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[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 10: Parks and Recreation


Batz Berber 4000G
Jointly developed with Toyhatsu, the Berber sports independent front suspension, AWD and a 4.0 inline six for adequate power. It is designed to support a wide range of operations including mall crawling
What sets it apart from its sibling, is the three-valve head, more modern automatic, gas dampers and aluminium roof and bonnet.
The G trim offers the most essential amenities like power steering and aircon, but not the full safety package. It’s a very sporty utility vehicle…if the driver is, outside the car.



So far I have entries from the following people:

If you haven’t sent in your submission yet you have about two days left. I’m starting to score the entries now. Good luck to all!


Duhen Co. JP will be sending it’s american offering for your precinct’s new fleet. The new Duhen Elsinore, on the DCA trim, includes a premium and comfortable interior, a top of the line 4x4 system, paired to a top notch automatic transmission, and our tried and proven, Hauler’s co-developed, DE99 4.3l V8 engine, along with an optional bull bar, side steps and external spare tire. We hope the vehicles are more than what your officers are expecting!



…actually about 23 minutes ago. I have a few more to score and then I’ll try and post the results as soon as possible. Maybe by later tonight…


The results are in! It was nice to see some variety with the builds. Everyone did fairly well with styling, too (3 out of 5 was the worst score I gave out). Here they are, in ascending order:

12th PLACE

@Fletchyboy100 Branton Bourbon XLT V8 Eagle Pack (51.765 POINTS)


This is a very nice looking Explo… I mean, Branton. Proof that a good looking car doesn’t need a million fixtures, it was also built pretty traditionally. Unfortunately, utility and (of all things) safety ratings held the score back.

11th PLACE

@george_m997 GMD XT Model G (53.225 POINTS)


Another simple, but clean design, I especially liked how well the taillights worked with the body lines. The GMD mainly suffered from a low utility score, which may be a product of it’s small size.

10th PLACE

@mart1n2005 Knightwick Adventure (54.28 POINTS)


The Adventure had cool Jurassic Park-style twin moon roofs; excellent for sight-seeing in Yosemite. This was a well-rounded truck, only narrowly being edged out by the next place entry.


@nialloftara Centauri Pahike (54.88 POINTS)


Another entry reminiscent of an Explorer, the Centauri was helped by it’s relatively high reliability score. It also scored high in drivability.


@Marv666 Autodelta Amazone AWD-TI (56.125 POINTS)


If you don’t like any of the SUV bodies available… just put a lift kit on a wagon! The Autodelta was also one of the few entries that utilized a turbo (sadly, negatively effecting it’s reliability). Still, it had very good safety and was truly off-road capable.


@abg7 MAD Ouray 4x4 (56.75 POINTS)


This one seemed unfinished… Mechanically, the Ouray did very well, but there was plenty of room left in money, time, and units. This one could have scored even higher. That being said, it still did well enough to beat roughly half of the other entries.



Interesting to see the scores are so close to each other for these vehicles. With 0.5 to 1.5 points in score difference between them it means a score of about 3 points more in one area could result in a better placing. Although my final score is known, I’m interested to see place 1 to 6!


Yeah, I didn’t think the scores were going to be so close, but I guess the numbers don’t lie.


Sorry for the delay, now on to the rest… starting with:


@Marcus_gt500 Duhen Elsinore (57.27 POINTS)


This was a beautiful truck, and received one of the two perfect style scores from me. It was also pretty well-rounded statistically, not showing any real weaknesses. It just got out-gunned by some of the other entries.


@Aruna Kyung-Yeong Sayut: Touring (58.71 POINTS)


This received the other perfect styling score, partly because of its continuity of design. It was also not something I was expecting, but it was obviously well thought-out. Again, statistically a well-rounded entry.


@Ludvig Batz Berber 4000G (60.995 POINTS)

Of all the entries that used the Rover body, I enjoyed the proportions of the 4000G the most. I also particularly liked the taillight design. This was also well-rounded, but its’ best-in-class reliability rating (69.5) helped push its total past most of the other entries.


@Quneitra Munot Alpina (61.38 POINTS)


Another nice looking SUV, the only thing I didn’t like about its style was the quad headlamp shape, which might have looked more realistic if they were single headlamps. The Alpina scored highly in many categories, including its 68.0 off-road score.


@S31 Mahg Gamma 90 (62.695 POINTS)


Scoring extremely well in every category (including a class-leading 36.1 comfort score) came the Gamma 90. Certainly a force to be reckoned with in its natural habitat, this would have been a great vehicle for Parks Rangers, had it not been for our first place entry.


@HowlerAutomotive Elmsley Isor Trail (71.58 POINTS)

Who needs style points? Certainly not the Isor Trail (sorry, there was just a lot of conflicting ideas going on up front). HowlerAutomotive figured out that crazy off-road scores come cheap, with solid-axle coils all around, pushrod V8 goodness, suspension lifted to the sky, and NO rear sway bars (for maximum articulation) adding up to an 81.5 off-road score. It also had the highest utility score at 62.5, and a safety score of 65.6. The Isor Trail will be used by the Parks to transport people, haul equipment, and create new trails in the park (trees will see it coming and simply uproot themselves and run away). Congratulations to @HowlerAutomotive!


So close and so far at the same time!!

That said, Well done to Howler!!

Can’t wait for the next challenge!!



Yes, is a bit of an eyesore. The body was a little lumpy to begin with, the morphs made it much worse. My front end was just a front end. But turns out it was the right tool for the job.


Congrats to the winner! I’m happy with 3rd place in my first competition here, especially since I beat out more experienced competitors, haha. And thanks, @GassTiresandOil, for hosting this!


It was my pleasure! Speaking of which, @HowlerAutomotive, since you are the winner you get first crack at hosting the next round. If you can’t do it, just let us know and second place will get the chance (and so on).


I’m absolutely swamped, unfortunately.
@S31, you’re up.


Its neat to see how the scores vary. Most cars cluster around 60 with the leader being a very different design that score WAY ahead.


Sadly, I have to give it to third, I’ve got nothing ready and no time to do so…

So… Is third place up to the job?


I’d be happy to do it, if you don’t mind a newbie hosting!


Everyone is a newbie once! Can’t wait to see PDC 11.


Does this make me the winner of PDC10 then? :joy:

I’m swamped with work this week, so I’ll get around to it Saturday or Sunday!


Sneak peak at PDC11:


PDC11 is now live, good luck!