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[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 5: Cuff 'Em and Stuff 'Em!


I diagnose this with Morph reset.
The rear reflector is in the same place.


I must have been wrong when sending the files because I don’t have the same values for driveability, comfort, wheelspin… It’s weird…


I think @That-S-cop is right. Looks like the rear end morph reset when you sent the file to me. I have no idea how or why that happened, but I’ve seen it happen before. Sorry, but I can’t change anything now, especially since your values are different from what I got. My apologies.


AWWWW, The POLICE font is missing (And some bumper pieces too).


Same with my entry, the grille bars and some bumper bars seemed to be missing from the car:

Either way, I guess 10th place was good enough for an entry that I gave up on halfway through. :stuck_out_tongue: gg to everyone who scored higher than me i guess


On the subject of incorrectly imported cars: The game had an update recently which also upset my build pretty heavily, so if you submitted you car early it might be sort of broken :confused:
I, for example, had used a light truck mono chassis with a mid engine which wasn’t available anymore when I wanted to submit it.
It’s sad to see the builds break, I hope it works out better for you in the future! :v:


There were obviously some mods I didn’t have. I tried to go off your pictures whenever possible as well.


FML. I was looking at the wrong acceleration time (80-120 kph) which was about 7 seconds. :triumph:


Unfortunately I couldn’t get my car to accelerate from 0 - 60 mph below 8.0s and I didn’t even send it. :frowning_face:


You should have and joined me at the instabin table. :rofl:


The rest of the results:

6th Place

@TubroTerra 32.37 POINTS

The design of this car seemed incredibly rushed. Still, the high reliability (and practicality) helped push this one to the number 6 spot. Overall a decent all-around cop car.

5th Place

@GetWrekt01 33.53 POINTS

The highest reliability of the bunch, this car had a decent look to it. I especially liked the interesting taillight assembly. The only reason it didn’t place higher was that other cars in the field beat it in drivability.

4th Place

@Bmaggiori 34.93 POINTS

The small cars seemed to win out with this challenge. I liked how this one looked, with the taillights mimicking the shape of the headlight housings. It was also very quick, and did well in all the pertinent categories. Nice job on this one.

3rd Place

@Petakabras 35.04 POINTS

This was a nice looking car with European flair. Proportions were nice, and it gave off a Falcon vibe. Very high reliability and practicality, as well as it was good in the other stats as well.

2nd Place

@Jaimz 35.65 POINTS

Like the other small cars, The Franklin excelled in many of the same statistics. The proportions seemed a little more odd to me than other cars, but I liked the hood scoops and aggressive stance. Great job!

1st Place

@Slyo_vom_Pluto 36.84 POINTS

Wonderfully quirky, I was actually a little surprised more people didn’t experiment with different drive types. Mid-engine V8, great looks, and impressive statistics including the highest comfort and practicality ratings of all cars made this car the clear winner. Those punk kids with their muscle cars won’t know what hit them when this thing pulls them over!

Great job everyone! And, as is the convention, would @Slyo_vom_Pluto be willing to host the next round?




Quite happy with 4th place…
Congratulations to the winner…


So a compact, mid engine sedan with independent suspension… the least realistic thing imaginable… won.



Hang on, what? Mid engined? Where would you sit


So in what was supposed to be a challenge for large American police cars, the top 3 winners were all small European-style cars? With the car in first place also having rather questionable specifications?

I’m not sure whether I should say congratulations or not…


I dont think a mid engine car would be very practical for the police… but anyways. I think it went far cross the line in respect to creativity


Thanks for the compliments on my car and its engineering but uhhh… I’m not American and even I feel weird seeing the podium cars :sweat_smile:


Awww, I didn’t expect this, admittedly the sedan body looks a little small when it ain’t, really.

I feel obliged to retract a little in experimentallity points if I don’t want to be ostracized by the community >////<

Nonetheless, I’d be glad to host the next round!


Go Slyo!!

More than happy with 2nd place. Was expecting to be at the bottom after seeing all the other cars.