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Performance, The Tuner Magazine


#Who are we?

We are a group of individuals who love all things Tuned. Old, New, High, Low. Anything is fair game to us. We formed ourselves in 2009, and began writing small reviews and spotlights on local tuned cars to a Blog. Started gaining some traction, and we took off. International events, Crazy cars, all spotlit.

#What do we cover?

We will cover anything custom, anything tuned, anything mental. Be it a homebrew monster, or a factory missile, we can cover it. Even events can be covered, meets, or shows. As long as it’s tuned, we’ll take a gander!

#Who does what?

Currently we have [number] on our team. We are:

Editor and Writer - @Vri404
Writer - @Koolkei
Guest Writer - @ramthecowy
Jobs are open, anyone welcome. Send me a PM, though!

#How do I get a review?

Just Flick any of the writers a message, and we should get around to you. Do not forget the car!

#Enjoy! First Review when I get the First car!


I have already sent in a car. Why hasn’t it been reviewed yet? At any rate I also have something else that I can send in for a review.


I think it’s on hold until the UE4 update? IDK but that’s what I would have done.