bizarre.”

Fuzz on CB:
Hey guys, looks like the guys in the VHI semi are down. Anyone know what happened?”

HARUKI: “Wait, I hear a truck crashed, at least from the radio.”

DAVID: “Damn. We don’t have enough space to take them both…”

EMILY: “Wait, a crash?”

YURI: “A CRASH!?” she spoke in a very worried tone.

DAVID: “The truck seems to have crashed…”

EMILY: “Ouch, are they okay?”

DAVID on CB: “This is Traggiogio,
Can anyone confirm if the two truck gals are alright?

DAVID: “We have half a tank left in the van, how long would that last?”

HARUKI: “Approximately 150 miles.”

DAVID: “Great. Also, my uncle drives a recovery truck, if we ever do break down.”

Meanwhile in the back, the two girls have a chat, and also bond over some of their interests.

EMILY: “So, when did you decide to start to leave home?”

YURI: “Sometimes… I was feeling bored. There was not much to do, I already read through all my manga many times, and rewatched all the anime series and movies I have many times. One day, I thought I might want to go to the local cafe… the world was a new experience from there on.”

EMILY: “Wasn’t that the cafe in which we first met?”

YURI: “I-I think so…” she said tearfully, mourning the crash of the truck.

EMILY: “I might just take a rest.”

YURI: “I think I might do the same… do not want to get too tired.”

Meanwhile, back in the front seats…

HARUKI: “I noticed the truck as we passed. The drivers seemed OK, but the truck is definitely decommissioned.”

DAVID: “Phew. I was scared that they were in real danger. See you, road cowgirl.”

EMILY, from behind: “Thank goodness!”

YURI: “Maybe isekai isn’t real!”

EMILY: “Of course it isn’t!”

YURI: “Maybe we should go stop somewhere to eat…”

HARUKI: “Looking around, there’s an excellent Japanese restaurant, Ishimaru, at the next town. Maybe we could go there?”

DAVID: “Copy, I’ll see to announce it on the radio. There’s conveniently a fuel station not too far, so we could also go fill up the tank after we have eaten.”

“Traggiogio BA, we plan on taking a stop at the Japanese restaurant Ishimaru at the next town, if anyone would like to join, you may announce so we could reserve a larger table.”

(Please DM me and Vic to confirm that you would like to join in the restaurant.)



Part 1.5 : Putting the ⁽ᶦⁿᶠᵒʳᵐᵃˡ⁾ Rank In Prank

Previous Part

Team Bakewell Boxer had stopped in the Pizzeria arriving first, Mandy and Connor had sat and gone straight into ordering, the other racers then arrived in due course

Connor : “…BABY CLAMS?! YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE SHELLFISH … oh sorry um … um … i’ll have the spaghetti and meatballs please”

the waitress gave them a perplexed look and went to get their order

Mandy : “I just thought I’d give it another go, the ones last time were still alive I think” she shrugged and then moved her bag from her lap to beside her chair

after a short while the car park began to fill with other teams drawing a good few looks from passerbys

Team RK Series Racing had pulled up on the table next to them, with Team Eyelashes and The Thompson Family opposite

Connor : “alright” Connor gave his ‘teacher to teacher’ smile to Redwood and Tonsom “good job finding this place, this pasta is bloody good even Mandy is eating those clams, dropped a few mind”

Mandy gave Connor a wry smile and rolled her eyes

Tonsom : “well I expected more to turn up honestly, but evidently they have not” Tonsom began gently cracking his knuckles “I expected Team Coyote Jim to be here at least”

Mandy : “oh bugger I’ve left the car unlocked with my purse in it, excuse me gentlemen I won’t be long” Mandy squeezed between the tables and exited the restaurant, then went round to the carpark with her bag

Connor : “I swear she brought her purse in with her bag earlier, anyways you were saying … um sorry what was your name again?”

Redwood : “I’m Tim and he’s Tonsom and the person by the car is Connor” he pointed around the corner of the window

Connor : “hey I’m a Connor too, strange seems to be a common name, never thought it was”

Tonsom : “actually would you be able to help us out, we want to know more about how Coyote Jim are doing on this rac…”

Redwood : “we’re writing a blog post ya see, and they’re one of the more interesting entries so if you could help us with some details on the driver and the car, we figured seen a you’re car is faster you might be able to keep up being raced up and all”

Tonsom : Tonsom nodded “of course if you needed any assistance at all on the run we’d be very glad to help you out seen as you’re doing this for us”

Connor : “we’ll I’m sure Mandy won’t mind driving faster to catch up, and nothing wrong with helping each other out, i’ll give you my phone number shall I?”

Redwood : “yeah sure” pulling a phone out of his pocket “Tonsom’s not very good with phones”

Connor : “07955…”


Mandy clutched her bag doing a skipping, running um … trot over to the Aviso which had been parked next to by the Mitaz and opposite were the Kuma and Anhultz, Connor of Team RK was inside the Dione

Mandy made it to the car nonchalantly opened the boot retrieved : a roll of black duct tape, a spoon from their emergency picnic set and went round to the front to retrieve a tube of nail glue from the glove box and a permanent marker

with Connor from Team RK thankfully unaware she, proceeded to pull the ghastly eyelashes from the front of the Mitaz attempting to mask the sound with a ‘cough’

“oh come on you bastard come off!” THUNK “yes!”

the left hand side lashes were putting up more of a fight than the previous

“fucking pain in the arse” hushed grumbling insued THUNK “yes!”

she then quietly opened the passenger door released the handbrake and rolled the Mitaz forward a touch, then placing her handbag down on the floor reaching into it retrieving three of the baby clams she had dropped into her bag at the table earlier, trying to muffle a gag as she picked them up

“50 quid I payed for this bag 50 effing quid! …” she grumbled to herself slowly scooping out the insides of the garlicked clams and dropping them through the air vents on each side of the cabin

she then moved round to the back of the car pausing for a moment to look at the ridiculous fake exhausts then realizing the real ones on the Aviso weren’t that much better

now crouched behind the Mitaz, glueing and sticking and duct taping the eyelashes in a circle just below the number plate and then she began drawing …

… she stood back to marvel at her expertise in producing a very good representation of a dogs arsehole with hairs and all with the phrase ‘warning stinky’ arrowed toward the rim


she then moved to the front of the car reaching across the windscreen to peel off the stuck on letters with the clam spoon and rearranged the word ‘SUPERWAGON’ to ‘EW ARSE’ glued on with the remainder of nail glue, the final ‘E’ was made of a bastardised mix of the left over letters, the waste was simply thrown in the bin


Mandy came half sprinting in clutching at her purse uncharacteristically, Tonsom, Redwood and Bakewell Boxer Connor all turned towards her

Mandy : “come on Connor we are actually in a race, it was great speaking to you all”

Connor : "you were gone a while Mandy … "

Mandy : "oh … I was … just checking the fluid levels, anyway we really must dash mustn’t we Connor " she began walking to the door making the ‘bloody get on with it face’ at Connor, the one he knew all too well

Connor took his time, in Mandys eyes at least, shaking everyone’s hand and saying goodbye whereas in reality it was only about 15 seconds or so

they walked to the car with Connor smiling to other Connor in the Dione as they walked past

the Aviso left the car park in typical fashion : a cloud of smoke and tyre squeal leaving two black lines from exit down the road


RK Series Racing; Chapter II.II; Back on the road

After a pleasant chat with team Bakewell Boxer and having someone helping for the “blog post” on Team Coyote Jim, (@Radster Yes. I managed to hire another team without yours knowing :stuck_out_tongue: ) RK Series racing leaves the restaurant and head back on the road, now with Tonsom behind the wheel.

Tonsom: “Didn’t think that a smal podunk ass town in the middle of nowhere has THAT good a pasta.”
Redwood: "Yeah, right? The lasagne was like the best food i had in AGES!

Tonsom: “So… while you were in the car… anything happened?”
Connor: “No.”
Tonsom: “Okay then…”

A mile or so later…

Tonsom: [to himself; quiet] “How was it with that shifting thing…”
Connor: “Fully depress clutch. Select desired gear. Release clutch.”

Tonsom rows the gears “fluently” again.

Tonsom: “Normally. I’d punch you in the face for telling me what to do, but since that Pasta place was SO DAMN GOOD, i’ll refrain from doing so…”
Connor: “Thank you, captain.”

Another 30-ish miles later, the car is coming up on Ryegrass Hill. The ongoing crosswinds are not much of a problem since Tonsom does have over three decades of driving experience. But the gearbox rises concerns with the team’s occupants…

Redwood: “Err… guys? Remember the finnicky revers gear?”
Tonsom: “Yeah… So? We’re going forwards. Why the fuck are you thinking about our reverse now?”
Redwood: “I don’t want thinks to break in there…”

Connor runs some estimation programs to determine the possibilities on how to tackle Redwood’s justified gearbox concerns. During this proces, the Temple-LED lights up in a yellow shade before returning to the normal blue.

Connor: “There is a choice of three tactics in order to reduce the stress on the gearbox. One. We could change down a gear to reduce the effective torque load on the gearbox components, thus lessening gearbox load at the expeense of fuel economy and increased engine load. Two. Change down a gear and slow down to counteract the increased RPM of the gearbox assembly and engine. Three. And i do strongly advise against this. We could carry on as normal and hope for the best…”
Redwood: [impressed by the logic behind this] “I’ll vote for two. We may be slower, but at least the car will survive it…”
Tonsom: “We do need to try and catch Cojote Jim.”
Redwood: “Yeah… Risk it for the biscuit, then?”
Tonsom: [shifts down from 5th to 4th] “Happy now?”
Redwood: “I’m not complaining. You are driving; you make the calls.”
Tonsom: “I make the call for you to shut up then…”
Redwood: [defeated] “Hmpf…”

to be continued

Writer’s note:

  • car has increased fuel consumption due to higher engine revs
  • Relation Tonsom <-> Connor; :arrow_up_small:
  • Relation Tonsom <-> Redwood; :arrow_down_small:


Last Part


After another hole was drilled into the car and the cams were fixxed in place again. Fynn was finally able to talk in the intro. He wont be doing editing until tomorrow, but its better to much footage than to little.

Speaking of footage.

A crashed semi-truck is great content for the first episode. The traffic jam on the other hand isnt…
And before Thomas starts driving on the hard shoulder to escape the horrible traffic, the team is thinking of a new plan…


Team Less Than Three pt.2

“Now that was some good pizza.” Jeff said, still behind the wheel of the Kuma.

“Pasta too. Much better than being stuck in traffic.” Eileen added.

“You can say that again.”

“What’d ya think of the others who stopped?” Eileen asked.

“What can I say? Some normal, some fuckin strange choices in cars. Can’t blame em though, 500 is 500.” Jeff answered, having mostly paid attention to the cars in the lot rather than people.

“That’s… so you.” Eileen began looking over the photos she took while at the pizza stop for a bit. “Kinda interesting bunch of strangers.”

The stop did end up leaving the couple with barely anyone in radio range, so as far as communication went it ended up just being mostly random rants about something a random driver did. That and the news of a semi crashing, sounded like the one they were in a pack with earlier too. Unlucky. But with their bellies full, the two enjoyed their drive. More so than the Kuma did even, as temperatures started to rise. Jeff did take note of it, but figured it wasn’t anything to worry about for the time being.


@VicVictory Quick question, Just wondering if it would be possible for someone to enter by picking up the members of a team that suffered a DNF, or at least offering them a car to use? I had a team intro posted but no car as I didn’t have one at the time & by the time I had one all the spots was filled so what I’m thinking is with @TheTechnoVampire being out, if the team members are in a condition/able to continue then maybe I could pick them up & help them finish, or at least offer them the car I managed to get to continue with?
Edit: Sorry if people think this was spam/a advertisement, I was just curious, I figured the answer would be no but I just thought I’d ask anyway.


I’m afraid the rules won’t allow it, if I am not mistaken. Moreover…

Helping another team continue by offering them a lift isn’t allowed either - if their original car is rendered unusable for some reason, their race ends right there and then.


Also you’ve asked what is the equivalent of being allowed to send in a car after the first round of cuts have been made in a CSR. Basically, “hey, I know you’ve already started, but can I join?”

Just to expand on this a little… it’s not that I’m opposed to the idea of splitting up team members from broken cars onto other teams, it’s that it is an absolute logistical nightmare. First, because the vehicular destruction is happening in the middle of a time block, and in order to have them “picked up”, I’d have to find and assign vehicle(s) with sufficient space, and that may not necessarily be ok with the player controlling the team selected (or the player controlling the eliminated team), PLUS… how is RP going to be done at that point? The eliminated player is the one controlling the story for the people, but they may be in different teams, and the players controlling those teams may not have a schedule that works well with RPing with that other person, etc. etc. etc…

That’s why it’s easier to just let the eliminated player write their own way out if they wish (otherwise it’s assumed they get a rental car and go home)


While I am imcredibly butthurt at being the first to crash out, I feel it’s best not to say anything to prevent any dumpster fires from starting and getting banned from the forum, or muted on Discord.

With them now out, I shall no longer be continuing to RP. However, I would not be opposed to @Elizipeazie giving a lift to Bex and have Liz go home. I know they have space, since in the RP post about Bex lending a hand to teach Tonsom to drive a manual, the four of them were able to fit in the Dione.

I had also had something planned with Eli, which would now be ruined with the crash.

However, it would be at Vic’s and Eli’s discretion whether the young punk can continue or not.


Previous time block

Friday, 4PM - 6PM Eastern Time

Legend of Terms:

POI NOTE: I will NOT be pre-warning of upcoming POI points. I will ONLY auto-stop teams for two things: fuel and, when completely exhausted, rest. Anything else you want (including tourist POI, restaurants, premature fuel, rest at any point before complete exhaustion), YOU need to PM me in advance (before I run the time block that you’d complete it in). Also, please don’t map out everything from here to the end in one PM… try to keep it within a couple time blocks. Remember: Tourist POI and sit-down restaurants (not fast food) give bonuses to morale and fatigue, but take some time. Tourist POI also give points to the POI award at the end.

BD: Block Distance. This is the amount of mileage covered during the current 2 hour period.
OD: Overall Distance. This is the total distance that the team has covered since the event started.
FS: Fuel Status. Approximate fuel reading on the vehicle’s fuel gauge.
MRL: Morale modifier
FTG: Fatigue Level
Last Town: Last town of note that was passed (will not include tiny villages)
Next Waypoint: Should be self explanatory.
Weather Condition: Current weather condition at the end of the time block.
Notes: Any notes I have for your team during this time block. Including POI results, car issues, etc.

BD: 151 mi OD: 344 mi FS: 1/2- MRL: +0 FTG: +3
Last Town: Coeur d’Alene, ID Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 81 degrees, sunny
Notes: Team has refueled in Ritzville, WA. AF has increased (I will only make this announcement publicly about my own team, not others)

BD: 143 mi OD: 265 mi FS: 1/4 MRL: +1 FTG: +1
Last Town: Ritzville, WA Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 91 degrees, sunny
Notes: Waypoint completed: Vantage Bridge

BD: 149 mi OD: 368 mi FS: FULL MRL: +0 FTG: +6
Last Town: Kellogg, ID Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 88 degrees, sunny
Notes: Team has refueled in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Team is starting to feel slightly fatigued.

BD: 141 mi OD: 350 mi FS: LOW MRL: +0 FTG: +3
Last Town: Coeur d’Alene, ID Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 89 degrees, sunny
Notes: Progress is being hampered by relatively consistent misfire at speeds at or above 70. SES light has turned on.
Ongoing issue: Vehicle is making a clunking noise from the front going over bumpy roads.

BD: 333 mi OD: 333 mi FS: 3/4 MRL: +0 FTG: +3
Last Town: Coeur d’Alene, iD Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 89 degrees, sunny
Notes: Team has refueled and obtained chicken in Spokane, WA

BD: 155 mi OD: 379 mi FS: 1/3 MRL: +1 FTG: +3
Last Town: Kellogg, ID Next Waypoint: Gallatin County Fairgrounds
Weather Condition: 87 degrees, sunny
Notes: Vehicle’s engine starts making a rattling noise as it climbs the approach to Lookout Pass. Waypoint completed: Lookout Pass. This vehicle is now in the Mountain Time Zone (EST-2), and has crossed into the state of Montana.
INCIDENT: Driver has curbed the RF wheel pretty hard pulling out of the gas station in Ritzville.

BD: 139 mi OD: 348 mi FS: 3/4+ MRL: +0 FTG: +6
Last Town: Coeur d’Alene, ID Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 87 degrees, sunny
Notes: Team has refueled in Spokane, WA. Team is starting to feel slightly fatigued.

BD: 34 mi OD: 224 mi FS: FULL MRL: -1 FTG: +5
Last Town: Ritzville, WA Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 91 degrees, sunny
Notes: Team pulls over in Ritzville to refuel and address noise and bounce. They find their right-rear trailing arm forward mount is nearly rusted off as well as bent, and the rear shocks had blown as a result of the added stress. There also appears to be improperly repaired unibody damage in that area from a previous accident.
They spend the rest of the time block utilizing a welder at a garage to tack on a patch plate, and replace the shocks from a parts store. This repair will bleed into the next time block.

BD: 157 mi OD: 271 mi FS: 1/3 MRL: +1 FTG: +1
Last Town: Ritzville, WA Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 91 degrees, sunny
Notes: Team has refueled in Vantage, WA.

BD: 134 mi OD: 316 mi FS: 1/2- MRL: +0 FTG: +3
Last Town: Coeur d’Alene, ID Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 90 degrees, sunny
Notes: Team is rolling through Coeur d’Alene at end of time block.

BD: 135 mi OD: 327 mi FS: FULL MRL: +0 FTG: +3
Last Town: Coeur d’Alene, ID Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 90 degrees, sunny
Notes: Team has refueled in Coeur d’Alene, ID

BD: 73 mi OD: 289 mi FS: 3/4- MRL: +1 FTG: +2
Last Town: Spokane, WA Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 91 degrees, sunny
Notes: Waypoint completed: Vantage Bridge.
INCIDENT: a chunk of debris flew out of an improperly covered dump truck, and struck the hood and windshield. Minor hood damage, small chip in windshield.

BD: 138 mi OD: 328 mi FS: 1/2- MRL: +0 FTG: +2
Last Town: Coeur d’Alene, ID Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 90 degrees, sunny
Notes: None
Ongoing issues: SES light is on

BD: 136 mi OD: 316 mi FS: REFUEL IN PROGRESS MRL: +0 FTG: +3
Last Town: Coeur d’Alene, ID Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 90 degrees, mostly sunny
Notes: Team is in the middle of refueling at the end of the time block in Coeur d’Alene

BD: 15 mi OD: 224 mi FS: Full MRL: -1 FTG: +3
Last Town: Ritzville, WA Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 91 degrees, sunny
Notes: Team has stopped at a garage in Ritzville, WA for fuel and to diagnose/fix their cooling issue. They are most of the way through replacing a dying water pump at the end of the time frame. Repair will bleed into next time period.

BD: 149 mi OD: 295 mi FS: 1/4- MRL: +0 FTG: +2
Last Town: Spokane, WA Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 91 degrees, sunny
Notes: None

BD: 84 mi OD: 278 mi FS: 1/4 MRL: +1 FTG: +5
Last Town: Cheney, WA Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 91 degrees, sunny
Notes: Team has stopped to refuel in Cheney, WA. They will be staying an extended period per player request.

BD: 141 mi OD: 338 mi FS: LOW MRL: +0 FTG: +3
Last Town: Coeur d’Alene, ID Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 88 degrees, sunny
Notes: None

BD: 135 mi OD: 326 mi FS: FULL MRL: +0 FTG: +5
Last Town: Coeur d’Alene, ID Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 90 degrees, sunny
Notes: Team has refueled in Coeur d’Alene, ID

BD: 144 mi OD: 330 mi FS: 1/2- MRL: +1 FTG: +6
Last Town: Coeur d’Alene, ID Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 88 degrees, sunny
Notes: Team is starting to feel slightly fatigued.

BD: 145 mi OD: 344 mi FS: LOW MRL: +0 FTG: +4
Last Town: Coeur d’Alene, ID Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 88 degrees, sunny
Notes: None

BD: 135 mi OD: 308 mi FS: FULL MRL: +0 FTG: +3
Last Town: Post Falls, ID Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 91 degrees, sunny
Notes: Team has refueled in Spokane, WA.
Ongoing issues: Car has a squeak and slight lateral shift of the rear going over bigger bumps. Small crack in windshield. Car has a dead deer strapped to the top.

BD: 150 mi OD: 283 mi FS: LOW MRL: +1 FTG: +4
Last Town: Spokane, WA Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 91 degrees, sunny
Notes: Waypoint completed: Vantage Bridge

BD: 141 mi OD: 262 mi FS: LOW MRL: +1 FTG: +2
Last Town: Ritzville, WA Next Waypoint: Vantage, WA
Weather Condition: 91 degrees, sunny
Notes: Waypoint completed: Vantage Bridge

BD: 90 mi OD: 283 mi FS: FULL MRL: +3 FTG: +1
Last Town: Spokane, WA Next Waypoint: Lookout Pass
Weather Condition: 91 degrees, sunny
Notes: Team has stopped in Spokane, WA to refuel and eat at Kinja.

Vehicles that are traveling in packs:
224 mi - Courageaux, Vector (both under repair)
344 mi - Torg, Keystone

Note: vehicles within ~5 miles of each other are within CB range. Group chats via social media are now available; the room(s) have been set up to allow this.

Team Greasy Lightning

The not overly intrepid team stopped in Ritzville at the Love’s Plaza to refill the tank, empty their bladders, and scrape countless bug smears off the windshield with a squeegee.

Rick climbed into the back seat, buckled up, and immediately leaned up against pillow-padded door, ready to read, and potentially sleep, once they were underway.

Jen rotated to shotgun, gleefully accepting the opportunity to man the CB and annoy Fuzz with her musical choices.

Fuzz, quoting Nicholas Angel, flipped down his sunglasses and said, “Shit just got real.”

And what was left of the 220-ish horses (that hadn’t wandered away) under the hood of the Keystone were brought to life.



if you don’t have a problem with it, i’ll pick bex up.
whatever luggage she has is stored onto the roofrack since there is not enough space anywhere else…

i’d also be okay woth her being in my car for RP purposes, but her not actually providing any driving time and stuff


OOC: I’ll add my RP later. I guess I’ll have to drive aggressively once the pump is fixed. I never guessed the pump would be an issue :rofl:


Team Harcourt-Entwhistle

Stage 3

Mopey - Gran, we’re missing all of the points of interest.

Gran - SH! We’ve lost time with the accident. The back end is loose and I refuse to let us break the speed limit. There will be time, later on, for sight seeing.

Spanners looks at Mopey with a look of surprise on his face……

Gran - I’m getting peckish. I think we should stop soon and cook some of this deer. It’s a shame to waste but we’ll have to dispose of the rest.

Spanners - Sounds good. We’ll pull about 6.

Mopey - Can we have a beer?

Gran - No dear.

Mopey - Why not?

Gran - Well, firstly we’re still driving…

Mopey - Ah, I understand.

Gran - ….secondly, you may be underage, for drinking alcohol, around here…

Mopey - But we don’t have to let anyone know.

Gran - ……and finally, I removed all of the alcohol before we started.

Spanners & Mopey - WHAT?

Gran - We don’t need any distractions.

Spanners - But, but, but,………I need to relax at the end of the day.

Gran - Meditation dear…that should help you relax.

Spanners - Meditation? Really?

Gran - It does wonders for you dear………it’s helped me not to worry about this box…….I think we should open it!

Spanners - Sorry Mrs E but the organisers have said that we can’t open it.

Gran - We’ll see about that later………


Team Beer Blokes & BBQs

T: Well this has been an uneventful couple of hours.
S: You’re definitely not wrong there, it’s all been smooth sailing.
M: You guys say that like it’s a bad thing, we’re making good progress.
S: I guess so.
The fuel light comes on, the gauge showing a little under an eighth of a tank remaining
S: Well it had to happen eventually, how far away is the next servo?
M: Next town is about 30 miles up the road, think we’ve got enough to make it?
S: Yeah we should have enough, by the way, could one of you take over the driving after we stop? I’m starting to feel a bit tired.
M: Yeah I can take the next stint, you get some rest though, we might be on the road for a while longer yet.

The trio stopped for fuel and continued on their journey still problem free


Maroon Marauders - Part 3

Late afternoon, past Coeur d’Alene

The Maroon Marauders continued to drive at their usual pace eastward towards the next waypoint at Lookout Pass. Apart from running low on fuel, nothing untoward had happened yet. Even so, Denny was surprised to discover that it had taken him this long to have a fuel shortage.

It was then that Gary explained what some of the other teams may be experiencing:

“I’m beginning to suspect that years of wear and tear are taking their toll on some of the other entrants’ cars as they make their way along the route. No wonder some of them have decided to stop for repairs, which will take them time - but better safe than sorry. That also explains why we carried some spare suspension components with us.”

And so the Maroon Marauders carried on as planned at their usual pace, brimming with confidence and running near the front of the field.


Team Trinity

The check engine light is on!

Alice was driving after lunch in Spokane. Matthew was petting Ivy Mike and resting in the rear. John was still there with his notebook, focused on the CB.

We must continue. They are both ahead of us.

Who, John? Who are?

That will become clear, but we must not fall too far back.

Matthew felt like reassuring Alice.

Don’t worry, the check engine light is usually nothing critical. It might be due for servicing, or it’s something electronic. There isn’t much in this car that still works perfectly electronics-wise.

Ivy Mike purred approvingly. Matthew was confident the car would manage until they were back in civilization. He’d take a look then.

We should stop in Missoula for a check and dinner. The question then is what route we take and where and when we call it a night.

John being practical - unexpected. It made Alice feel ready to introduce herself to the other teams apparently, as she picked up the CB:

Anyone around us, what are you guys planning? Driving through the night, or dinner and a comfortable bed somewhere?