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Pensioner in your 20's? It's more likely than you think. (My Rover 75 / Noporian's Garage)


Do you have the fuel cap on the driver side? I had boot infiltration from the seal between the “rubber” socket and the metal in my Opel Manta


Well… in like 1-1½ months the temperature will start to go below freezing and then it actually won’t be that much of an issue… it’s more like the constant rains of September now I have to worry about. Hopefully they’ll be easy on me or I’ll find the leak first.

@NormanVauxhall The fuel cap is on the passenger side so I highly doubt it’s that. I’ll just have to jump into the boot when it rains with a flashlight or something :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Wow okay bigger problem than the boot leak:

Parking into spot easier than invading Iceland, leaving spot impossible. I just now tried to go for an early morning drive but just got frustrated when I couldn’t leave the spot and gave up. Imagine if I needed the car to go to work. I haven’t lived in London or something all my life so I genuinely have no clue how to leave this spot.

Only experience so far in parallel parking, just now got my own bayparking spot
Curvy sedan, no clue where the car starts or ends
No parking sensors or cameras cause classic model from '99

I mean the leak I can fix, this… how do I get parking experience if I can’t get out of the spot to practice, you’d think parallel parking would be harder but nah that’s child’s play


Oh boy

I don’t have the list with me currently of everything wrong as I gave it to a friend since this autist doesn’t know how to talk to strangers to reserve a mechanic…

Anyway the 75 didn’t pass the MOT. Facque. It didn’t go into a driving ban, I have a month to fix the issues (if I don’t in that time and get it re-examined then it’ll go into a ban) which are a bunch of mechanical parts that I do not know the names of cause I’m not a mechanic and both skirts are completely rusted through under the paint. It’s body panels and not structural but… Finnish law.

Anyway I’ll take the lemons and turn it into a lemon meringue tart, I’ll get the car fixed up, get it looked at again and I’ll be able to sell it for more than I could’ve otherwise by advertising a long list of fresh parts, fresh tyres and a fresh MOT. Hopefully.


Unfortunately, one of the downsides of the Cowley built 75s is the rust they suffer from on the sills. If it’s where I’m imagining it, it will be structural corrosion and will need a bit of welding.


In either case there’s gonna be a whole lot of metal to replace thanks to the place I got the car inspected at. Idk if anyone here is Finnish but go ahead and avoid K1-Katsastus. Surely you can see if the skirts are rusted through without crowbarring a fist sized hole into both skirts. Not so confident about taking it back there for the re-inspection. (One of the reasons they failed the Rover was because the turn signals were “too white”)


Okay, so

Biggest issue on the car yet, unfortunately. Today while driving home after a day of picking mushrooms in the forest, about 300m away from home in a giant 4-6 lanes per direction intersection my gear stick disconnected from the gearbox itself. So the Rover is now stuck in 2nd.

Intended on leaving it on a street near home so it’d be easier reachable to tow and my insurance won’t cover a tow from home but there wasn’t space so I had to park it. It’s kinda stuck there now.

Wat do