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Phoenix-Trident-Falcon Motors LTD. (work In progress)


The two companies that Eventually Merged to Form The Phoenix-Trident Motor Corporation in 1952, The Phoenix Auto Group and Trident Motors Both Date from 1920 and 1932 Respectively. The Companies merged due to the Death of the head of Phoenix which lead to the Head of Trident at the time, John Trident, to take an interest in the larger Phoenix group. Later in 1955 A new Brand was introduced for the more niche and High perfommance cars that were different to the other cars by the company and they were branded as Falcon.


as they got Into the 1960s, clear distinctions between the car brands developed with Phoenix Making refined, exeutive cars , Trident making Sporty executive cars co developed with Phoenix. small sports saloons and sports cabrios and coupes and finally Falcon focusing on Niche markets and High performance Cars seperate from the other two brands


as the 1970s rolled around The company was firmly established in its three large factories, one for each of the brands as well as a smaller complex where research and other things went on.