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[PDC] Political Design Challenge Rond 6: D.E.C.O.Y


I must say that the way it was ICly handled was magnificent. “Someone stole a German scientist to build the fuel system for him” :rofl:


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Time to block that request, as you handed it down, and it has already been taken by someone else.


yea-Hup, I totally fudged this by actually making a Street car rather than a race ready one.
Also, I will gladly ship over some units for the drivers who would like a car of their own.


I honestly don’t know how I had that much ET left over to just dump that much into it

I think I had a 3cyl with an ohc with a su carb, so I guess that leaves a lot to just dump

it really didn’t need it, but I just thought I’d use the ET because I had a lot to spare