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Paris Motor Show 2016 [Automation Edition]


Hmmmm pity the toga cant have a hatch varient…but strop I am coming after GG for the fastest rwd car from an Auatralian manufacturer…it just may take up the rest of the budget but meh…in the interest of good sportsmanship and to put DSD back in the headlines…and cause GG has some cool employees and id rather spend time with them gathering info on the sly…


That’s one of the hottest hatches I’ve ever seen on this forum - how fast will it go around the Green Hell?


Man that things looks like serious business.


It’s actually not that serious, could be faster but I wanted it to score as high as I could with the current body and engine.

Does 1:24 around the ‘‘Top Automation Gear’’ track, so fast enough for a hot compact sedan.


Looks like @phale won’t be lonely anytime soon in the cheaper family segment :smile:


DeusExMackia - Thanks! :wink:

ramthecowy - Thanks! :wink:

abg7 - We are currently testing the car at Ring … laptimes keeps improving! Soon we release more info :wink:


#Mott Works Automotive
Earlier this year we revealed our 1111 supercar

Now we’ve made a new 1111.

This 1111 doesnt have the 1111hp of the supercar but what it does have is an 1111cc engine making 150hp which in a car that weighs just over 2000lbs allows it to do 0-60 in 6.4 seconds. It’s also able to reach 150mph and get 53mpg while being incredibly agile and it costs just $17,700. There is also a convertible version available for just $1,500 more.



In the last few days of the Paris Show, ECV finnaly took their stage.

“Due to some Shipping and Transport errors, we are un-able to show the EV Sports car, the Hybrid Hatch, or the New Rune. We are, however, able to show you the 2017 Pyxis 2, and the 2017 Mammoth 4.” says ECV CEO Hana Myara.

“First, the Mammoth Mk 4. This is the Pre-production Concept for the new Mammoth Mk IV GT. With an all new 6666cc V12 engine, making around 550hp, this is our new Luxo-barge.”

“We began by designing an all new front end, keeping it looking similar to a normal road car. All 542hp are sent to the rear wheels, and are set to make a new way forward.”

“Moving to the rear is where things become… different. Here, we let go. The main tail-lights are at the bottom and at the top, below the lip. However, at night, the side lights are also used, increasing the visibility of the car.”

“Now, onto the main attraction. I would like to invite head of ECV-R, Marko Arun, to introduce Pyxis.”

“Greetings, Paris. I am Marko Arun, director of ECV Racing, and head of the Pyxis 2 Development Program. After my help on the Limbo EV project from a few years back, I was put at the forefront of creating a new Flagship. We had no brief, and a blank cheque. We could do whatever we wanted.”

“We wanted to try something different. So, instead of using large wings, and lips, we decided to use flaps, not too dissimilar to that of an aircraft. Mounted to the Bonnet are two flaps, used to help braking, assist in high-speed cornering, and keep the Pyxis planted at high speeds. We also used tech from our GT cars, creating Carbon canards, and a carbon lip to also assist in downforce. Almost all components used in the body are carbon fibre, or some other CF based material.”

“Moving around to the side, you can see that there is a very simple profile, with no large wing, or other protrusion to mess with the flow of the lines. The side exit exhausts are mainly a design choice, and allow for a smother rear-end.”

“Moving to the rear, and on the engine cover, are the main cooling vents, and behind them, are our rear flaps. these flaps are entirely independent from each other, allowing them to apply differing forces through a corner, and at speed. The rear flaps have 2 planes of movement, a side-to-side rotation (Note: Like the swaying of a boat at rest), and an up-and-down rotation (Note: Like a Car/bike doing a wheelie/stoppie). The rear is simple, in normal ECV fashion. Simple band taillights, indicators, and reverse lights, however, the new ECV high-end Badge is shown on the back, a new designation of ECV Range toppers. Any questions?”


@rcracer11m Interesting idea with the new 1111. You essentially have a sub-£20k track day car that manages to get incredible fuel economy, great job!

@Vri404 Very nice presentation, love the detail. What are the performance stats of the Pyxis?


##Paris Motor Show 2016 - [color=lightblue]Erin[/color] and Erin[color=turquoise]Sport[/color] - Part 2
With the sportier vehicles done and dealt with, it’s time to look at some of the other new models that Erin released this year.

(Apologies for the double post!)

Starting off is the new Erin Bino.

This is the company’s first venture into the city car market, and is also a new ‘world car’ for Erin. It’s being built at its own special facility in Leicester (~15 miles south of the main factory) where both right hand drive and left hand drive variants can be produced.

The Bino aims to be a functional, practical and reliable vehicle, acting as a cheap way to get around urban areas in it’s main European market, but also as a low cost car for developing parts of the world, allowing more people to experience the benefits of the automobile.

Features such as a split folding boot (with tail gate), 7" TapTouch™ infotainment system and fold-flat rear seats distinguish the Bino from its competitors, while options such as All Wheel Drive make this one of the most advanced city cars ever made.

Stats and Prices
Prices range from £8820 for the entry-level S trim up to £11130 for the top of the range Vox trim (excluding optional extras)

Construction details are as follows:

All trims come with the same Pureon 1.0l TDi TwinC Engine, producing 58 hp with a very smooth torque-power curve.

S 1.0l - from £8820
14" steel wheels, standard stereo radio unit, basic interior, air con, ABS

Lex 1.0l - from £10500
14" alloy wheels, 7" TapTouch™ infotainment, standard interior, air con, ABS,

Vox 1.0l - from £11130
15" alloy wheels, 7" TapTouch™ infotainment, standard interior with more material choices, air con, heated seats, ABS

We now move onto the recently facelifted Erin Tauga.

The newly updated compact sedan has received great feedback since being announced two weeks ago. Full details of the vehicle can be found here.

The Tauga has always centred on not being the car of the future, but the car you’ll be driving in 5 or 10 years time. One of the biggest achievements with the Mk 3 Tauga was to include standard features that you wouldn’t find as standard anywhere else - adaptive suspension, limited slip differentials and collision mitigation systems. And now that it’s been facelifted, the car looks better than ever.

Along with this update, the new Tauga X was finally released after 2 years in development.

The 190 mph, 417 bhp super sedan has been well received, and it’s shaping up to be one of Erin’s best cars in years. @Madrias described it as “the most fun I’ve had with a sports-compact” in his round of the CSR (source).

In response to some feedback received (and in order to qualify for review the car is entering), the price has been dropped to £49800 for the base model. All of the performance stats remain unchanged.

Stats and Prices
After the recent beta update, the prices and stats of the car changed quite considerably, which is why new figures are being released here. Because I’m being lazy, I’m only showing the stats for each trim level of the Saloon version - the differences between this and the Tourer and Coupe versions are minor.

S 2.0l/2.4l - Saloon from £20760, Coupe from £20862, Tourer from £22360
Faux-leather interior, standard detailing, choice of 16" and 17" wheels, standard sound system, premium air-con system, lite cruise control system, collision mitigation system, 5 USB charging ports, in-car internet**

Lex 2.0l/2.4l/2.5l - Saloon from £26040, Coupe from £26230, Tourer from £27225
Leather interior, chrome detailing, choice of 16"-19" wheels, improved sound system, full cruise control system, dual-zone climate control, collision mitigation system, 5 USB charging ports, in-car internet**

Vox 2.4l/2.5l - Saloon from £30240, Coupe from £30353, Tourer from £31200
Leather interior, chrome detailing, choice of 16" to 19" wheels, Bang & Oulfsen sound system, full cruise control system, dual-zone climate control, RoadSmart pack as standard, 5 USB charging ports plus wireless charging pad, tinted rear windows, in-car internet**

X 3.3 - Saloon from £49800
Sports interior, optional bucket seats with 3 point harness, 18" custom wheels, Bang & Oulfsen sound system, full cruise control, dual-zone climate control, RoadSmart pack, 5 USB charging ports plus wireless charging pad, tinted rear windows, in-car internet**, all-active suspension, 7 speed DCT transmission, active cooling flaps, X button plus XTune settings, electronic active limited slip differential

Prices and statistics have now also been updated on the original post for this car.

Also on display is a concept of the upcoming Erin Visto.

Production of the 4th generation of this supermini ended this year, and its replacement is expected sometime in the next 6 months. Officials from Erin said that while this is a pre-production concept, the final version will not be too dissimilar.

No statistics for the car have been released, but we can expect it to have a range of 1.0l to 1.4l engines, average around 50 mpg and cost between £11k and £16k.

This concludes Erin’s display at the Paris Motor Show 2016. Questions, queries, comments and complaints are all welcome!

Erin and ErinSport - Historical Thread [Erin Tauga Mk1]

I am suprise the Erin Bino is not a 3 cylinder car but anyway great job Erin , British engineering at it finest!

I just hope that Erin cars are cheaper a little .


Engine details have yet to be released, we’re still finalising that. A 3 cylinder engine is on the cards however.

And perhaps they could be a little cheaper, but it’s what you have to pay for the kind of quality Erin delivers.


Sakana Has Announced Two More Cars from Performanace Department - Sakana Performance Division (SPD)

##2017 Erica SPD

  • Derived from Erica SPD Cup Car
  • Use the same 1.2L GDI Turbocharged engine as the Cup Car counterpart
  • Available with 6-Speed Manual and 6-Speed Rapidshift™ Dual Clutch Transmission
  • Equipped with Torsen® Limited-Slip Differential
  • Co-developed with Brembo® for Sport Ventilated Disc Brakes and KW® for Suspensions
  • Equipped with Michelin® Pilot Sport 4 Tyres (205/40R17)
  • Price started from $13,000 - $14,100 (Provisional)

2017 Tarpon SPD

  • Share the same motorsport-bred from his Rally Car counterpart - Tarpon SPD IRS Rally Car
  • Use the same 2.0L GDI Turbocharged engine as the Rally Car counterpart (Only in Gasmea. For Fruinia, only 2.2L GDI Turbocharged engine is available due to fuel availability)
  • Sakana 4All-Terrain System (4ATS) equipped
  • Available with 6-Speed Manual and 7-Speed Rapidshift™ Dual Clutch Transmission
  • Equipped with Torsen® Limited-Slip Differential
  • Equipped with Sakana iSuspension Sport™ Active Suspension System
  • Sport Ventilated Disc Brakes Co-developed with Brembo®
  • Equipped with Michelin® Pilot Sport 4 Tyres (225/35R18)
  • Available in 2-Door Coupe and 4-Door Sedan
  • Price started from $22,900 - $25,000 (Provisional)


But one thing , can you beat the C2000R ?



Everyone is going to be hot on their heels, trust me @Yamahafazer600


well…our Tarpon SPD is marketed as daily rally car, hence do not produce 368hp. C2000R can surely beat us by miles :sweat_smile:



We promised to give you a hot hatch that is totally unique. We decided against the high output l4 turbo and fitted a V8 turbo in it.
But well, horsepower is not too impressive as we wanted to keep it usable in daily traffic.

If you sign a contract at this show, it is yours for a bearable 35k.

CMT. Why not?


Here is a teaser of the merchandise available for Bell Automotive customers

More details coming soon on the Bell Automotive thread…

credit @ramthecowy for the T-Shirts


In the first post, it says 1Th not 1st…