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Please note: Dealing with spam



Good Job posting spam in the dealing with spam topic, Good Job. (Sarcasm if you didn’t get it.)[/quote]

i couldn’t restist…


Not sure if it’s possible, but perhaps requiring all comments from members under 10 posts to be moderated if they have links in them would be a way to cut down on the spam-fest.


True, but many just put the spam in the signature.


Combine that with disallowing signatures until after 10 posts, possibly? If nothing else, it would make it harder for the spammers to dump a bunch of junk all over the forum.


More spam in the dealing with spam thread.


I just updated the security question to something I myself had to google to find out :stuck_out_tongue: it is easy to find though… maybe that deters some of the new spammer influx.


Almost forgot about the report section (been a while since logging into forums). I got a potential spam message today, and was unsure how to report it until now.

Thanks for the tip.


Yay for Rip Spam!

Guess this thread is a little redundant now :laughing:


Hopefully it will be!