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Performance Tuner King of Drift 2016 [Entries closed] Comment section open


Well, I’m surprised that my unchanged and reasonably slow-ish car managed to overcook that one. Not just overcooked, but burnt it to ash.

Ah well, I’ll just sit back and watch the carnage this round. Seems to be my car’s style, do well here or there, do poorly the rest of the time.


I take this to mean that my car has become a bit more consistent but also not that good. Given I did still tune it towards high speed drifting, and it has probably wider tyres than it ought to.


pssssst… hey… hey you… yeah you guys… guess who’s got the results out early… yep. Go check it out.


From last to 4th… I’LL TAKE IT! :smiley:


No updates to car from first submit and still running strong! Nice :slight_smile:


I take it I need a new car…huh


You’ll be back for Canada.


Looks like I still manage to qualify roughly the same, despite keeping the exact same build on the car.


Canada is done. I hope you like seafood, walls and jumping, we’re going to Ebisu next.


This has been quite an exciting series for me to follow… It keeps throwing up surprises at every round!


5 stages, 5 winners so far.


It’s fun, actually. A variety of different strategies and different cars ending up in different winners on different tracks.

Even when I’m doing bad, I’m having fun.


A for fudge’s sake… second round the cars is qualifying in 2nd and makes an ass of itself in the contest… It’s not THAT bad :frowning: (rng gods doesn’t seem to be on my side)


And yey, top qualifying… i’m guessing that the tiers will not go as well, seeing the diff go. Replacing it in such a short time will be difficult. The bodywork and the rear chassis will have to be fixed as well.

But we’ll soldier on, and it’s not over til it’s over :smiley:


Well… this was an unexpected and fitting fit thrown by the RNG.


Completely slain by gridghost in a fair equitable battle :joy:

Hmm, somehow I’ve managed to scrape my way up to 5th by simply sometimes making it into the 2nd round haha.

And to celebrate Ebisu, take a look at the jump drift that shook the drifting world:

and what happens when it goes wrong…


It always entertains me to read what my “Monstrous RAX” is up to, having a mind of its own like a wild jurassic creature… Should call the car T-RAX :joy:
Great stuff, @squidhead!


I have to be praying to the right (rng) gods for once :slight_smile: As usual, great writeups, @squidhead


It would be nice to finish without totaling the car for once :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d find it grandly amusing if somehow you manage to roll the car on your solo run. Surely that wouldn’t total the car, just would make it a right proper nuisance to drive.