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[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 3 : French highway police


2020 Razor Topaz Turismo
If it works for Cops in America and China, it can work for you.

More pics


Whereas other people have put lights and liveries on their cars, I have been mildly… ummm… semsible as it means my car can be reused with minimal editing.


I just saved a clean consumer version without challenge name before dolling it up, I can keep import files stacked up like that for revisiting.


Renwoo Lien

From the country, for the country


The 2020 Armor Valencia GT. Service lights already wired… just need the livery.



Avec la nouvelle RENOIR CONSTABLE.

The car might look dated for a 2020 model, as the new Constable looks exactly like the old one… including the trim for the Gendarmerie. The trick? New platform, an engine that could be called a rocket launcher and bearable comfort and interior space. But just terribly underrated. Street racers will pass you without even considering this could be a patrol car capable of chasing them down the whole autoroute.

Fancier trims look totally different and modern, we promise. But you don’t want this to be fancy.



what??? you know this means “roll like God in France” lmfaooooo


When the marketing department is German.


“rouler” means also driving, but more the effortless driving.
“conduire” is the rather used verb, but if I am just rolling down the Champs-Elysée, “je roule”.

lmao :smiley:


oui je sais tout ca, je suis francophone aussi :smiley:

Its a pretty funny slogan tho ngl


2020 Libellula Essenza


Entries are now closed. I’ll try to test your cars as soon as possible!


Oh, you said Friday but you didn’t specify a time zone. It’s still Friday for me so will you still consider my entry?


2020 BT Motors Ibex STT

Attention aux criminels, ton heure a sonné!





The road police gendarmes thank all the participants. They tested the various cars on offer. Here are the results of their assessments compiled in the table below.

Player Model Safety Driveability Reliability Fuel economy(l/100km) Fuel Economy(score) Style Sportiness Time ATT Score ATT Final score
@mart1n2005 Courageux Quinze GT SportSedan 60 63 61,8 5,6L/100km 88 60 18,6 2:35,10 50 53,74
@Mikonp7 Renwoo Lien Police 56,9 56,9 60,1 5,5L/100km 90 32 34,1 2:32,60 56,5 55,19
@Fletchyboy100 Aanholt HW175 54 63 61,8 6,1L/100km 78 30 24,8 2:30,86 61 55,78
@CMT Renoir Constable Gendarmerie 63,5 65,5 63,7 6,4L/100km 72 35 19,6 2:30,61 61,5 61,5
@chichicoofisial Primen Gendarmerie 255M 51,4 51,1 63,6 5,8L/100km 84 75 24,8 2:28,24 67,5 59,18
@Niveon Marisse Logone 2.5TT VTr Sedan 52,7 63,8 60,5 5,7L/100km 86 55 28,7 2:22,99 81 65,29
@Traviq_125 Libellula Essenza 63,8 64,8 61,4 7,1L/100km 58 60 41,4 2:23,23 80,5 67,62
@GassTiresandOil Armor Valencia GT 60,5 67,2 64 7,1L/100km 58 65 32 2:22,30 83 67,77
@z2bbgr Gracelet TCT Type One Gendarmerie 66 70,2 58,2 6,5L/100km 70 65 42,9 2:21,28 85,5 71,28
@EddyBT Ibex STT Intercepteur de Gendarmerie 55,2 73,8 63 7,6L/100km 48 55 46,1 2:15,63 100 74,48

First place and winner of the government contract is @EddyBT. Are you able to host the next round ?

2020 BT Motors Ibex STT

P.S.: Sorry @Rise_Comics, your car is too noisy and pollute too much…


Fifth place ain’t too bad! I wonder if the slightly lower safety than everyone else did me in.


Sixth place is not great, but in total the Renoir performed well, no real weakness but obviously no highlight. Congratulations to Eddy whose car not only looks but also is badass.


Congrats @EddyBT!


Whew, sliding in with an absolutely last-minute entry! Gg all!

I’m afraid I can’t host the next round though.