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Performance Tuner King of Drift 2016 [Entries closed] Comment section open


We’re done at Yas Marina, and we got some interesting results. See if you are exactly where you expected to be :wink:
Also I’m defo going to need a vacation once this is over, each stage takes about 5 hours to calculate, write up and present. :\ I dread to think how it would be if we had more entries.


nooooo damnit, stop snuffing me in the quarter finals I thought I finally had a decent setup :joy:


Hey, not my fault you ended up against somebody with FAR BETTER CAR, AND WHO IS FAR MORE HANDSOME AND LUCK IS ON HIS SIDE


fuck you man, I totally spanked you in qualis :joy:


It was… a… tactical diversion? YEAH! That wat it was


“When will I do well again in a drift comp?”
“When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east,” said Mirri Maz Duur. “When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves.”


Hey, I’ll take another mid-pack finish in the Knight. At least I know with it that it’s consistent, it’s not super fast, but it makes good smoke and can make decent angles.

I’m actually surprised, though, that it’s still a mid-pack finisher. I know I sucked at setting it up, hence making no revisions because I didn’t want to ruin the car, as it was already hard enough getting the balance between wheel-spin and control. I sacrificed speed to gain both of those.


At last, a real improvment, and without sacrificing too much speed :slight_smile: I’m happy with it… and @stm316, getting 2nd is actually pretty darn good :smiley: And from what i’ve seen the sun still sets in the west :wink:


I’ll take a top four. Especially when it means I beat out the lucky lunatics in the Howler Automotive camp. Sure, my luck ran out, but top four isn’t too bad.


Can’t say Im too happy about that :frowning:
Anyways, Oh my, those championship points, and with 2 races to go! Also @Strop moves up in the world and…so does @Vri404


I know the feeling… sorry :frowning: :smiley:

And those points!!!.. 8 pts between 1st and 3rd… and 2 stages to go… it’s going to be a grand battle :slight_smile:


RNG hates AirJrordan in PTGoD16…


I SWEAR to you that is actually what happened. :smiley:


Damn, i feel for both of you, Squid and Howler :frowning: … That’s no way to go in a semi. Sure, it got my points up, but damn… You were clearly better this time around and deserved the points


Just means that the real decided gets postponed to round 12. I thought that this round would cement somebody’s claim to the title. Also it was quite jarring to see “Squidhead run 2 - 0” going GOD DAMN IT! And then seeing “Howler run 2 - 0” and going “ok… that happened”


The 0.01% probability scenario:
The first three in the championships crash out in Qualy and I take the win.

The 25% probability screnario:
I’m gonna crash out in Qualy.

It was an honour to compete with you gentleman.


“the kiddie gloves are coming off” © Random Number Generator.


Well, that was fun . Congrats to Howler, well played to all other teams. Big round of applause for @squidhead, top job running the season.

Time for another Fun Fact: Almost exactly 1 Championship point per Hp.


Gratz to Howler for an outstanding performance and a great car and a big round of applause and cheers to all of the teams taking part. Big thanx to @squidhead for making this one of the best challenges i’ve taken part of. Great writeups and awesome followthrough.


I’m not sure I realized how much work it would involve, running 12 events :smiley: I’m spent, and glad that’s over. Also I’m glad I’m not the winner, that would’ve been awkward.