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PDC 9 - 11, Cuff 'Em. Stuff 'Em REDEMPTION [Finished]


What mods are you guys using to get sirens? I couldn’t find any… Here’s mine:

5.3L pushrod V8 turbo - 233bhp, 370lb-ft and 16mpg


Drift’s Mod Pack (4.24) has 1 light bar. I fiddled around with it and got it to look halfway decent.


There are some round police lights too, not sure what pack though


I’ll probably adapt a model I already designed just for the heck of it without mins for a challenge… Which means my stats are going to be miserable, but I’ll still have fun.


The 1982 Valiant Montrose police package


'82 ACME Balboa Enforcer (SO56)

The platform
The Balboa was introduced in 1978 to replace ACME’s aging mid size offerings. It was slightly more compact than the old model and featured a semi-monocoque design to improve interior space and save weight, but retain a ladder-frame supported rear axle for maximum strength. The goal was to provide a fuel efficient platform without increasing production costs.
As with all ACME products the new sedan is designed to sell on price alone, and ideally ordered in bulk.
The 1982 model Balboa recieved a new, smoother front end and various other aerodynamic tweaks like a new set of side mirrors.

The drivetrain
The biggest news for 82 was a brand new six cylinder engine to replace the thirsty smallblock-V8 and the outdated ‘Liberty six’. It features a modern, multi-valve SOHC cylinder head, electronic fuel injection and can be ordered with 3.3 or 4 litres of displacement. The 3-speed automatic transmission now features a locking torque converter.

The Enforcer
This demonstrator was fitted with every possible special-order option available to law enforcement agencies.
It features:

  • a full police radio setup
  • a handling package consisting uprated disc brakes instead of rear drum brakes, a front anti-roll-bar, softer compound tires and a limited-slip differential
  • bucket-style front seats replacing the standard bench seat to free up interior space
  • roof mounted emergency lights and siren plus another set of flashers on the trunk lid to improve visibilty during roadside stops
  • front and rear push bars, sump protection and an a-pillar mounted search light
  • 1 of 4 generic two-tone police livery variants which will only require minimal additional

Prices start at 14300$ for the civilian-spec base model while the fully loaded ‘SO56’ will cost around 16.900$ (prices depending on order volume)

Gets 17.6 mpg btw, the economy really suffered from the extra kit. The regular model gets 21.


1982 Alba Santiago - Cruiser

((note: pictured scenario is NOT accurate to the car’s performance))

The Santiago is just your average joe’s car, Which means, It’s pretty good at stuff like carrying your groceries, Or picking up your drunk pal from a bar.

With the Cruiser model, You’ll be able to do the same, But replacing the groceries with Police equipment, And your drunk pal with a drunk Idiot, Who you will be picking up by force.

small gallery


MAHG Upsilon Version Police

This Upsilon has been equipped with everything needed to match the requirement for the Gasmean Law Enforcement

Based on the middle-range trim, It has been optimised for best in class S.Costs and Relaibility.

The updated V8 has gone through a lot! The carbs have been replaced by a MPFI system,the lower end has been through a revamp and exhaust optimised.

Bodywise, we can deliver this car whatever the livery you want and we leave you all the decals and roof lights to be installed.


S.Costs: 716.7
Reliability:E 65.3 ,T 69
Boot Space:828L
Fuel economy: 15.6L/100
Cost: 22 200
Safety: 51.2
Comfort: 34.9
Sportiness: 0


1982 Legion Park Royal

Introduced in 1982, the Legion Park Royal was the first full-size Legion model since the early 1960s. Based on a model that was classified as a compact just a few years ago in the mid 1970s, a change in classification standards had moved the model into full-size territory, and a more formal design and name were created to match.

Fleet sales were a major target with the Park Royal, including police use. The police package included a shorter final drive ratio, limited slip differential, wider wheels and tires, heavy-duty brake shoes, and heavy-duty suspension with stiffer springs and a larger front sway-bar. Top engine choice was the 309ci 5.1 liter V8, with dual exhaust and electronic throttle body injection.


Your department need to aproach your cities, full of archieving criminals, with an overachiever car! No one will be able to escape in anything made internally when your deputies are driving the German car of the year! Get ready to experience REAL power, REAL handling, REAL confort! Hop in the new Baiern SC32 Highway Patrol edition! Feel the power of the high revving, ultra reliable B30M32 Inline 6 engine! Mounted on this lightweight, refined chassis, it can outmatch any heavy V8 car, Including your old Police Interceptors! Order your fleet now!


The Trident Griffin.
An amount of litres of anglo american Muscle.
Stylish, affordable, Reliable
now with added outmodedness


The 1982 Silverhare Cavallaro Interceptor

The Cavallaro has all of the features you want and need from an American full size car:
Front engine, rear wheel drive? Check.
Antediluvian suspension architecture? Check.
Two park benches inside? Check.
Massive trunk? Check.
A 5.9 liter V8 dating to the 1950s that barely produces 200hp? Double Check.


1982 Denver Kingsman Police Special

Powered 6.0L pushrod V8, produce up to 200hp* powering the rear wheel, it is the certainly a perfect role for the police force.

    • not final horsepower yet, still tuning the engine.


You better Submit this time :laughing:


Stop in the name of the LUAAAAH


Yonder Liger mk2 328 Law Enforcement Package
With Jet-Tec fuel injection for power and endurance. Low 16s 1/4 mile, 15.4mpg.
Yonder - American spirit & ingenuity.


Cheeseburgers, Apple Pie, and Armor Motors

The 1982 Armor Briar Pursuit Package


3 hours till submissions end!

Submissions ended, results… soon enough


Here’s Faolan’s entry into the police car fray. The 1982 Faedyn H-code. The H standing for highway patrol, which is fitting because it has plenty of cruising velocity with it’s 500 ci V8.


Stats for my car:


I know this is rich coming from me given how long I’ve taken with TMCC9, but any status updates?