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[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 4: Hey, it's the postman!


Still three hours to go from now on.


Mine’s a 1.4 Petrol N/A and it does the job exceptionally well. 1.8 Turbo is verging on instabin for being unrealistic


1.8L Turbo in a shitspec van of early 90s?
We get those now with even larger minivans or pickups lol. NOW.


Well mine is using a 2.5+wheelbase and the 1800 Engine was the Only engine in my range that could get the economy to a decent level… and it is a very diesel esque engine… the van aint badged as a diesel but if you saw the van its in and the engine you would understand


Closed, I Wish you all the best for 2020 and thank you for submitting entries.


Yours is a similar family to Mad Cat and he’s using a far smaller non-turbo engine, simply put: It’s too unrealistic to be talked out of. It’s the turbo, which at that time STILL was used pretty exclusively on performance cars or high spec hot hatches or family cars. A full on cheapo city van wouldn’t be running a ying yang spinny thang in 1992. It just wouldn’t happen.


That is to put it mildly… absolute codwallop… there were plenty of turbo diesel engines in the 1990s. Its not officially a diesel badged van and the van is bulkier than the norm so it aint unrealistic at all. It is a quiet , torquey refined unit that is the most economical that i could get it. the service costs are lower than one would expect and it is decent for a 1992 engine. if you want to continue this argument, go in dms and do it there. i am not saying that ALL diesel engines in the 1990s were turbocharged but there were a few, a turbocharger is not the end of the world when i seriously toyed with the idea of a 30 valve DOHC V6 twin turbo from my sports car to be tweaked for fuel efficiency and then whacked in the front of the van

Edit: That engine is perfectly suitable for the job at hand and need i point out the turbo/nonturbo Perkins Prima Engine used in the maestro van


You’re generalising the 90s altogether, 1992 was just coming into blob era, there were a few knocking about, but they weren’t mainstream like they are now, especially not for the sector we’re building in. If you’re van is unrealistic, so be it, let it be, work on a new engine to try and meet the target next time, instead of relying on a bank of engines that may not work.


Whether it is turbo or not, if it meets the requirements, so be it. I would ask to close this right away, this is starting to ressemble that CSR round.

Also, happy new year you too @CMT!


Where’s the results… @CMT


Many of us are enjoying holidays now, just give it some time.


I am already working on them, but I guess you would your cars want to get the careful evaluation they deserve.


Hate to be annoying, but a line of communication would be much appreciated. Do you have an ETA?


Ya see, when I set up PDC, I had it so it was more engineering based than CSR, but it has been (in this round) turned more into a CSR round, if it were more like original, the results could and should be up in a weekend (unless issues occurred), whereas with CSR style rounds, you need prelims, finals etc.

[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 5: Cuff 'Em and Stuff 'Em!

I don’t want to conclude with anything right away but it seems like @CMT has been away for some reason, and hasn’t been online for quite some time.

If he doesn’t respond within a certain time, do you have any plans about what to do?


If we do not have another update in a week’s time, I will let the person who came after CMT in last round host the next one if they want. Or the first person available from the results table.


@CMT we need an update, you have 2 days, before PDC 5 comes into action, or I will find someone else to judge. I’m going to start looking at PDC 3’s results to see who can host/judge in the case you don’t give us an update.