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Our Youtube motoring channel


Hello everybody,

About a year ago me and 2 friends tried to start a youtube channel about our shared interest: Cars and Motorcycles. We do not really have any specific goal with this, it is more for our own entertainment and enjoyment of the hobby.
At the moment we focus on driving cinematics. Our plan for the future is to introduce spoken reviews but this format is still in development.
As we do have only very little time to do these kind of videos (we are all students and working) we upload POVs aswell to keep some content going when there is no time to do a cinematic.


Here are 2 examples of our latest cinematics, more are to be found on the channel

The cars we film currently are either from friends, people we know or by ourselves.
We are based in Tulln near Vienna/Austria, if you are from the area we can make a video about your ride aswell;)

Let me know what you think, we are constantly trying to improve and get things better. Please tell me both what you like and what you do not like about the videos, this helps us a lot!

Hope you enjoy :wink:


Amazing work! Did you take videography cues from channels like Petrolicious, I wonder?


Sure, we do get a lot of inspiration by different other YT channels like petroclicious, even though their level of skill is hard to achieve