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PDC 8 - In For The Long Haul (Truck Finals Now Out)


Sorry for the wait

This was what I was doing instead of this


Anyway. Let’s get into the vans, where I can’t be bothered to take actual pictures cause the morphs keep resetting on the vans you’d see on holiday in Malaysia.

@ZoomZoomer32 - TransCargo Vality
Chairman: Although stat wise… this is good, but in terms of good looks, we have no good looks.

For it’s size it’s quite spacious, and fairly reliable too!
Not all that comfortable compared to some opposition and economy is about average.

:arrow_right: Apart from the questionable styling… it’s not the worst!

@DoctorNarfy - MEN Superbvan LD

Chairman: Let me guess. £2000000 again?
What!? Even more!? Sod that then.
:wastebasket: Same as the other MEN Product - taking the Michael when it comes to price. To be fair, it is actually one of the best looking vans I received.

@Jaimz - FM CarGo
Chairman: An improvement on whatever the hell that other thing was… but it still looks like a child with some crayons designed it… and it doesn’t even have the nice paintjob. I’m also told it broke down coming off the back of the lorry…
:wastebasket: The worst in terms of utility/actually being a good van, and the worst reliability out of the pack.

@Tzuyu_main & @That-S-cop - Seikatsu StarCarry

Chairman: Economical, reliable, comfortable, good looking, what more could you want?
:arrow_right: Good all rounder and worthy of the final.

@Dorifto_Dorito - ACA EcoFlow
Chairman: How the hell does this van manage to have economy 3x less than that of some other entries? 12MPG, compared to an average of around 30MPG… shocking. Shame cause it looks good.
:wastebasket: Seriously… that MPG is awful.

@BootlegScarce - Miku Express
Chairman: You know what… aside from the weird Russian looks… this van is very good, utility and reliability are some of the highest, with fairly average comfort and economy.
:arrow_right: Really good utility (Best in group apart from the MaxMax £2500000 MEN Superbvan)

Finalists for the vans

@Tzuyu_main & @That-S-cop

3 finalists, but I want to keep it consistent with the lorries, so they all get longer, more wordy responses and then get ranked.

So yeah, expect the next part in 2 weeks after I’ve finished whatever the hell I’ll be doing

Probably this (I think you know what I mean)



Good to know we are going Consistent. One for the Lorries and Vans.


I wasn’t raving this time

It’s the van finals!

To remind you, the finalists are:
@Tzuyu_main & @That-S-cop

I genuinely don’t think I can go into too much depth/lore on these finalists as there’s genuinely not much to say, so a brief summary should do… right?

3rd Place

@ZoomZoomer32 - TransCargo Vality

The least visually pleasing van of the remaining 3, with the least comfort too. With average reliability and fuel economy of the 3, it wasn’t a stand out entry.

2nd Place

@BootlegScarce - Miku Express
This van scored well with utility, but dropped points on economy, being fairly average otherwise, while total points were the highest, due to its size and utility, it fell short compared to the winner in the other categories.

1st Place

@Tzuyu_main & @That-S-cop - Seikatsu StarCarry
you probably guessed already
All round a good van, only beaten in utility by the Miku (of the remaining vans), and coming out on top for the rest, this van is a very worthy winner, even if the morphs did reset on it, meaning I just used the provided screenshots.

So, well done @Tzuyu_main & @That-S-cop and please bare in mind, that the lorry results are to come next week, because I put it off and put it off until I say “sod it, people are probably wondering what the hell has happened” and actually do it.

Until next week, enjoy this lot of results.


Chelaransk is going to be knocking at your door with a spetznaz car and an angle grinder :joy:
Just kidding, but great job van people!


Yay podium


epic gg



Please define week. :laughing:


Apologies, I just haven’t got round to it. I will have to do it this week, probably tomorrow, as I’m busy today and away for most of next week.


Okay. Sorry for the delay.

It’s time boys! The Lorry Finals!

Once again, the finalists are:
@Tzuyu_main & @That-S-cop

4th Place

@TheTechnoVampire - Kazuki Jino Great Master

The benefit of the doubt ends here. While it’s very good looking, the stats are far too broken to assess this properly. I wish I could rank it higher, but I can’t.

3rd Place

@Tzuyu_main & @That-S-cop

A good looking van, with fairly good reliability and great economy. Utility is too low to be any higher, therefore it gets 3rd.

2nd Place

@Keikyun - Daesan Power Traggio
A good looking truck, with good economy, but it had too low comfort and too low utility to make the winner’s position.

1st Place

@Falling_Comet - Yama Mori G6

Good utility, good comfort, it looks the part, and it has a fairly good level of reliability. The only weakness is economy, but as a large truck, it’s not too bad. Well done.

So, that means that this final’s winner is @Falling_Comet .
You will have to liaise with @Tzuyu_main & @That-S-cop to decide whoever hosts the next, if available.


After a small chat in discord
I will be hosting another challenge… and this happens to be right up my alley…