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[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 11: Back to the Baltics


72 hour warning!


Nyx Business Sales is a somewhat small sub-group within luxury manufacturer Nyx. The main company prides itself on carefully created luxury cars, marketing itself as a comfortable, controllable marque. NBS is a fleet-oriented group, positioned to provide a usable volume of cars to large clients and skilled in tuning and modifying Nyx’s existing cars to suit the client’s needs.

The Recande - a name derived loosely from the Swedish for “Traveler” - is the company’s latest creation. The car focuses highly on safety, comfort and drivability, aiming to give the most pleasurable experience possible. The smooth, inline-six motor at the front provides a compromise between efficiency and performance, and is designed to run on readily-available 95-RON fuel. With a sticker price of just $69,000, the Recande makes a persuasive case for a state car. They have even begun putting out a print advert campaign, hoping to use brand awareness to sway the lucrative state contract. Broad adverts for the Recande have begun appearing in upmarket publications, and adverts highlighting the business fleet side have popped up in business-oriented magazines.


24 hour warning! @Marv666 , I have yet to receive your submission, make sure not to forget to send it in before the due date!

2021 Quezon Laguna Sentinel


includes 5 litre twin turbo V8, 4-drive™️ torque vectoring transaxle all-wheel-drive system, idk fucken 21-inch awoonaheart alloy wims, SUper Eagle 6-piston front brake calipers and 4-piston rear calipers, yeah yeah yeah flagpoles weeeee quezon vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr haha sportsedan toned down for maximum executive comfort doofenshmirtz’s ex-wife’s sports sedan on steroird pls i just want to see my family together again why do you do this


Thanks for the warning, but I already sent it in a week ago. I just replied to that message so it’ll be easier to find.

I hope everything is ok with my submission?


MAHG Lambda '20

Designed for the best compromise between status,comfort,efficiency and price!

Straight in the MAHG tradition under the bonnet, this version features a twin-turbo V10 that allows high power with low fuel consumption.

Comfort is a major point on this car, with all the ameneties a customer of this rank wants and needs!

Price from 70 000$
Car shwon 78 900$


Yeah, that was my bad, I forgot to give you a confirmation - thanks for reminding me. :man_facepalming:


Final call! I have the submissions of everyone up until now in.


Submissions are closed! The Petsamian engineers will now start going over every offer and should have their findings ready within a few days. Good luck everyone!


I’m fully legal in all my paperwork since I was born and this pic still stills fear deep into my soul.


Just finished most of the tabulation, expect most results tonight.


The Petsamians have had a good week to do all of their testing on the 9 cars in the contest, and now they feel ready to present their initial findings.

Alaen Krona 400

@alen.alic1983 First to be analyzed is the Alaen Krona 400.

At first glance, the Petsamian engineers and leadership conducting the test approved of its sharp, modern styling. The hatchback design was a one-of-a-kind in this competition, but was interesting and positively received for its practicality. On the road, the engineers noted that it was a solid, well-rounded machine, with exceptionally good drivability, fuel economy, and reliability. However, it turned out to be the least comfortable with only semi-active progressive springs, and crash testing revealed it to also be least safe out of all of the cars submitted.

Though there was many good things about this car, ultimately, the substantially lower comfort and safety was not up for compromise - especially not at a price tag of $80k for this car, and it was rejected.

Nyx Recande


@AMuteCrypt The Nyx Recande turned heads with its price, being the cheapest car on offer and the only one less than $70k. Estimated service costs were also the cheapest of all the cars.

Road testing showed also a well-balanced design with the best fuel economy of any of the cars, as well as decent drivability and comfort. However, problems already started appearing during testing - the car was not very reliable, and it was by far the most vulnerable to weather/climate conditions. The lack of AWD was negatively received by both engineers and leadership, along with the hard tires and an engine that felt underpowered compared to the competition.

Ultimately, the final blow was dealt by the Petsamian leadership, with multiple people noting that it was as prestigious as, looked, and felt like an average D-segment car that had been re-tuned. While the price tag was very attractive, the mixture of different issues at play prevented its consideration.

FM LearWay


@Jaimz The Franklin Marshall LearWay came next. Looks-wise, it was also a well-liked car, with a sheer elegance to it.

On the road it did not disappoint either, with the best drivability of all of the cars, and decent comfort and reliability, though engineers were not happy at its low fuel economy and high emissions rating…all while using expensive 98 RON petrol. The problems did not stop there; a surprisingly bad environmental testing result led to the engineers eventually discovering that the chassis and body paneling was made out of cheap galvanized and treated steel. Though the LearWay performed well in safety tests, the engineers’ moods were soured by the previous discovery.

In the end, other cars appeared to have a better cost-performance value than the LearWay, so it was excluded from the final selection.

Autodelta Orcinus


@Marv666 A true barge of a car, the Autodelta Orcinus captured the attention of everyone present. Though the body was relatively plain for a 2020 car, it felt like a luxury vehicle, and for that it was appreciated by many, even though it was subpar in terms of practicality.

Put out onto the road, the engineers noted a very high level of comfort in its design with modern amenities and a relaxing ride, but the engine felt weak for its size, and it was found to suffer from some brake fade. Its FF layout was also unusual and received mixed reviews, but safety testing confirmed it to be the safest vehicle in the competition. Overall, it was also considered a well-balanced design, with the extra emphasis on comfort and safety being well-received.

Despite some styling concerns, the good performance of the Orcinus, as well as low service costs and an acceptable pricetag of $79.8k won over the hearts of both engineers and leadership, giving it a spot in the top 3.


Kerberos Hydra


@nightwave With its sleek body, the Kerberos Hydra was high on the list of cars that the Petsamians wanted to test, despite its slightly overbudget pricetag of $80.6k. Once it was seen in person, the engineers wasted no time in getting it out onto the road.

During the test-drive, the engineers were a little underwhelmed with its performance, displaying relatively average comfort and drivability despite its prestigious showing. Crash testing also showed average safety. Reliability was good though not exceptional, and the engineers noticed significant brake fade compared to all of the other cars surveyed…explained by the use of cheap solid disk brakes, to their disappointment. Alarmingly, the car chugged petrol at an unbelievable rate, drinking nearly 14 liters per 100 km (17 MPG), and emissions testing confirmed that this car was the worst at fuel efficiency and emissions. The lack of an undertray didn’t help matters either.

While the engineers did appreciate the Hydra’s transmission, and it was not a bad car, there was not much to celebrate about it either. It was overpriced, and the fuel consumption was a big letdown, so it was excluded from further consideration.

MAHG Lambda

@S31 Another nice-looking car, the MAHG Lambda looked big and imposing, and its suicide doors made it a car that couldn’t be forgotten.

On the road, the Lambda was wonderfully comfortable, and both engineers and politicians agreed that this was the most relaxing car they had been in during this evaluation, and surprisingly practical too! Crash safety was also very high, to everyone’s satisfaction. Drivability was about average, however, and its agility was very poor - this was a car for straight roads, and the relatively high fuel consumption with 98 RON fuel and high overdrive was not liked. The hydropneumatics suspension was also controversial.

And then, it happened - the car started showing wear and problems during testing, clearly being the least reliable car in the lineup. With a poor environmental resistance result as well, the engineers looked at it closely, and found that it was also using cheap treat and galvanized steel…and it also had cheap open differentials. It became clear that this car was optimized for comfort above all else, a decision not liked by the engineers, and with its problems, it was summarily excluded from the final 3.

Quezon Laguna


@variationofvariables Of all of the cars in the competition, the Quezon Laguna would easily take the prize for the most anticipated to be driven, based on its looks alone. It was certainly a beautiful car, and there were high hopes for it.

Unfortunately, as a famous movie once said, “Reality is often disappointing”. While it looked, and certainly felt like the most prestigious car there, and it had a nice sporty feel to it with its dual clutch transmission, it was below average in comfort and reliability, and it wasn’t all that nice to drive. It did well in safety tests, but several others still managed to beat it.

On top of its mediocre performance, the asking price of $85k was way too much for the Petsamians to consider, so the Laguna had to be set aside.

Voltari Aileros


@vero94773 Voltari’s Aileros was considered to be one of two “sports sedans” in the competition, with sporty looks and feel, so the Petsamians were interested in how it would compare to the more comfort-focused cars.

Driving around, comfort was average - not a surprise there - as well as pretty much everything else. It used expensive 98 RON fuel, but its fuel consumption was low enough to make it alright, and it was reliable and prestigious enough for the competition despite its low practicality. Nothing else really stood out, though engineers also liked its automatic transmission.

What set it apart from the other entries though, was its modest price of $75.2k. With a good value for its performance, and good looks too, the Aileros found itself as a finalist for the Petsamian fleet.

Kaizen SC72


@66mazda If the Aileros was a sports sedan, the Kaizen SC72 was a true sports car that happened to end up in a luxury sedan competition. Sporting looks, sporting feel, sporting V12 turbo engine, and the smallest wheelbase of any cars there at 2.8m - it was an interesting departure from all of the rest. And with a tag price of $71.2k, it was almost unbelievably cheap for what it promised too.

Road tests confirmed that it was a sportscar, using special high-speed sports tires to support its excellent acceleration and top speed. It was a blast to drive, safety was average enough, and to the engineer’s surprise, it was also found to be the most reliable car in the competition. It was not very comfortable for the passengers and the entertainment system was a little cheap for its target audience, but this wasn’t much of a surprise. The suspension also seemed a little cheap compared to others, but was acceptable enough. A nasty surprise did occur though, when the service cost estimation found it to be by far the most expensive to maintain.

Despite - or perhaps because of its unusual sportiness, the SC72 caught the attention of everyone there, and with good performance at a low price, it easily found its way into the last finalist spot.

Congratulations to our three finalists! The winner will be announced tomorrow; until then, good luck!


Gotta run away from the terrorists


I didn’t think sportiness and handling played such a role for the result…
I’ll do better next time :rofl:

It was a bit frustrating for me to hold back from what I usually do for this kind of car.

100+ Prestige is my target, but here the price was quite restrictive!

Nonetheless, good luck for the 3 finalists!!


It wasn’t so much sportiness as it was more the balance of stats (esp. safety, drivability, and comfort) plus a host of minor issues :slight_smile:

Actually I was surprised too by the sports cars! But they were surprisingly cheap for their performance, and value is one of the main considerations, so I ended up having to include them, pretty much!


Autodelta, Voltari, Kaizen. Who will be selected for Petsamia’s car of the 2020s? The engineers and politicians have casted their votes.


Voltari Aileros


@vero94773 A well-designed car, but ultimately its value for the money was less than the Kaizen SC72 or the Autodelta Orcinus, forcing it into 3rd place. Nevertheless, its strong showing and stylish design guarantees that it will find a home in Petsamia too, as a pleasure car of the nation’s rich and famous.


Kaizen SC72


@66mazda A sportscar for a state car was an interesting choice, and the low price was very tantalizing too…but it wasn’t comfortable enough for the Prime Minister, or most of the politicians, to consider it for their working car. This was a car best experienced in the drivers seat, not as a passenger.

Much like the Aileros though, this car is only seeing the start of its life in Petsamia, and its high acceleration and speed has attracted the interest in the nation’s protection service. Maybe soon, this car will be seen in motorcades too?


Autodelta Orcinus


@Marv666 Classic designs win again in this competition, with the Orcinus taking the prize. A pleasure barge with a wheelbase of 3.5m, it scored high across the most important categories, with the highest safety and the second-highest comfort of the cars tested, and without going over-budget.

Its big, its supremely comfortable, it checks most of the boxes, and its distinct - exactly what the Petsamians want. Autodelta can expect a nicely sized order for them to come soon, though painted in all black instead of this default color.

Congratulations to the winner! And congratulations to all those in this competition, it was very interesting seeing how all of you managed to work around your limitations. There was definitely no bad car in this competition, you all did quite well. Thanks for participating and see you next time!


Ah dang, so close lol. Nevertheless, congratulations to the winner and thanks for hosting a good challenge, had fun with this one :smile:


Ooh nice! Thanks, and congratulations to the other finalists as well. Not using 4wd opened up for some possibilities to spend that budget/engineering on safety and comfort, but I never thought it would be such a difference that I would win the challenge. The relatively low powered V6 probably doesn’t come close to the performance of the V8s and (at least one) V12 from the competition, but seemed to be adequate enough to not suffer because of it.

On another note, I believe it is forum custom that the winner continues with the challenge series. If @Quneitra wants that, I unfortunately have to decline. As I am currently still working on the next ADC (Alternative Design Challenge), and have too much to do now and in the near future anyway. So if the series continues, it’s up to one of the other finalists. In the correct order of course.


As Marv has declined, and I know Mazda is busy hosting both CSC and TMCC, so if he declines, I might be able to host. I’ll of course let him make the final decision however.