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Please Note: Engine Designer is Feature Locked


[quote=“Leonardo9613”]And the Sherlock Trophy of November 2014 goes to:

With honorable mention to his second comment:


This is more of a wish - but porting this game to Linux and Mac would be good as well. This way more of a base of users could be achieved.[/quote]

The judges were impressed with his capacity of using the search function and overall capability of reading, while at least demonstrating acceptable writing skills[/quote]

With honorable mention to bashing in a suggestion post :slight_smile:


I second the undo button! It is quite frustrating when you are attempting to layer fixtures, and can’t seem to grab the right one…


A hold/revert system is coming in the next big update. :slight_smile:


If you do so, don’t forget to make it work with Ctrl + Z, because clicking in a box would be really uncomfortable when moving fixtures.


An undo function for fixtures is not implemented yet, but definitely on our radar. Can’t get everything in for the Steam release unfortunately.


Then what is this hold and revert button you are talking about? Is it still on the radar, just didn’t make it to this update? Or is it something else compared to Ctrl+Z?


I thought this thread was all about the Engine Designer being locked. Who is making fixtures for the engine?? :mrgreen:


It’s a quicksave/quickload function pretty much.


I honestly don’t know where to post this, but I would like to help translating the game to Portuguese. I’m brazilian and have fluent english and a voice nice enough even for dubbing the tutorial videos.


What a shame, another suggestion of me would have been to increase the boost up to 7 bar for those who would like to recreate the BMW Megatron turbo engine. :frowning:


Which production petrol car has every used more than 3 bar boost pressure from factory? Name a few…


Which production petrol car has every used more than 3 bar boost pressure from factory? Name a few…[/quote]
Are we talking about arbitrary limitations or an enormous extra effort?
I am talking about the most powerful formula 1 turbo engine ever since. Racing engines are part of the game. :slight_smile:


They aren’t really part of the game. Especially not F1 engines.


We are talking about something that does not fit the core goals of the game as my question implies, making it worse for implementing such a thing (because that is effort spent on something entirely irrelevant).


Quick question, probably irrelevant, but being able to option between Timing Belt and Chain?
Something I noticed about Subaru’s when I was working there as a detailer was that the Chain Timing Engines were a bit noisier (offset by the manufacturer by an increase in sound proofing, the noticed sound change was purely from outside) but also had a significantly higher service interval and reliability expectation, than the older Belted Timing motors. I know Honda goes back and forth depending on the vehicle the engine is going in as well, also Toyota.
It’s just one more thing, and again probably irrelevant… just a 2 cents moment.



The “timing belt vs. chain” is an interesting compromise, albeit pretty small, but where would you fit in this binary option, sticking to the UI layout we got?


I really find the timing belt/chain idea interesting (my first suggestion post in the forum years ago had that same question)

In the engine family tab there is the columns for the VVL option. Except for VVL yes or no, I don’t know if there is any plan about other options in there. If there isn’t any, cutting in half the VVL/No VVL option can give anough space to the timing belt/chain selection.


That is a place where it would fit in, yes. I wouldn’t place it as a family item though, but as a variant choice. Probably should be in the top end tab in that case.


Would you not? I would have thought it would be most suited as a family item choice. It allows for further differences between families and gives it a more real world feel imo.

Although I’ve not looked into it at all but are there real world engine families with both chain and belt drive variants?


Technically there is very little difference between belt and chain, considering how much all the other choices on the family tab affect engines and their design, this one would seem entirely trivial in comparison. Hence I see it more as a variant item. I agree with the sentiment that it would be an interesting choice though.