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Once More (Unto the Breach) [SAT, 12P-2P]


SO just finished another massive batch of entries.
There are now 22 confirmed entries and 2 pending entries (including Aaron.W, who just sent his in 5 minutes ago).

That means I have ONE spot left!

Holy fast filling, Batman!


Wow, that’s really quicker than I expected.

But I have a small recommendation, I think you can make a list of all of the approved contestants, with all of the major details (team names, names of people) shown. That can help players to easily check what guys are they RP-ing without scrolling through the whole thread and prevent some issues.


I second this motion. time to break out Excel


Aaand there’s entry number 25. SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED!

Will be doing final checks over the next 24 hours, then it will be time to begin. Any prologue RP should be done right away. Day 1 of the competition will be considered as happening in Seattle on a Friday, with launch at noon EASTERN time (yes, I realize the launch point is in Pacific time, but it’s easier to track time blocks if they are static, and the teams can adjust their RP as they pass time zones)

Edit: We need team intros from:


Welp, any chance that someone will back out freeing up a spot?


Highly unlikely. These things are tremendous fun.


Ah don’t worry my intros are on their way!


I’ll get something up within that 24 hour prologue period, then. Right now, I need some sleep.

As for role-playing, I’m up for some collaboration, but I am limited to using the Automation forum PM system for information gathering.


Team 49

Previous Post

Day -[whenever], Someplace, some time.

Lucina had been waiting, waiting and waiting. Waiting for their little french turd to arrive. Then it happened. Her phone rang. It was the Import Office, the Strig had been cleared. She drove down, dropped it onto the trailer behind her S-Y, and hopped on the phone to Juno.
“Hey shitwad, the Box is here. Taking it to the Garage.”
“Okay, I’ll be over in a bit then!” Juno replied, grabbing a few things and ran downstairs to his UR-92.

“I mean, it’s cute.”
“Juno, the Trans might be buggered.”
“Okay, but it’s Cute.”
“Electrics are a chance to bugger and die, too.”
“If it does, I’m swapping the engine out for something cooler.”
“Dude, it’s french, when they die, they burn.”
“I dunno, that might be an exaggeration.” Lucina slid out from under the Strig, an unamused look on her face.
“I swear, if you’re the one to kill this thing, I’m taking it for myself.”
“and if you kill it, she’s mine.”
“She? Jesus, don’t tell me you’ve already named it.” Lucina sighed, looking annoyed at the smug look on Juno’s face.
“Oh my god.”


Team Greasy Lightning

Prologue - Day 0, Thursday

Team Intro

“Balls,” Rick muttered under his breath.

Fuzz glanced over at him, almost incredulous that his brother-in-law even had a reaction to the wall-to-wall traffic in front of them. “It’s like you never get in a car anymore.”

“I really don’t. Call me a workaholic, but being able to catch up while riding the bus is kinda nice.”

“Not when your office is a squad car,” Fuzz grinned. “Buses are just plain hell for me.”

They looked out the windshield of the Senator. The car in front of them had managed to inch forward, but not enough to make it worthwhile for Rick slack up on the brakes to creep himself. Interstate 5 was notorious for horrible traffic under good conditions. But with it being rush hour, there was no hope of them going anywhere.

“Jen’s probably going to wonder where we are,” Rick added. “Dinner’s gotta be ready by now.”

Fuzz pulled the phone out of his pocket to check the time; the Keystone’s in-dash digital clock had gone dark untold years ago and it wasn’t a priority to restore.

“Correction. Dinner’s probably gone. Your loss. Told you we should have taken 405.”

Rick rolled his eyes. “Oh, like that’s any better.”

Fuzz shrugged. There was a moment of awkward silence, filled only by the stereo faintly playing the local traffic report in the background. “Do you really want to torture yourself like this in the morning?”

“I don’t see us having a choice. It’s either waking up at 3 AM or duking it out during rush hour.”

“So binary,” Fuzz scoffed. “Get off at the next exit and turn around.” He tapped at the phone’s screen then brought it up to his ear.

“You nuts?” Rick puzzled. Fuzz just answered him with a single finger aloft.

“Hey, Jen. Yeah. Yeah, go figure. Right? I told him. Yeah… yeah, no. I’ve got another plan. We already loaded the trunk except for the cooler and suitcases. Could you grab the cases and then get an Uber? I’ll send you the address in a few, and I’ll also take care of the cooler bit. Yeah… ok, cya sis.”

Rick’s eyebrows arched. “What exactly are you planning?”

“Getting us a good night’s sleep. I’ve got a pretty good idea of where they’re going to start us off in the morning, and we don’t need to beat ourselves up to get there.”

“Alright. Can’t argue with that,”

Fuzz continued digging at his phone while Rick steadily kept the Senator going, well, absolutely nowhere in the garbage traffic.

“Here we go. Reservation made. Hilton, just down the street from the airport.”

Rick grinned and nodded. “It’s fair game if I get room service and eat it before Jen gets there, right?”

“Team effort, buddy. Team effort.”


may i ask what happened with the entry of @Ryan93?


He’s processed and posted an intro, according to my tracking.


true, but isn’t listed in OP post AFAIK

(sorry if i am annoying)


Oh yeah, uhm, that.


Maroon Marauders - Prologue

Seattle, WA

Thursday afternoon

As Gary pulled into a storage yard, he saw the garage where a red sedan had been parked recently, and thought to himself: “Should we take this car?” He went ahead with it and pulled off the cover under which it had been hidden, before pushing the car out into the daylight. Just then his teammates arrived… Carrying several bags of extra spares, they cautiously made their way into the yard from the front gate.

“Good afternoon, pals!” Gary hollered from the opposite side of the yard. “Here’s what we’ll be taking on this trip: a GEC GC4 3.0 with hundreds of thousands of miles on the odometer. It’s known for being economical, comfortable and reliable, at least when new, which should make those long miles on the road much more bearable.”

His teammates were eager to join him, knowing that economy and comfort were key priorities on long trips. As they piled into the car, having loaded it with supplies and spares, Denny started the engine, and to his surprise it started up first time, leaving the yard without incident. He drove towards the starting line, feeling confident in himself, his teammates, and his car, muttering to himself, “Fingers crossed our plan works…” This team was eagerly anticipating this latest rally - the longest road trip of their lives was about to begin.


Team Eyelashes

“Trochę wcześnie tu jesteśmy, co nie?” (We’re here a bit early, aren’t we?), said Krzysztof.
“Wiesz, jak to jest.” (You know how it is.) “Trzeba się przygotować, poznać resztę ludzi.” (Gotta prepare, meet the rest of the people.)

Their FFSO rolled to a parking spot next to the place everyone was supposed to start from. Artur looked at the light coming from the headlights.

“Patrz. Twoja przednia lampa miga razem z kierunkiem.” (Look. Your headlamp is blinking with the indicator.)
“Ah, tak” (Ah, it does.) “Miałem na to spojrzeć, ale stać mnie było albo na elektryka, albo na te zajebiste progi.” (I was supposed to look at this, but I could afford either an electrician, or these out-fucking-standing side skirts.)
“Kurwa mać” (Ah, fuck.)
“No co, też byś tak zrobił na moim miejscu!” (What, you’d do the same if you were me!)

Krzysztof then stopped for a moment, ignoring the Artur’s oncoming rant about car maintenance. There was this weird feeling of deja vu. As if they had this exact conversation before.

“No co, też byś tak zrobił na moim miejscu!” (What, you’d do the same if you were me!)
“Wyobraź sobie, że nie, nie zrobiłbym tak” (Picture this: No, no I would not.) “Samochód to skomplikowana maszyneria, trzeba o niego dbać.” (A car is a complex piece of machinery, you gotta take care of it.)
“Dobra, dobra, możesz to już naprawić?” (Yeah, yeah, can you fix it already?)
“A spierdalaj, teraz walczę z przewodami przy tej zasranej turbinie.” (Well, fuck off, now I’m fighting the turbo piping.)
“Jak ty nie chcesz, to sam coś z tym zrobię.” (If you don’t want to do that, I’ll do something about it myself.)

“…-miętasz jak spaliłeś Fati, bo uznałeś że ‘sportowe’ siedzenia są ważniejsze od wycieku pal-” (…-member that one time you burned out the FATI cause you decided that ‘sport’ seats are more important than the fu-)
“Ah, to stąd się wzięły te rzęsy…” (Ah, so that’s where the eyelashes came from…)
“Hmmm?” (Hmmm?)
“Patrz, teraz wygląda jakby mrugał.” (Look, now it looks like it’s winking.)
“…” (…)
“…” (…)
“…Nie dojedziemy.” (We won’t make it.)
“Ej, patrz, auto w polską flagę.” (Hey, look, a car with aPolish flag livery.)
Krzysztof pointed at certain white and red Aria.
“Może rodacy?” (Maybe they’re fellow Poles?)
“Idźmy zobaczyć.” (Let’s go take a look.)

@Boiled_Steak Feel free to contact me at Discord or forum DMs if you wish to continue this RP thing.



(Skyrim! Not my pic tho)

Flashbacks to 3 months ago. Vincent and his friends were in a diner near Harvard Business School for a gathering. Suddenly, one of his friends, Hayden, started a bet.

HAYDEN: Guys, I want you all to bet me If I could eat this sandwich for 10 minutes, or less, the guys who bet whether I could or couldn’t do it. Basically, If I win this, those who bet I won’t will lose the bet, and vice versa.

VINCENT: Well, I think this would be awesome…Erm, Hayden, what punishment those freakin’ losers will do?

HAYDEN: Basically the losers will do something stupid and crazy, but you must show what you like at the same time. Weirdest shit I ever created, man.

VINCENT: OK. I’ll bet you could do this, shall we?

HAYDEN: I got your back, Vince. I’ll try to make you win.

A waitress came with the sandwich and put it on Hayden’s table. It’s actually club sandwich, but Hayden deliberately ordered a 4-person serving. A classmate took his phone, and started the stopwatch app. Hayden immediately eat the sandwiches after.
Sadly, Hayden can’t finish the sandwich in 10 minutes, leaving the losers feel guilty for what they chose.

VINCENT: Bruh. Guys, this is fucking cringe. I’ll do that soon, if you do.

FRIEND #1: OK, be a real man and do it.

HAYDEN: Well, for those losers, if you can’t do it in one year than your cheating.

After some time, everyone including Vincent left the place. Suddenly, a 20-ish year old girl came, gave Vincent a flyer.

VINCENT: Well, what’s your name?

OLIVIA: Call me Miss Olivia, and this is from the organizers of Once More.

VINCENT: Once More? Quit lollygaggin’, lady.

OLIVIA: Nah, I know what you’re saying, I play Skyrim as well, but nah, this is actually a real thing. Come inside, let me tell you.


Vincent and Olivia then talked about both Skyrim and of course the race. He seems to be very interested about it. Being confident, he decided to join the race as well. The rest is, still history.

Back to today. With 3 days prior before the race, Nathan have finally drove the fixed car as well. With spares on the back of course.

NATHAN: Here. Me and Naomi went to a nearby auto parts store for some car parts, and just before that I fixed the car for the whole fucking day.

NAOMI: Yeah. Although the parts are a bit expensive since my uncle insisted that quality is much better.

VINCENT: Well, he does have a point tho. Most cheap shit don’t last.

NAOMI: But expensive stuff don’t last forever either.

VINCENT: Well, it depends on what it is tho. If it’s the love from me to you, it is.

Naomi’s face suddenly turn red after Vincent’s talk.

NAOMI: Aww…Vince, you don’t be that romantic to me. I’m a bit…shy.

VINCENT: Nah, nobody’s leaving.

The people then entered the said house. Vincent told that his father helped him to paid the shipment of the car, and the courier would come later on in 3 hours.

3 hours later…

A truck came along, and then some guys took the car from the garage.

NATHAN: Wait, is that the guys you mentioned, Vince?

VINCENT: Yup. These are the couriers. I’ll go outside, and tell them to take it to Seattle, Washington in 2 days time.

VIncent then gone out from the house, and they told them to do what he wanted. The driver agreed, and then they left the house with the car and the spare parts.

VINCENT: Alright, let’s go. I’ll have a private jet waiting nearby, so, I’ll going to tell them.

And so, the journey begins. Would everything will go as intended, or something weird and wacky will happen? Stay tuned, because Todd Howard will rerelease Skyrim as an Automation mod port the adventure is on.


By Team “Buy Skyrim”


Team Wang Lao Ji - Prologue

Vancouver, BC

Three cans of Wang Lao Ji sat at the table at the dim sum restaurant, which currently sat Harry and Jackie. Harry orders yet another item, which reminds Jackie.

“What’s the bill at now, Harry?”


“好贵啊… (Expensive…)” Jackie muttered under his breath.

A loud roar interrupted them, turning the heads of everyone in the restaurant towards the glass entrance. The sound of an exhaust leak came from a derelict SUV. The door squeaked loudly as Anderson exited the vehicle. Harry and Jackie’s table was met with intrigued looks as Anderson sat with them.

“The fuck did you buy?” Harry asked

“China’s finest”


After Anderson had finished his portion, Harry offered to drive the decrepit SUV, which Anderson accepted swiftly (for the fact that he got to drive Harry’s Mercedes C43 home). Harry was instantly worried. The temperature gauge was well in the upper quarter, while the dash lights flickered in and out as music played through the radio. This was the car they would have to drive down to Seattle.

Harry and Jackie were already worried.



-David Johnson, American weeb who once visited the UK and made friends with Emily. Good with mechanicals and driving, once used to race karts.
-Yuri Kitahara, Japanese girl formerly hikikomori and trying to kinda… pull out of being a hikikomori? Made good friends with Emily when she visited Japan. Very good with making the most of available food and resources.
-Emily Green (Formerly “Emiri Midori”), a 25 year old super weeb. Known Haruki for many years by now, when he helped her buy a good car. A safe driver with decent skill after she drove a high performance car around a track.
-Haruki Fujikawa, a regular 26 year old Japanese man who has good knowledge of the technical components of a car, and has good welding skill.

-2004 Kiaqua Traggio. Cheap, crappy van which had rust issues due to poor quality steel, but the drivetrain was reliable.


A week before…
DAVE: “So Emily… I had this idea to go on a roadtrip across America. In a campervan.”
EMILY: “Sounds… interesting. I do want to go see America at some point… and this sounds a fun way to go about it!”
DAVE: “Great! I think we might need more than just us though… I can drive well and fix up a car, but the van should be able to fit another two.”
EMILY: “I might know a few people… one is good with cars, the other is a friend of mine who has been having problems finding interesting things to do instead of staying home.”
DAVE: “That could help with the cause… what would they bring to the table though?”
EMILY: “Yuri… I don’t really know. But she does spend a lot of time inside… and she can speak good Japanese. I think she could be good for showing us how to be efficient on our food and drink supplies as we go.”
DAVE: “And the other guy?”
EMILY: “Haruki… he does know a thing or two about cars. He could be our technician… and he can weld pretty well!”
DAVE: “Sounds like a good team! Hopefully Yuri gets along…”
EMILY: “I’ll let them know.”

One day later…
EMILY: “They’re happy to come, they’re planning on their flights to the US, as am I.”
DAVE: “Sugoi! I’ll get some parts… the van I bought I feel concerned might have an underlying rust problem…”
EMILY: “Oh… hopefully Haruki can help with that.”

Another day later…
YURI: “I have packaged my belongings. I will board the train to the airport!”
EMILY: “Me and Haruki are waiting for the gate to open, we’ll be on our way very soon! I’ll let Dave know that we’re on our way, he will pick us up in his car.”
YURI: “Yes! I am looking forward to enjoy the trip!”

Two days later… they all arrived to DAVE’s house by now.

DAVE: So I got the van ready for tomorrow, do you want to see it?
EMILY, HARUKI and YURI all answer a variation of “YES”.
DAVE: “Excellent. I left it in the garage.”

The four walk over to the garage. DAVE opens the door, revealing… a van.

YURI: “Of all things, you chose this. This van is… not good to me!”
DAVE: “It’ll be fine, it was only $500 as these are not very desirable…”
EMILY: “It’s got a certain charm… reminds me of Japanese vans.”
HARUKI: “That is because, it is in fact a rebadged Japanese van, only modernised and made in Korea. It is a Kiaqua SuperTraggio, more exactly a high end ELX model with a turbo diesel engine. This one is presumably a 1997, but these were made until 2004 in this style.”
DAVE: “Correct. This one is a 2004, and a combi van so it has 5 seats; two in the front and three in the rear. There is lots of space for parts and for us to sleep.”
HARUKI: “Does it run? I am mostly concerned with the chassis and body though… even though these had a corrosion protection of kinds, they still had noticeable corrosion problems owing to poor quality steel and undercoating.”
DAVE: “It sure does run. I’ll go start it up.”
*DAVE enters the van, and inserts the key to the ON position.”
DAVE: “I need to give it a moment, the glow plugs need to warm up.”
Two minutes later… a loud starter motor sound was heard as the engine was being cranked. After a few long seconds of cranking, the engine fired up with a huge racket and a noticeable cloud of soot from behind.
EMILY: “It’s really loud, reminds me of the white van drivers who always creeped me out in their rusty and old white vans.”
DAVE: “That’s the Kiaqua SuperTraggio for you, they were shunned for being really loud.”
YURI: “Sounds like a truck. I hope to not be run over, like the shows!”
DAVE: “Like an isekai?”
YURI: “Yes, I think.”
DAVE: “This engine also doesn’t run particularly well, it’s quite a drinker, especially for a diesel engine.”
EMILY: “Not good… why can’t we take the car?”
DAVE: “I don’t think that we can make a road trip in my 2012 Katsuragi, it’s only a compact sedan after all!”
EMILY: “Oh yeah… I guess we might as well take the van. Let’s take a look inside!”
DAVE: “Why not? The inside is in pretty good condition, and I fitted the back with a mattress so three of us can sleep on the mattress, and one on the rear bench.”
DAVE opens the side door of the van.
EMILY: “I like it! It seems really cosy and cute inside.”
YURI: “Sleeping on the floor… it reminds me of some traditional houses back in Japan.”
EMILY: “Wait… is that MANGA? I really look forward to the trip!”
YURI: “Ok… Sometimes I am confused with why you are so obsessed with my home country.”
DAVE: “So, you are all coming?”
The three others reply with variations of “YES”.
DAVE: “Also, we’re not alone on this trip. 24 other teams are taking this journey, we can meet new people and make friends!”
YURI: “I don’t have many friends…”
DAVE: “You’ll make some, trust me.”
YURI: “T-thanks.”
DAVE: “I think we should go sleep, it’s about 1:00 in the morning.”
They all go to sleep in DAVE’s house.



Pit Stop US

All three hosts are in the car, smoke is pouring off the rear tires.
James: This time on Pit Stop, we take a limo cross country!
Nathan: And Drift it too!
Car lurches forward, tire smoke filling the camera view.

[Catchy pop-rock song plays]

This is Pit Stop US with the crew…

Nathan - Age = Mid 30s. Has a knack for fixing electronics, but never actually makes stuff work better.

James - Slightly large and probably in charge. Age = Just turned the big 5 0. Worked as a mechanic in the UK for a while. Actually good at wiring stuffs.

Charles - Older, Wiser, but not-quite the mentor. Age = Um, old as dirt. (Early 60s) Generally the sensible one, not easily angered.

Pit Stop US is a “semi-professional” Youtube show (sort of the combination of Roadkill and Top Gear UK.)

[Yes, there will be a camera van following the trio, but the camera guys are strictly there to film, they will not interfere, nor help out in any way.]

Day -1

Natan and Charles are at an undsclosed location.
Nathan: Alright here’s the setup. It’s James’s big five oh birthday, and we wanted to surprize him with a little something special for this trip.
Charles: Yeah, hes’a done gotten old now. He, he…
N: So we decided to get a nice, “fun” car he doesn’t have to drive himself.
C: He’s gonna like this one. Its’a specially fun when we do douhnuts.
Both bright eyed with this secret car for James.
N: Now, we do have to do some work to it to get it running again, but that shouldn’t take much… I think.

They round a corner to reveal a 1978 Torg Limo sitting in an old industrial lot.

C: Whooo, boy, here we go!
N: For those at home, don’t believe for a second this is a stock Limo… Pops the hood… Feast your eyes on this!
C: Yeah, thats’a what we talking about! It’s got’an AEA 455ci V8 in 'er! And she’sa tuned up a bits!
N: The previous owner said it got that built 455 in 1985 with a 4 speed auto and limited slip rear end as well! He said he thought it was making over 350 hp! What this really means is that this Limo will be a riot to drift!

They start digging in to make the car work again, some wiring is hanging from the dash, and the interior had all the safety equipment stripped in its prior life, but the seats were kept, just in the lot, not actually installed on the car.

N: Look at these seats! Just mint! Not even a rip or tear!
C: Too bad the mini bar was ripped out’er her though!
Both chuckle
N: Well the sun roof might still work. Here, help me get those seats back in!

They start re-installing the seats only to find a small problem…

N: Oooh! Oof, that’s not good! The seat sits in the car, but the bolt holes are so rusted they don’t hold anything anymore.
C: Ya, did’a check them frame to see if its’a ok?
N: Um…, no… Takes a flash light and stars peering under the car intensely. Ewww, ooof! That’s sorta bad! The frame is cracked and a bit rotted out.
C: Oof, ya know tes things are not known for der straight frames. They sag eventually cuz of the weight.
N: Well, that makes sence. Ok, we’ll just have to work with what we’ve got. It was only $465.
C: And that motor has an unknown ammount of miles on 'er.
N: True, but the previous owner said he got it running at least twice last year. Who knows when it had it’s last tune up though.
C: Yeah. Thud! Charles had decided to just sit down in the rear seat and take a break.

Some time later…

The engine coughs to life
Charles: Whoo! You got 'er going!
Nathan: Haha! Yes! We got this now! James is going to be so surprized!
C: Let’s take 'er ona test run… Make sure dem brakes are good and stuff!
N: Ok, I’m driv-
C: Na, give me the driver’s seat! I’ll show ya how it’s really driven!

With Nathan in the far back seat, Charles takes the car out slow at first… Making sure all the brakes, engine, and tranny work good enough. Then he floors it pulling onto the back road! The car instantly goes sideways, rear tires screaming in smoke.

Charles: Yeehaawwww!!!
Nathan: Whoo, boy…

Day 0

Nathan and Charles are meeting up with James in his surprize birthday present. James has no idea, and beleives they were just getting a car for Charles. James watches the rusty, but strong sounding Limo pull up…

James: What is this! Has he gotten so old he needs Nathan to be his chauffeur? Then he notices Charles is driving. The limo comes to a stop in front of James.
James: What’s this?
Charles: This is yer retirement fund in action!
J: I don’t believe this. You got yourself a limo?
Charles gives a sly smile.
J: Are we using this for the Once More run?
Charles is smiling a little bigger now.
J: You gotta be joking! Really? … I can’t believe you!
Nathan sits up, awakened from his nap… still sleepy.
Nathan: Oh, where there. Hi James. Happy birthday! This is your present!
James is now in a state of disbelief and surprise
J: You, you? You really bought me a crappy limo for my big birthday?
N: It’s pretty neat actually, just some little problems with the dual ac systems. …And maybe a little bit of sketch with the frame, but it does Amazing Burnouts!
C: Yeah, this thing goes as fast as some muscle cars!
J: You’re kidding me, right? You’re both idiots for getting a limo, a limo of all cars, for this road trip. Get out.
Nathan, still a little groggy, obeys and walks back a step after shutting the door. James gets in the far back.
James: Drive please.
Charles: My pleasure… Charles proceeds to drive like a professional maniac, burnouts, doughnuts, and sliding the 5,000 lb Limo through corners like it’s a skate board.
James actually starts enjoying himself and looses any hard feelings for Nathan or Charles.
Charles: Whooo! This reminds me of de time I worked at’a private security ferm in Alabamer… Or was dat Leouisia?
J: Louisiana you mean?
C: Yeah, tats the one… er maybe it was Alabamer?
J: We should go get Nathan and get this thing prepared.

That night they gather camping supplies and spare parts to bring with on their journey.