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Pagasus motorsport


thank you, I will make all my cars have a catalytic converter soon, and thank you for the feedback, that help me a lot.


the 2010 Pagasus Aqua, the 2010 hypercar with over 700hp from a 6L V10 naturally aspirated, it got a awd drivetrain and a 6 speed DCT so that it can goes from 0-100km/h in just 2.4 seconds and a top speed of 385.2km/h. It also got some comfortable interior and a premium CD player too so that you don’t get boring going over 3 times the speed limit at the highway.(not recommended by Pagasus motorsport)

Pagasus_-_Aqua.car (30.6 KB)


The 2020 Pagasus Motorsport P-01, the pinnacle of enginering, made by the world best engineers. this open wheel race car is use for dominate the new fomurla X series, it has a 5.6L V10 naturally aspirated making more than 900hp. with a rwd drivetrain and 7 speed lightweight DCT, it can goes from 0-100km/h in just 2.5 sconds and have a top speed of 378km/h. it only weights 1053kg and it can make about 1804.2kg of downforce at 374.5km/h in the rear and 872.5kg of downforce at 374.5km/h at the front. And it just cost you $10,000,000, And Yes, $10,000,000.

Pagasus_motorsport_-_P-01.car (89.8 KB)
made with 3d placement and time


love to hear some feedback, let me know what you think of this car.


I didn’t know that was a mod of that type! It’s amazing! Now i want to do one too!


The 2020 Pagasus motorsport P-01 street prototype, much cheaper , same the fun. it has a 5.6L v10 naturally aspirated making more that 700hp, it has a rwdrivetrain witha 6speed DCT which makes it can goes from 0-100km/h in just 2.8 seconds and have a topspeed of 390km/h. It only weight just 1071kg, little bit heavyer but it got a basic infotament so that you don’t get bored in a car jam. it only cost you $3,100,000, more than half price of the P-01.
Pagasus_motorsport_-_P-01_street_proto.car (71.0 KB)