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[PDC] Political Design Challenge Rond 6: D.E.C.O.Y


I did ask twice to be fair lol. Could have done with the clarification


I understand that you would like a list of mods used. Is there an easy way to do that? Thx!


For the 1974 Rally Class, Monarch offers the Rookie P416 Rally Espana.

More of the Rookie


easiest for you is to post pictures of it, don’t worry, I’ll figure out the rest c;

We didn’t exactly specify the type of racing sport, given that the reqirements overlap strongly; the example cars both raced rally and track.
We’re confident though that the requirements like safety and steel construction force the cars to be street legal, though.


Ya know what, that sounds like a fantastic idea

Well, I tried, but I couldn’t get it in under budget :upside_down_face:
It was pretty good for being 1600kg somehow

Back to the drawing board


I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to get engine reliability over 50 without making the unit do 2000 RPM and being massively oversquare.


I think it’s just for the car’s overall reliability, because I went through the same thing

Pretty much ended up with a stonking big I3 with Fuel Injection


La bandera es eterna
Pipi Bandera R


It’s a little odd that the classic Mini is an inspiration, but the body dates to 1955 thus being disqualified for the challenge.


i see, clarified as overall reliability in case that wasn’t clear

also hush, the ascona’s too modern too, that is not the point :v
10 L i6 tho


Saenz Fidelis R S1300

I feel like it’d be down on horsepower by quite a bit, but the body restricts too-large engines. For the size it has though, I squeezed everything I could out of it.

It might look a bit bare, but I based it on the Fiat 126p without trying to make it a 1/1 replica.


7 days to go, 8 entrants so far; We still got capacity c;


Here’s number 9 :wink:

Decarlis Acalant



An established motorsport-bred chassis developed for the Spanish market. Equipped with our 1.85L SOHC revving all the way to 7800rpm with an estimated 165hp at the crank, it’s no slouch. Small, practical, accessible, simple, the TEK RSV is fantastically affordable without skimping on competitiveness.

Fully developed final design


Katsuro Vatina SR and SR-R


wow, a lot of these cars look really nice

Might need to outsource the design department here lol


Wait a minute, are we building cars to be raced, or are we building cars to be scored?


It’s a single make cup, time don’t really need to be competitive to another

also just a heads-up: Race decals aren’t nessecary, submit which you think looks better in it’s own right :v


Oh right the deadline is CET (+1)


36 Hours to go;

a bit :c