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Photoscene problems


The new update rolled in and they added the ability to move you car around which was nice. Of course this also means stuff was broken

This break happens when you select the small factory photoscene, quit and load the photoscene again

Like this

or this

and this

So yes, after loading the the factory photoscene you cant load anymore unless you restart the game.

EDIT: Oh it gets better

@goblin95 took these screenshots after using the photoscene

Anyways the point is that this all could have been found with a minute of testing. Im not trying to break the game, I was just playing with it. I didnt care if this update came a week later. All I want is a game that works and to not have to dread that the net update will break stuff.


May I suggest that you may not want to opt into the open beta branch then :wink:

We’ll have a look into this issue though! Thanks for spotting it and explaining what’s happening.