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[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 2: Cold War Special [ENTRIES OPEN]


Of course :grinning:


I Forgot To Say This Morning, But Entries Are Open!



i was too early.

Should I delete that one and post a fresh one here?


It is absolutely fine, just bear in mind that entries will always open the Friday after I post the Round, it may change when the host switches


LACAM Overland 250






Is this going to be tested in Beam? I have a suspension setup that is really good for the numbers but it’s awful to drive in Beam.


No, none in beam, if there were beam tests I’d have stated the 2 different sets like last round.


Are we using the stable version or the open beta for this round?


Last round of stable here then moving to OB, so stable


Open Beta is just fine, just don’t use the 0000s design room.

The rest all works as far as I can tell, Better Lighting, More Parts, and if you want, you can Import stable cars into it with minimal change in stats.


OB’s new colour scheme is immensely chaotic and much less clear for some people with a colour vision deficiency.


The 1972 Armor Anvil MP-170. BE. ALL THAT YOU CAN BE.

It even comes with a shovel lol.


People only using one body for this.

At least I have the long one. :stuck_out_tongue:


do we HAVE to post an advert? if so… this my car


You All Have til Midnight Today To Enter Guys!



Well Done to @GassTiresandOil 1st
Followed by @Arn38fr 2nd
Then comes @Niveon 3rd
And finally @Human89845524 4th

@GassTiresandOil are you able to host round 3?
Well done!


Awww… can i ask why my V8 offroadercame last of all places?


Lowest safety, lowest offroad, lowest environmental resistance contributed to last place, morphs had reset so only had the pic that was posted to go off of


the first three i agree with… but if the morphs reset, thats your problem not mine, thats something your computer caused not mine so that last point im afraid is a rather weak and feeble one. ALSO ER wasnt the most important factor this round so having the lowest shouldnt matter all that much should it? im not mad that it came 4th im just a bit confused as your reasoning


Did I say that your styling scored low? ER while it is not an important factor, you scored 15 points less than the next person on ER.