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Option to apply trim material to fixtures disappeared


Up to the last time I played the game a couple days ago, I could select the material/paint of the car trim for most fixtures like the outline of a grille, a door handle, etc. but that option has suddenly disappeared out of this menu:

…now showing only the paint slots for the body (and of course the default materials) as options. This is obviously problematic because I, for example want to match my grille surround and door handles to my piano white window trim, but cannot anymore…

…like I used to be able to, as seen in for example the gold detailing on this car:

I tried this with a very large range of body styles and the option was gone for all of them and basic actions such as restarting the game and/or steam didn’t help, as expected.

EDIT: Really sorry for not waiting like 15 more minutes before posting, it isn’t actually a bug/glitch/etc, turns out I just managed to not test like the 5 body styles that specify “window trim” which can be used as a material for fixtures. Now I just wish I could use whichever trim from the car so it wouldn’t be restricted to those body styles. Again sorry for prematurely asking for help.


Cant say correctly, but i think its possible tu use whatever trims colors for bumper bars(specially the modded ones), its the way almost everyone use for details like these