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Our Name Here Motors: 1985 Family Car


Damn commies



Making changes, comrade.

changes done comrade.
ONHM Share - Family.car (39.4 KB)

no visual change. only functional

changes done

quality points on valvetrain
turbo setup ‘fix’ (who tuned that thing?)

  • intercooler size up
  • turbine size down

tire size change (because staggered tire setup isn’t cheap)
suspension setup change, just the cambers tho (who decided positive camber on the back and -2 on the front is good? oversteers like hell.)


Ehhh, I left it tuned reasonably (and without needless modesty I can say I really know how to tune turbos in this game) and hoped that nobody will touch it not knowing what they’re doing… Yeah, what did I expect :joy:


you were just unlucky then :stuck_out_tongue:

but really… you are not new here… i thought you would have known how to by now.


I’m 100% sure the tune you’ve seen wasn’t mine. I think I left the turbine at minimal size and intercooler at 100% flow.


hmm i dunno. who made it make 115hp?

just the 2 turbo setup change and nothing else except for the valvetrain quality made it make 125hp now with much less spooling time


10 changes is soon out when you have to stanced the car. Mechanical improvements usually go out the window then.