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Performance Tuner King of Drift 2016 [Entries closed] Comment section open


Mmmmm… sponsorship


##The Beast Is Back…


I will accept entries and reviews for 10 more days and then start working on the season.


Ok, so the entries are now closed.
What’s going to happen now is Im going to review all of them, pm you if you have any irregularities or illegal parts, and once it’s all done I’ll start with the championship.

###Note that there will be an option to change your car settings mid season, not re-build, but just the settings. More rules about this will be posted after the USA events are completed (between stage 3 and 4).

It will also take time to build all the tracks and arrange for graphics for better presentation (I am at sea, so there’s work to do also, time is a luxury), so it will take time. I would expect the first round to happen somewhere in the beginning of april.


Oh, i had totally missed the deadline :frowning: Ah, well

Is it ok if i send in the upgraded car later today? (@work now)


Ok, send one today. I’ll make exception for you


And here I had really lost track and didn’t keep up with the events here the recent weeks!
Well, I hope my design can survive! And for the racing lore, if I can at least submit that: I’ll call my team SkidX


Ok, guys. Technical is done, so we got the following results

@Airjordan - pass
@Vri404 - fail - Cooling requirements not met; driving assists requirements quality not met
@Squidhead (WHO?) - pass
@RK38 - fail - Cooling requirements not met
@Dorifto_Dorito - pass
@JohnWaldock - pass
@STM316 - pass
@Deskyx - fail - fuel system quality not met
@Howlerautomotive - pass
@Gridghost - pass
@Matti - pass
@Madrias ias - fail - safety rating not met
@4LGE - pass
@szafirowy01 - pass
@Strop - no clue, car does not load up, says Im missing a body

Ones who did not pass - send me a PM with the things you wish to change, do not resubmit. Strop, I got nothing, no clue whats’ up with the thing, I got all the mods from the workshop and it don’t work for some reason, the body just does not load at all.


Eh, shit, that old chestnut. My old cars have a tendency to do that to other users. How long do I have? I’ll have to rebuild from scratch.


Well with the photoshops and the writeups, and the fact that I will spend at least 2 days drunk after a contract that just finished, I’d say a week at least.


The easy way.

  1. edit the car
  2. find file [sort by date]
  3. edit file ie: find path body. Change as appropriate.
  4. resubmit


Good suggestion I’ll try that first! Maybe the save file picked up a ton of ///s in the path…


At this moment people who have fixed their cars are @Madrias and @Rk38

@Vri404 and @Deskyx haven’t contacted me yet.


I don’t think I’ll proceed in the competition. Please take away my entry thank you.


I will try to fix my car tonight!


Allright, we got everybody that we got, a few people dropped out, and the competition is about to begin. I will create a separate thread for the judging, but I would prefer the comments to go in here. I will ofcourse link to the respective threads. Expect first stage to be this week.




One question about the judging before we set off. In 1v1 battles, is the winner the one with the higher sum of the 3 judges (like in practice run) or the one who manages to impress more judges (this is how I understand the rules)?


It will be 2 out of 3 judges or more, unlike the pre-season testing where the qualifying method was applied.

Actually… that is reserved for… not you :smiley:


As of now some cars are barely working (requiring me to install the cars every time before loading up the game and making some adjustments to make them legal for the championship), so it will be tedious enough. But we ARE ready to start. Qualification is happening today. Rejoice.