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Pensioner in your 20's? It's more likely than you think. (My Rover 75)


Lol shit

4 months I’ve owned this car and managed absolutely 0 issues and no problems starting in the cold winter then 20:14 in the evening whoops power steering leak

EDIT: It of course could be a lot worse considering the car


Don’t know about pensioner, I was 12 when the 75 came out and I liked it a lot back then, as I do now. :wink:


Nice, welcome to the forums! I’m glad there are more 75 fans on here than I expected

On the power steering issue, turned out it was just a hose problem so luckily didn’t have to replace the reservoir or the pump itself. Wish I’d have a proper garage though cause I wouldnt’ve had to go to a british car mechanic.